Saturday, October 4, 2008

Show and tell

I had a visit from the postman today.

Anything that says this on the front:

and this on the back:

is bound to be good...and it most certainly was!!! Just look at all this fantabulous stash from my dear bloggy friend Mrs Locket !

Some beautiful turquoisy beads and feed my need for all things turquoise....and a selection of Lucy's most special and gorgeous fabrics... well as this beautiful turquoise yarn. I'm not sure what this will become but I'm quite happy to gaze at it while I decide.

Thank you so much Lucy - I love all of it and I feel so lucky and spoilt rotten :)

Not wishing to worry you but I have actually been doing something crafty!

After a concerted effort to finish the handquilting this week I have spent today binding my first ever quilt. I followed a great tutorial for the binding....and had I only looked at it sooner would have picked up some useful tips - such as cutting the batting and backing fabric bigger than the quilt top until you are ready to bind it.

This has probably been the biggest thing I've ever made, in terms of size, time, effort and learning. I've learnt so much, in hindsight, that will make the next one(s) much better.

I'm still in love with the colours - even if they don't go with anything in the living room! I've decided I'm going for the arty eclectic look ;-)

This quilt has been hanging on my shoulders like a big black dog, holding me back from making anything else until I've got it done.

I'm just hoping that now it is done the creative floodgates will open!!

Now I'm going to pour myself some of Moogsdad's finest single malt whisky...for medicinal purposes.... as I've got the sort of sore throat that can only mean I'm about to be a miserable cold-filled old bat :-(

At least I can snuggle under my quilt and stroke my lovely new fabrics :-)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm so glad you loved your parcel! It is such fun sending you goodies because I know you'll appreciate them! Your quilt looks fantabulousus! Hope the whisky works! Locket xxxxx

quinn said...

What a lovely quilt - congratulations! Looks absolutely perfect.

Last month at a harvest fair I bought a book of raffle tickets on a quilt for a church benefit; this is the only way I am likely to become the owner of a handmade quilt - LOL! Then a few stalls down at the fair, there was a second quilt being raffled for another church. (There are four churches in my little town.) So of course I bought several tickets for that quilt as well. THEN there was a raffle to benefit a school: an amazing solid oak storage chest/coffee table, hand made by a local craftsperson. More tickets, please! I LOVE it when a good cause justifies the "chance" :)

Kitty said...

Wow! That Locket came up trumps - that is one seriously gorgeous parcel of loveliness.

Your quilt is wonderful - I only ever made one 'big' quilt - the work that had to go into it put me off ever doing it again I'm afraid. It was a seriously big effort.

Sorry to hear about the throat - which horror passed that on then? A Lemsip and early to bed for you, young woman!

Take care. x

Lina said...

Congrats on finishing your quilt, what a triumph - it looks great. I have hundreds of black dogs chasing me these days...!

Amy (badskirt) said...

Oh! I have absolute parcel envy. What a sweet little collection you've got there. I've just found your blog via Jodie's Selvage project and I'm happy to add it to my subscriptions!

Jodie said...

Did I spy some wee birdy fabric in that stash???

You deserve to celebrate,having finished your quilt - not to get sick !!!

Lissa Jane said...

Ohh what loveliness from the Locket stash!!!

Your quilt looks great.. I got your link from Ric Rac!


Rachel said...

You lucky thing, what a fab parcel of goodies! Your quilt looks wonderful, I love that turquoise cloud fabric, where did you get that from? I really enjoyed making my first quilt too but it was for my son so I now have to make one for me!! It's coming along slowly but it's such fun choosing all the lovely fabrics!

Suzie Sews said...

you know you and Lucy seem to have a very special friendship, not just because of the great goodies (although this is super nice) you two seem to have a ball!!! Long may it continue...

wonderwoman said...

what a beautiful quilt - it looks just fantastic!
and what lovely gifts from mrs locket - you are a lucky girl!
now you've done your first quilt there will be no stopping you!


Gina said...

Fabulous quilt - I love those colours. Great pressies from Mrs Locket.

trashalou said...

Poor Suzie Sews seems to fink you and Locket are like friends or sumfink. Perhaps you should go 'splain its just her sending you stuff to keep you away from her, innit like.

our shabby cottage said...

Love the stash! Love the quilt - and well done on the binding! Hope your sore throat is much better after the medicinal whiskey! Kathryn.

Jessica said...

You got some wonderful goodies in the mail! That quilt is great, too!

Jenny said...

Great parcel of goodness and such a vibrant quilt

Angela said...

What a gorgeous quilt the colours are lovely, so cheery and bright. I clicked on the binding link very useful wish I had known that before.

tintocktap said...

Georgeous quilt - well done you! I'm so jealous - my attempt at quilting ended with an argument between me and the sewing machine - I'll get my own back one day.

Lovely goodies from Mrs Locket too!

Jane said...

Your quilt is lovely, hope you soon feel better. Lovely stash goodies. Jane x

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, yummy goodies from The Queen!!! LOVE your quilt -- I love the colors. I'm like you -- I love lots of fun colors in quilts, but they don't go with my decor. Oh. Well.!

Rachelmp said...

What a great parcel! And your quilt is looking fantastic. Great feet!

Jennie said...

ooh you finished my I mean your quilt!!! It's gorgeous!! Love love love the colours. I am so jealous. :/
love all that Lucy sent you!!