Friday, September 5, 2008

A tag and something of interest to Trashy

I was tagged recently by Julia with a Tree of Happiness meme:

I need to list six things that make me happy. Thinking about this has made me realise that, in general, I'm quite a happy and ,dare I say it, contented person but it also made me realise that it's also very very easy to put together a list of all the things that don't make me happy.

Let's stick with the positive.

My six things:

1. My family.
The past year and a half has been a rough ride for my family and relationships have had to adjust to life without the pivotal figure that was my Mum. However, there is plenty of love there and as we all deal with managing without her we know that we still love each other and that her memory keeps us strong.
What makes me happiest is my own little family, here in Moogshouse. I have two delightful (often exasperating!) children, who still love nothing more than kisses and cuddles. A husband who is a tower of strength and supportive of my need to be me. Then there's the geriatric loon that is the Moog, those crazy chickens and three little furry chaps that are the gerbils :)

2. Home.
It's not huge. It's not perfect. It's rarely tidy. I love it!

Wherever we go I am always happy to come home.

3. Friends.
I love them as much as family. I love that I can pick up the phone after a couple of months and chat like we saw each other yesterday. I love that we can speak every day and still find lots to talk about....sometimes too much!!
I love that our friendships have continued and evolved as our lives have changed.
I love that I've made new friends through blogging who get what I'm on about!

4. Creativity.
I cannot imagine a life without a creative outlet of some sort. I would go quite mad I am sure if I never made anything! I appreciate how lucky I am to have had such a good teacher in my Mum.

5. Books.
Books make me very happy. Reading makes me happy. Doesn't even have to be books. Back of a cereal packet will do.

6. Nature.
Being out there, experiencing the seasons, spotting the birds, smelling the Autumn smells, listening to the wind in the trees - anything and everything to do with nature makes me happy. That beautiful view, towering cliffs and tiny rockpools - all putting us firmly in our place. It's more wonderful than anything we could manufacture and it will all be there in some form when we are gone.


I do get a bit deep sometimes....when you scratch the surface!!

Back to the usual silliness then.

In light of Trashy's comment about 10lb babies in my last post, just look at what one of our girls made today:

On the right a very normal sized eggy....on the left.....something of an eyewatering surprise I should imagine. What d'yer reckon double yolker or triple? It's the size of a duck egg for Heaven's sake!!!

Keeping on with the Trashy case you were wondering Mrs T, here is what I had for lunch (not using the mahoosive egg, just two normal ones) - homemade omelette, with dried tarragon and a few chilli flakes, with homegrown tomatoes.

.....and here is what we're having for dinner. Defrosted watercress sauce from last Sunday's farmer's market

to be eaten with locally made gnocchi - also from the farmer's market.

I'm very very excited about our farmer's market goodies - can you tell? - as I was previously a farmer's market virgin.

Not any more :)

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Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oi! Where am I on your list???????? Blurry forgotten, that's where!


Double yoker, triple yoker, HUMPH!

But don't worry - I'm a good egg at heart and can take the yoke - I'm not going to crack up over it though!

Me xxxxx :)

Julie said...

I like the new layout and header. what a lovely Tree of Happiness. :o)

Thimbleanna said...

Oh tell Lucy to Be-have! She's on your list -- she's the first one I thought of in your friends section. What a great list. Your blog shows everyday what a happy person you are -- it's a wonderful happy place to visit!!!

trashalou said...

Am impressed by the size of your uber cackleberry there Missus, have much sympathy and empathy with the hen wot laid it.

Am impressed by your luvverly looking lunch but my impressedness would be greater is I actually liked un-caked or biscuited eggs.

artisbliss said...

Poor chickie. Did you offer her an ice pack?

I love your new blog header, btw.

quiltdude said...

What a happy girl you are, could you bottle some of it and I'll buy it off you? No? oh well, I'll have to try and make some of my own.
Your poor chick, I bet that made her eyes water!!
X Clare

Gina said...

Loving the snazzy new header and mightily impressed cos I don't know how to do it so haven't got a fancy header!!!
Like your happy things - I've got to do that too!

JuliaB said...

oooh have you tried making your own watercress pesto sauce? All you do is whizz together:

1 bunch watercress
1 clove garlic
100g pine nuts or pecan nuts
50-75 ml olive oil (normal not virgin)
50g parmesan
salt/pepper to taste.

YUMMY!!! slurp slurp!!

French Knots said...

Crikey, poor hen wont want to squeeze any more out after that one!
Love the new header picture.

Leanne said...

It's nice to be happy and contented. I bet there was much cackling from the hen house when that was produced.

LOUISE said...

I swear shop bought eggs are smaller than they used to be. Size ones look like size threes. Your egg would be off the richter scale! x

Jennie said...

oooh look at those eggs, and that omelette, very nice!!
Love the list!!

Bethany Hissong said...

Yum! Looks very good and oh my gosh... that egg! I am so with you on your "happy things"!!!