Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy doing nothing...

Ever have those times when you just can't think what to blog about?

Nothing inspiring you?

No crafty doings to show?

Me too!

I seem to have had an uplanned blog break for those very reasons. At the end of what felt like a long half term at work my bloggy mojo had disappeared.

The children are now off school for the week. Moogsdad came up trumps and booked them into an outdoor activity daycamp for today, tomorrow and Wednesday. When I left them this morning my two little people were feeling nervous but also excited - especially when they were told that today they would be doing the Aerial Runway, raft building and a team challenge!

While they are there I'm having my very own 'indoor activity daycamp' :)

I decided to take stock of just what I've been up to craft-wise over the past week - especially as I felt I'd done very little.

Here goes...

A cushion made last weekend for Minx's friend's birthday. The little lady concerned has since told me she loves it and it's given her very sweet dreams :)

Some fabric bargains picked up from the charity shop. A metre of floral cotton for 25p and a double sheet for £1!

I've even got my knitting needles out!
After seeing some of you producing wrist warmers I decided I needed some too. Resisting the temptation to dash out wool shopping I went upstairs and found some Ebay bargain yarn that has been in my stash for too long!

I forced myself out of my comfort zone and knitted them in the round on dpns, using the tension guide on the ball band to work out how many stitches to cast on.

They are lovely and warm and they now belong to Minx as my casting on and off was too tight!!

Wrist warmers MKII in the same yarn are now on my needles - with looser casting on!

I also picked up some knitting that I started ages ago. Cheat socks knitted on two pins - 'cos when I started them I was still mortally afraid of dpns!!

So far so good.

They will soon/eventually become these socks:

from this book:

Who knows, I may even feel brave enough to tackle proper socks knitted in the round next, like a grown-up knitter!

I will also be knitting another pair of wrist warmers in this lovely was not from my stash.....I succumbed to the siren call of the wool aisle at Hobbycraft....

Sewing has also made an appearance on this week's crafty agenda. Not that I can show you of course as it's for my Christmas Swap partner.

Oh...alright's a sneaky peak......

......and another one.....

I have a mahoosive list of blogs just waiting to be read so I'm off to catch up!

I'm going to enjoy this daycamp :-)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh Missus! You say you haven't been doing much but look at all that loveliness! Especially the sneaky peek of what you have been doing today - I LOVE IT!!!

Those socks are super-clever too - I got a lovely knitting pattern in Edinburgh for mittens knitted with self-patterning sock wool on dpns but I can't seem to do that first casting on and joining bit right - now I know I can ask you about it!

Me xxx

Marie said...

You lucky thing! Three days of kid-free crafty time. Sounds heavenly.

I'm suffer from the DP fear too - hence why I've never knitted any socks!

Loving all the projects. Hope the moogettes have a good time at camp.


Katy said...

EASY knitted socks? I very much doubt that!
Fab sneaky peeks you got there, madam. I do love a tease.
My Miss G would love that cushion, it's all snuggly.

quinn said...

Lovely socks, there!

My first attempt at socks: toddler-sized socks on dpns. After a few pair (had planned on one pair, for a charity request, but it became addictive!) I took the leap to grown-up-sized feet, and now knitting socks on dpns is just about my favorite knitting of all.

trashalou said...

This is just another opportunity to show off that rather gorgeous quilt isn't it?? Hmmm? I think we should be told!!

artisbliss said...

Lovely knitting. I've knit a bit lately myself, but nothing so fancy as that cable knit. I do the dpn thing for hats, though. Bamboo needles are much easier than the metal kind because the yarn doesn't slid off so easily.

dottycookie said...

Lordy, looks like busy to me! Sneaky peeks look lovely; though I must say every time I feel a pang that I haven't signed up for a Christmas swap this year, I do realise it means I have more time to sew for my littlies - no activity camps here, sadly!

Kitty said...

Well, for someone who hasn't been doing much ... you've done a lot! Lovely charity shop finds, fabulous sneaky peeks - I finally got the 'idea' for my Crimble Decoration Swap (hosted by Indigo Blue) today - and am relieved. I was starting to panic.

I can't do socks. I can't even begin to think about doing socks. But I can do the yarn aisle at Hobbycraft - yay!


Gina said...

Have to agree with everyone else - it sound as though you've been busy doing plenty! I've started a pair of wrist warmers this week too. I've made one but seem to have lost the urge to make a second one!

Julie said...

Looks like your bloggy mojo is well and truly back :)

If this is not doing a lot I'd hate to see your busy time lol

Enjoy your daycamp!

Jennie said...

Guh I haven't started my christmas swap! I am so behind!
Can't wait to see yours and look how much crafting you have done! I am so jealous!

Rachel said...

Ooh, how exciting! Your sneaky peek has reminded me to get on with your pressie too! Lucky you, having 3 free days this half term! All your knitting looks fab, lovely yarns. I'm sure that you could do "proper socks" too - for me the hardest bit was the initial joining up to knit in the round and you've proved you can do that with your wrist warmers. Now I want to make some of those too...

Ali said...

If that's a 'not done much' week, I am totally in awe of a productive one!

I have never tackled anything other than stocking stitch socks - far too scary!

JuliaB said...

ooooh i know what you mean about unscheduled blog break despite making a few things ... but I have missed you so hope you find some more things to blog about .. what about chickens?? xx

wonderwoman said...

i am in awe of your 'busy doing nothing'!!
such lovely socks and wristwarmers - am in the middle of knitting a scarf which i have frogged a gezillion times!!! have a massive fear of knitting with four needles - wonder if there is a term for that phobia!!


est said...

pretty pretty stuff! love the bargained fabrics! love yr knitted socks!

twiggypeasticks said...

You have been industrious, love the knitting, I really can't knit for toffee apart from basic, basic stuff. Love the bargain charity shop fabrics, I love charity shop gems. Hope the little moogs have lots of fun and you enjoy some quality moogsmum time
Twiggy x
PS I got one whole hour to myself on Saturday to do some crafting - yay, spent it swearing at my rubbish and in disgrace sewing machine - boo!!!!

Rachelmp said...

What a busy week! I hope the kids had a great time on their adventures

Josie said...

great socks and the fabric for 25p sounds like a great bargain, any ideas what you will make? and can't wait to see the christmas swap!
Josie x