Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Abseiling, stitching and laundry

We've all been having a very enjoyable and productive half term.

The little folk have really enjoyed their outdoor activity day camp with plenty of quite disgustingly dirty laundry produced :-)

On day 1 they did raft building, the zip wire and an assault course and yesterday they did abseiling, plus playing on a big wooden pirate ship and bouncing on a big bouncy thing...apparently! Today they were hoping for den building, kayaking and archery!!

My indoor activity day camp has been loads of fun too!

I made Minx a PE bag yesterday.
She loves it but did groan and say ' Oh, Lydia will just be horrible and tell me she doesn't believe you made it!'

I've decided to take that as a compliment!!

This morning I've been making a few of these 'Wiggly bags' to send to Gina. If you're wondering what they're about pop over to her blog. I think they're a wonderful idea :-)

As a result of making these I have developed an aversion to stitching Velcro - it makes my machine go silly and the stitching does not stand up to scrutiny!!

Gina is also responsible for me starting my third ripple blanket - how could I resist after she posted this?

I'm going for an eclectic colour scheme!

This is intended to be a 'stash buster' using up all those leftovers from my previous ripples. It's not delicious pure wool - just nasty acrylic as I couldn't stretch my pennies to anything nicer.

Gina isn't the only one who's a bad influence.

Thanks to Jodie I've also started snail making!

I've got a silly idea that I may make snail racing games for some of this year's Christmas presents. Unfortunately that could involve making 22 snails and 5 race tracks......don't watch this space!!

The sock and wrist warmer knitting has temporarily gone on the rapidly expanding WIP pile but as I've accidentally ordered a set of bamboo dpns and some sock yarn from etsy I'd better get them done before I start anything else!

I'm now going to ignore that last sentence and sit down with my ripple :-)


Marie said...

Great PE bag. That's been on my list for DD since she started school in September. Needless to say it's still on the list!

ROFL @ snail racing. That's a great Christmas present idea.

Glad they've had a good time at camp.


artisbliss said...

You're so productive. No wonder Lydia doesn't believe it.

I totally agree about sewing velcro, but the adhesive kind is an absolute nightmare.

You won't regret the bamboo needles. Much easier to work with.

trashalou said...

I'm with Lydia - I don't believe you make stuff either. You have a timeslip portal to a factory in China or somewhere, right?

Btw, feeling quite gloaty and clever as I made princess C-W's p.e. bag BEFORE school started this year!

Working Mom Knits said...

Are those children at camp or in the army?! Goodness me! (Though that's one way to get them to sellp the night through.)

Love everything - esp. the PE bag, ripple, wiggly, and snail game.


Katy said...

phew, for a minute there I thought you'd be doing all 3 at once. Thankfully not though!!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

This holiday daycamp has definitely been good for your creative output! I'm very impressed - and Lydia will be too!

Locket xxx

dottycookie said...

I bought the fabric for my wiggle bags today, ready to get going when I am home again.

And I misread 'ripple' in the last line - and thought you were in for an altogether different sort of evening!!!

Gina said...

Very pleased to have been a bad influence! The wiggly bags are gorgeous... thank you so much!
Gina xxx

Rachel said...

Good lord, you've been busy! I am starting to feel quite jealous of people that can crochet, those ripple blankets are just so gorgeous! And the snails look really cute too. P.S. I'm with artisbliss on the bamboo needles - you'll be knitting socks in no time! ;)

French Knots said...

I love my bamboo dpns, I like 2mm for sock knitting - it's like knitting with fairy needles!
Sounds like camp has been good for everyone :)

Kitty said...

Fabulous PE bag - just lovely. I'm with Lydia though ... did you really make it? :-p

I've been making Wiggly Bags too - and my sewing machine doesn't like the spiky side of the velcro either.

Glad the kids have had a brilliant day camp experience.


wonderwoman said...

wow you have been busy, just love the snails, what fun!!! have not made my little bags yet, but am now worried whether my machine will cope with the velcro!
love your crochet - have to find someone to teach me to crochet!!

Julie said...

Love all your creativeness today, esp the ripple blanket, lovely colours. I am in awe of the snail race - it sounds a mammoth project. Good luck with it.

The Wiggly bags look great. I told Gina I'd make some once I'd cleared the decks but now you've got me worried about the velcro too.

monda-loves said...

wow, that is a lot of WIP's. I daren't even begin to write down all my wips - I'd scare myself honestly. Those snails are looking fab :o)


Bethany Hissong said...

Okay, I have no idea what "abseiling" is? But it sounds like your kids have had loads of fun! That is a really cool bag you made... I was just thinking that I should have made one for Caroline but I went out and bought one...what was I thinking?! I could have hired YOU! I love your ripple blanket so far! I'm in a crocheting mood right now... off to do more!

Lina said...

OOh, can I join your camp? Really, wouldn't sewing camp be fun?!

monkee maker said...

Well it seems to me the title of your last post was A COMPLETE LIE as you've been busy doing LOADS OF STUFF!!

I'd just popped over to Gina's to marvel at her rippling and now you're at it too .... makes me want to get my hook out again - and NOT do what Gina did to hers!

Lovely to see that you had sun pouring in your windows when you took your photos too.


JuliaB said...

ooh blimey! a reminder that I promised to make some wigglies too! argh! can i have some more hours in the day purrrleeeese?

twiggypeasticks said...

You busy lady, I love the snails. I need to investigate thse wiggle bags. I followed your fine example and made some lounge pants for Twiglet, they didn't turn out quite as I expected, ahem, but they are fab and he loves them. Will blog them soon.
Twiggy x

Jodie said...

Maybe you could just make the race tracks and then pack in some cheap plastic animals for them to race - or dinosaurs for little boys - they are a little "intensive" aren't they???
I would poke my tongue out at Lydia !!!

Kaz said...

I'm glad the little ones have had fun this week leaving you able to create such loveliness. I'm off to have a look at your links to see what the flip you're on about!!!

Kaz xx

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