Monday, September 15, 2008

NEWSFLASH: sewing has happened!

Hard as it is to believe, some craftiness has returned to Moogsville.

Friday was my first proper day off, all to myself, for two months and to celebrate I cracked open the sewing machine!

Some sneaky peaks of something that went in the post on Saturday.

...and there's more...

The front piece for a little girl's cushion I've been asked to make. The order specified 'pink....very pink'.

What do you reckon? Pink enough?

I also received Michaela's St. Dunstan's blanket in the post. This is a 'round robin'-y blanket, whereby each knitter knits up a 50g ball's worth of knittage and then posts it on to the next knittist.

The two stripes before mine are so beautifully knitted and it took a lot of courage for me to start my contribution. So far so good though as I've done four whole rows....woohoo!

It's been so lovely, after the geeky madness of late, to get stuck into something slightly sane :)

I even made a start on clearing this:

Having caught the veg growing bug in a huge way, I am now planning on turning more of Moog's garden over to production. Which is why I'm aching so much today.

The majority of this has now gone. Fruit trees are to be trained up the wall (there's a seven foot concrete wall in there somewhere!) and another raised bed will be artfully constructed by Moogsdad. Eat your heart out Hugh :)

In other news.....

For those of you already signed up to the Geek League - fear not!

I love the fact that an obscure and quite bonkers gauntlet can be thrown down to you lovely bloggers and you can be relied upon to pick it up and run with it!

At the last count 38 votes had been cast. 34 'Yes please' votes and 4 'Wot's'!! Not a single 'No way' or 'Couldn't care less'. Marvellous :)

Looks like a League of Geekiness will commence very soon. I just need to iron out what on Earth it's going to entail as I'm not sure even I know what I'm on about!

I have a feeling it may be rather an informal affair, with points awarded on a somewhat ad hoc and arbitrary basis.....mainly 'cos my brain starts to hurt when I consider creating categories, actions and scores....but don't worry as I will be keeping score and there will be a Top Geek award in due course! (Plus I've been handing points out willy nilly for the past week and I dare not ask for them back!!)

....and now for the weather....

The recent improvement in weather conditions across much of the southern part of the UK can be solely attributed to the fact that I now have new winter boots.

So happy that I found boots to fit my 'well-built' legs :) Just love wearing boots and a skirt. Love love love it!

Now too hot to wear them. I love how predictable our weather is.

Buy sunscreen and it'll rain.

Buy new boots and there'll be a mini heatwave.



trashalou said...

On behalf of the birthday party crew let me just thank you for your boot purchase. Our celebratory picnic at Wardour Castle was fabulously sunny and dry :-)

We conducted experiment last night that we will repeat for blogfodder with great delight - any excuse for buying Mentos and cola!!

dottycookie said...

I'd like to thank you for the weather change too - we even managed an outside wine drinking fest with old college chums on Satiurday evening!

Ali said...

I got my boots out too and now I have sweaty feet. Yuk.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hooray for the sewing!!! It's looking very luverly!

And hooray for boots making it sunny! (But why didn't it work up here?)

I've been playing at gocco-ing! I'm in love!

Me x

Gina said...

Hooray for the boots that brought the sunny weather and hooray for the sewing which I can confirm is fabulous. I'm a bit concerned about the standard of knitting in that blanket so I'm trusting you to knit something plain and simple before it comes to me!
Gina x

maria said...

I like the look of the parcel. I've got some of the fabric you've used.
Also like your new header.
maria x

artisbliss said...

Your sewing and knitting are lovely. Nice to have some time to be productive, isn't it?

Good luck on your garden expansion.

Angel Jem said...

The weather/boots thing is good, and I may be able to explain why our recent summers have been bad.... nobody has bought me an unmbrella for my birthday recently! (birthday brolly in May= summer heatwave!) Perhaps next year!

Jennie said...

I have real trouble finding boots to fit my gigantic calves, although they don't look that gigantic to me. I have to go to the very expensive simply be and buy them from there!
Glad to see you got your crafty mojo going. I am hoping mine kicks in soon.

Charlie P said...

Mini heatwave? Lucky southerner- we've had GREY. Not hot or cold- GREY, not rainy or sunny- GREY.

As for this geek league, I'm wondering if there's any point in trying at all if Val is taking part! Will have to get down to some serious geeking.

Oh and it goes without saying that your sewing is fabtastic as usual. I'm particularly intrigued by the chickeny item :D

wonderwoman said...

your sewing looks lovely and i think the pinks are perfect!
as for the boots, i nearly got mine out the other day but may just wait a while!!
as for the geek league - i love ad hocinness!"!!


Kaz said...

Very pink pinkness there Lesley! I'm afraid I may have helped the heatwave too as I packed away all my summer tops in disgust last week!

I promise to keep coming back more regularly now xxx

JuliaB said...

perhaps wear them with a short skirt while the sun shines?? I thoroughly recommend more veg garden.. x x

the vicious chicken said...

I do hope you come up with some sort of geeky tasks or challenges for us soon. Otherwise those of us with a natural excess of geekitude might end up footling around being all geeky but not actually getting any points for it...

Which would obviously be a criminal waste of all that naturally-occurring geek energy. And we wouldn't want that.

Or in other words - really looking forward to the League of the Geek, Mrs Moogsmum :o)

Yours geekily,
Her Extreme Geekiness
of Brizzle.

... who may have eaten too much chocolate... mmm... sugar rush...


PS oooh meant to say too: I really like your chickeny-embroidery in that there sneaky peeky!

Bethany Hissong said...

I love your new blog look!! I know-- I've been away too long!! So I will check out this geekiness. I love your pink quilted cushion! And you definitely had a great growing season from the looks of your plants! Ours barely produced (could be the lack of sunshine... who knew?!). Anyways... you're now my gardening/chicken raising hero. Wait, I think you already were. And I'm with you on the whole weather thing. I bought a new sweater... it goes up to 90 degrees with so much humidity you can swim in it!

Kitty said...

Oooh, fab boots. I am a boots and skirt girl myself - live in them in the winter ... only worn them once so far this winter (which is the other reason why the weather's picked up).

I spent a couple of hours this weekend doing something splendidly geeky - will post it soon. But I'm hoping it'll earn mega geek points!

I've seen what you sent Gina - it's all gorgeous. You are one very clever crafter.


Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, that knitting project looks interesting. You'll have to be sure and show us your contribution before you mail it on.

Now go and slather on tons and tons of sunscreen so it will rain and rain and rain for the next month and be all rained out thereafter! ;-)