Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweetbreads anyone?

It seems that many of you crafty bloggers have been making these this year.

Not wishing to miss out and having an upcoming hotel stay with a friend of mine that requires something other than my usual manky Virgin Atlantic freebie pj's, we set ourselves a challenge. To make some Lounge Pants using the pattern from Amy Butler's In Stitches.

Wishing to be thrifty.....and also slightly ridiculous....we decided on children's duvet covers from the charity shop. Paddington Bear for Mrs Locket and 101 Dalmations for me!

Whilst there I also bagged a bargain kingsize denim duvet cover for £4.99. Metres and metres of lightweight denim, in great condition and just perfect for a whole host of future sewing projects :)

Mrs Locket's duvet cover will be winging it's way up north very soon to be converted into loungey pants.

I felt suitably inspired to run a little pair up for the Minx too. Hers are the white ones and mine are the blue ones covered in mahoosive spotty dogs! (Two pairs for £1.99 - not bad, huh?).

To make Minx's ones I drew a pattern from a pair of non-stretchy pj bottoms that fit her pretty well, added a bit more length and width, and in under an hour she had some new puppy pants. She's wearing them right now and they look mighty cute :)

Of course, one pair each is not enough so today I've cut out two more pairs each and will, naturally, just have to spend some of my day off scouring the charity shops for another duvet cover or two!

...and now for something completely different.....

My ever thoughtful husband presented me with a romantic present on his return from the supermarket last night:

Is it any wonder I couldn't resist his romantic charm when we first met?

I've been reading up on offal, so if you want to know what to do with your brains, tongue or testicles then I'm the person to ask!!

Off out now to a Stampin' Up party and leaving Moogsdad in charge of two very grumpy children ;-)



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Brilliant baggy bottoms missus! Love the way you've hidden yours behind Minxy's!!!

French Knots said...

Excellent pants, will make lounging about even better I'm sure!
I'm sure the Big Sister has some tongue to spare as it never stops wagging :)

Marmadaisy said...

Grrr blogger ate my comment again!!!
Great groovy pants.
I would like to think I invented the charity shop duvet to lounge pant conversion. but I think maybe we just all think the same way!

Rachel said...

Love those pants, what a fab idea! I must be one of the only people left in blogland yet to make these - they've been on my to-do list for AGES!

Kitty said...

I must admit, I'm often to be found purveying the offerings of charity shops, for the sole intention of cutting them up. No.1 thinks it's 'disgraceful' - I tell her not to look.

Those are lovely lounge pants - pants for lounging: they do what they say on the tin.

Never heard of 'Stampin' Up' ... looks like fun.


wonderwoman said...

excellent lounge pants!! what a great idea!!
interesting book from hubby - can't wait to see the receipe for 'testicles'!!!


trashalou said...

Jolly glad I don't have testicles then Missus!

Love, love, lovetty love those jammie trousers there Missus. Perhaps this is the beginnings of a new trend? Do I sent a challenge in the wind???

trashalou said...

'Scent'. I meant to type 'scent'!

Although, of course, there may be a challenge 'sent' on the wind.

Working Mom Knits said...

*thinks of 1,000,000 zaney responses re the "what to do with testicles" comment and backs slowly away from the keyboard*

silverpebble said...

I once had a pair of lounge pants from Toast (their sale I hasten to add - I'm not paying £60 for a pair). I loved them, they loved me. They're now in holes. Another reason to envy Mrs Moogy Make do and Mend and her sewey skills.

Mmm Hugh, Mmm meat. Did I mention I have a bit of a crush on Hugh? It waxes and wanes like the moon. It tends to peak when he's elbow deep in gore. What does that say about me? Perhaps I'll leave it there.

Working Mom Knits said...

ps: careful at the Stampin Up party - it is addictive! Once you've mortgaged the house to buy more, more, and even more supplies, I'll happily add you to our March Madness Scrapbooking Weekend guest list : )

Lina said...

Careful lounge pants and stampin' up are addictive. Stamping whilst wearing lounge pants is probably even more so!! I LIVE in my lounge pants and my neighbour's a stamping up but expensive!!

Julie said...

Very sassy lounge pants and a great idea to use the duvet covers. I've got a couple that could be recycled.

Go on, own up, how much did you spend tonight? lol

PS I'm with Trashalou having just read her comment:o)

Kristie said...

Love the pants! I have 2 pairs that I made a few years ago...a stripey yellow and white flannel pair and a purple and white flowery the fabric super cheap on the bargin table at Big W (Trashy will know what that is!). Love those pants!!! I do happen to wear them while stamping and eating chocolate...a very fine combo!!
Yes, SU! is sister is a demo, I went to her house and 2 days later I'd signed up as a demo too...for the 20% discount of course. I never do workshops, but love my SU supplies (with discount). Once you discover the wonderful world of paper crafts it's a slippery slope to financial ruin :) Hope you had fun!!!

Jodie said...

Just an observation - as most of the crafty bloggy types seem to be of the female persuasion - I think It may take a while for you to collect enough testicles for a big meal - maybe they could just be for starters!

est said...

oh my! i'm a fan of 'the river cottage' too!lol

monkee maker said...

Look, lets just admit it .... we're as bad as each other. Now you'll be on the lookout for tea towels (and so what if we can't eat this month anyway? I could stand to lose a few pounds), and now I have to speed across to Amazon, cos I NEED lounge pants - and I NEED them by tonight!! (Ok, the weekend, at a push)

Trouble is, I really really REALLY want to cut up my fave duvet to make them! (I wonder if anyone would notice a pants-sized gap missing from it ....)


Gina said...

I'm loving your baggy bottoms! I think I would live in them if I had a pair, they look so comfy!

maria said...

Hi, I've not made them either. Love the groovy sheets you are using!!!! No Cath Kidston for you!
Love the new banner on the top of your blog
Maria x

dottycookie said...

Love the trouselers - all the girls in our family have some too. For some rason Mr DC declined when I offered to make some.

And should I ever acquire a pair of, ahem, testicles, I'll know who to ask for help.

Suzie Sews said...

You to are a great team...just loving those pants, yes I too got a quilt from the charity shop to make them, sady though mine is still folded up, washed and ready to be cut up...maybe just maybe I might pull them out and sew up...thanks for the inspiration and they look adorable....

Ally said...

Love your lounge pants.

Hope you had a good S*a**in Up Party. Must clean out the earwax next time!

Making my baggy bottoms this weekend still haven't worked out how to get the extra length yet without a mile of contrast or making them crop!

The original pattern queen (being older) xx

twiggypeasticks said...

Those baggy pants are fab, wonder if it would be socially acceptable to wear them for work. I have a MASSIVE pair of Tyrrell Katz puppy PJs - had them for years - and wear them a LOT, I love PJs.
Twiggy x
PS I bought an old stylee Paddington Bear Duvet cover from a charity shop and made it into a little duvet cover and pillowcase for Twiglet, it's gorgeous!

Becky said...

I love your pants! I've looked at the pattern many times but have not made them yet. I think your thrift stores are much better than mine! Next time I go, I am going to see what I can come up with.

I enjoy stopping in and seeing what you've created!

Bethany Hissong said...

Hope you had fun at your party! Your pj's are adorable and that book-- man, you're so lucky to have snagged a good man like that!!! ;) Thanks for the giggle!

the vicious chicken said...

Ah, lovely Hugh. I nearly fell on him once you know. It was at the Organic Food Festival in Brizzle. And what can I say? It was *very* crowded with milling people, and I nearly tripped over a tent-peg at his River Cottage stall... thankfully I managed to regain my footing in time. Whew. But I was so embarrassed that I hurried away immediately, quite forgetting to ask him what to do with my brains, tongue, or testicles... and I have always kicked myself for missing that opportunity.

So, yeah; I guess you *are* the person to ask - and it's such a relief that I will now finally know the answer! Looking forward to a new offal-style recipe-corner already :o)