Thursday, September 18, 2008

My geeky effort for today

I love you guys! Did you know that?

I write a long wittery post and you Geektastic types pick up a tiny throw away comment and're off!

Little did I appreciate the can of worms that would open when I mentioned the abundance of silver cars on the roads these days. I honestly thought I was the only one who'd noticed!

Seems I was wrong...which is why I think you're great...'cos you 'get it' :)

Anyhoo, apart from playing the 'find the natural resources globe game' and making recycled paper at a junior school's 'Green Day' today I have managed another deliciously geeky moment.

My good friend picked the beasties up from school for me today. When I went to fetch them we got to chatting about the fact that she's just started another module in her degree. She's studying creative writing and has had a novel brewing for some time.

To mark the start of the next stage she's purchased this lovely, and very weighty, tome. So, whilst the kiddlies played on the PS2, we had a lovely time drinking coffee and cooing over this brand new example of wordy goodness. I confess we may even have stroked a crisp new page or two. As she's heading up a new emotional literacy unit at school we also delved in to search for suitable names for her sparkly new facility. You just can't beat a good dictionary. Marvellous :)

Did you have a geeky moment today? Did you do/notice/read something that entertained the geek in you whilst the world passed by, oblivious to your geekery?

You can tell us...we'll understand....


p.s. whilst doing some geeky market research I found this. Maybe you know just the chap to wear it?


Patti said...

Oooohh. Long covetous (?) sigh, I want that book of wordness!

Also - response to the Locket on previous post - I recognise number plates too!

I could name makes and models of cars when I was three - is that geeky enough - son could do the same. Granted, when I was three there were a lot, lot fewer cars on the road. So, I'm an old geek!

Oh, and apparently Mercedes used to have silver racing cars cos the paint weighed too much so they took it off so the cars weighed less and so went faster. You could see the bare metal rather than the paint - silver cars.

trashalou said...

How about anti-geekery? My tame physicist shook his head tonight watching me thread webbing through holes of D/B's brand new (very old fabric) football kitbag.

'Surely' he said 'there must be an easier way of doing that?' Having had the principle explained to him he then told me it would surely be more simple to put it in place prior to sewing over the band casing. Oh Geek Queen, I leave the decision to you......

monkee maker said...

Hmmm, having just read through yesterdays post and it's comments I'm feeling wretched that I can come up with no geekery of my own.

And on todays post I read "we may even have stroked a crisp new page or two ...." and thought "Mmmmm, crisps ...."

Think you'd best consider me out of this challenge ....


Charlie P said...

Careful- you may end up having to award yourself the geekiness prize!

Today I did a little dance to herald the arrival of "Hammer's German Grammar"- a weighty tome full of exciting (and largely useless) grammatical explanations. It's on my bedside table to read tonight. Talking of grammar, I have been shouting at the TV whenever somebody says "different to" or "different than"...IT'S FROM!!!!!
Oh and there was a highly embarrassing attempt to use geekery to make double cream from single cream which failed miserably. I added greek yoghurt to increase the fat content, icing sugar to try and make it thicker then custard powder because of the cornflour. Needless to say the concoction was NOT tasty on scones.

Sorry- didn't mean to go on for so long!

p.s. I know a feathery somebody who may appreciate (and be able to pull off) such a fetching day I'll make him one!

Jodie said...

I have spent the morning trying to figure out how in the world the 20G I cleared from the server yesterday is now full and why the 20G from last week seems to have disappeared - who is filling our server? and with what?
Some days I hate my job....but then a flew into town for another ten cans of coloured hairspray- never bored !!!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh my -- that book is surely worth 100 geeky points!!! I worked today -- any day at work is a geeky day -- and not in a good way LOL!

Jane said...

I used to catch the bus to & from school each day so i soon learnt to recognise the different makes and models of cars. Silver is a popular colour of choice today for cars but it was red during the 80's & 90's. Did you know silver is not the safest colour for your car as it blends into the background too easily especially in low light. Yellow is best as it is visible in all light levels next best colour is white. On to word craft, I spent work time looking up resources for Cider with Rosie and ended up saving photos, life history of Laurie Lee and a map of his home village Slad, because i found it interesting and thankfully the teacher found it useful. Jane x

Kitty said...

I must confess that I, like MM, wondered what flavour crisps you and your friend were stroking ... and whether or not you ate any. Hmmm - you can't actually take away Geek Points can you?

You can't beat a good dictionary, can you? Did you look up rude words? *snigger*


the vicious chicken said...

Hello there!

I have two responses to your post today: firstly, as a dictionary-lover I thought you might be interested to know that my Mum actually writes dictionaries. As her job. Back in the nineties she edited a dictionary of New Words, like 'cowabunga' and 'happy clappy' and such - sadly, not so new any more (although there have been more recent editions). Anyway - that's my little snippet of lexicographical geekery :o)

And secondly, there was a man running the Brizzle half marathon last Sunday who was dressed in a Borat thong and a small wonderwoman cape / hat combo. He ran in front of me for a while - entertaining but a little... off-putting. And just in case you don't believe me, this is he. Pure madness.

PS. Being a bit of a geek, I've just had a look and discovered that my mum's new words dict. is still available on Amazon. Costs a penny. Best not tell her that...

PPS. Sorry about length of comment. Praps I should start organising my comments into chapters? Might make them a bit easier to follow :o)

dottycookie said...

I am hanging my head in shame. I am not at all sure we even own a dictionary; but surely a true geek uses her wireless laptop to connect to an online dictionary? I hope so, otherwise I shall feel totally out on a limb ;-)

Sadly I am not geeky enough to work out why my washing machine is spitting water all over the floor, so I'd better just go and fetch a mop ...

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh help! It's too early in the morning and I'm too tired to think of a clever comment! Can I have a morning off please? I promise to resume full geek-duty once I have had some more cups of tea!

Locket x

wonderwoman said...

oh my word - am feeling a bit daunted by all this geekiness - will have to try harder!!


French Knots said...

Have to confess I'm more of a nit picker than a geek - can't stand it when people use the incorrect word ( borrow me a pencil etc), just makes me grumpy!
I have to go for a lie down now after the trauma of that picture, bleurgh!!

JuliaB said...

ooh my friend has an OLD dictionary at work and when I worked there too we used to look up words and their meanings. It was great fun. Have you seen the doggy bloggy badge on my blog? I thought you might like it. From yesterday's post I think. xx

Angel Jem said...

The reason why there are so many silver cars on the road at the moment may be that you cannot buy a decent red Ford car at the moment but you have a choice of about 5 different silver shades!