Friday, October 17, 2008

....whoosh......that was the week whizzing by!

Is it me or has this week flown by?

Oh heavens - is it me or do I sound like an old biddy?

Don't answer that!!

Autumn is well and truly here. The leaves are colouring up. The mornings are misty. I am awakened most mornings to the sound of the foghorns on the river - I love being able to snuggle down under the covers for a few minutes more listening to the ships.

To welcome the autumn we reclaimed the forest at the weekend. The grockles summer visitors have gone home and it's all ours again :-)

We went to a new to us part of the forest. The delightfully named Deadman Hill.

One person, in particular, was very pleased and headed to the nearest ditch to celebrate. B***dy idiot!

Small people made shelters for pixies - apparently....

...and mossy beds for fairies.....

.....lined with white stones to help the fairies find their bed in the dark - apparently :-)

Moogsdad and I indulged in a fungal foray - just picking...too scared we might pick something deadly!

We reminded ourselves just why we love living here and how much the forest means to us. We won't leave it so long next time.

I don't wish to overload your senses but there's even been crafting happening this week!

A brief dabble in the dark arts of papercrafting. Using a super-cheapo Tesco notebook.... new fabby index tab punch from Stampin' Up.....

...and my favourite Basic Grey papers (complete with selvedge!) make me a new diary.....with only one or two tiny mistakes when it came to writing all the dates in by hand....y'know minor errors like writing 2008 instead of 2009 for the first three weeks of January....

I even got to make the other two of these that I cut out last week and they've gone into the you know what.

I had a couple of great charity shop finds today but they will have to wait for daylight before I can show them off.

I also found this fab website with loads of great tutorials all in one place. They must be great because I found me on there (yes really!!!!) and even better my superbly brilliant Aussie buddy Jodie !! Maybe you all know about this already and I'm waaaaay behind but I liked it :-)

I rather like this that I found on there.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.

love xxxxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

oooh! "Full of busy" like they say up here! Nice to hear you use the word "grocles" - we used to say it all the time but that's not something you hear up here - maybe we don't get the same tourists oop north like we did dan sarf!

Superbylicious bags there! And I'm so pleased to hear that you DID make some mistakes in your diary - I was sure you would!!!! (that's coz I'm such a good friend don't ya know!)

Off now to investigate the fab site that has you and Jodie on.

Me xxxxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

P.S. Excuse me Missus I'm-a-Noodle, but your link to the crafty website is stooopid! Do you want to know why? No? Tough! Coz I'm going to tell you anyway!

It's stooopid because you have linked to a page right in the middle so that's where you go, rather than to the very first and most important of all pages (being the one that has your tutorial on!)

It takes a truly dedicated friend to trawl through all the pages looking for a tutorial by their very clever and talented chum only to reach the end and realise they have to go back through said pages and on and on and on through a gazillion more pages until they arrive at said "first and most important of all pages" where they find said "tutorial by their very clever and talented chum"!

So please fix said stoopid link at your earliest convenience.

Heck no! Fix it NOW whether it is convenient or not!

Me x

trashalou said...

I am a crap friend obviously b/c I am not even starting to trawl through all those pages. That and this computer may just fall apart any minute.......

est said...

nice weekend you'd! :)

marit said...

I'm going to have stop reading your blog- you're coming up with way to many links to other faboulous people, meaning that I spend too much time on the internet and too little time actually MAKING something! On the other hand- I'm not hurting I guess you're safe on my bloglist...;-D
Have a great weekend! Now I'm off to check out that tutorial!!!

Kitty said...

Oooh, more tutorials - how fabulous. Can my computer cope with all these bookmarks? I have a whole folder dedicated to them!!

Love, love, love the bags - I so must get over my mental block on the issue.

Fab photos of foresting too. It looks so peaceful.


dottycookie said...

Goodness me! It has been a very fast moving week here too. Lovely bags!

And thank you for that link - though I am now bound to spend more time looking there and deciding what I want to make rather than getting on with what needs to be made - grrrrr.

Gina said...

Hello you old biddy...lovely forest photos, more fabulous bags AND great craft links. It's all too much for one day!

wonderwoman said...

you have had a busy week!! i hope the fairies were happy with all the work you've done for them!! despite what trashy and lucy have said i will go and have a look at said tutorials!!


Kaz said...

Ha ha, typical dog thing to do!!

Loving the diary (I recognised those papers!)Well done you, papercrafting is soo good isn't it?

Loving the bags too, very clever.

K xx

monkee maker said...

Ooh, how marvellous, that you'll have an extra three weeks of 2008.

And to have one of your 'tutes' featured? Cool! I don't know why Lucy was moaning .... think of all the inspiring tutorials she had to scroll through!

(I'm not taking a peek yet though .... still have to tackle those lounge pants that you made me buy the book for!)


Suzie Sews said...

what an amazing post...fab photos...

Leigh said...

I love the forest adventure!

Your craftiness is gorgeous!!!

Congrats on finding yourself, on a site! I clicked through all of your links, now I am going back to enjoy all of them! Thanks for sharing!

Jennie said...

ooh very crafty!
Love the bags, love the fairy beds pixie shelters. So cute!

Rachelmp said...

Oh, haven't you been busy! Just love your fungus shots too

Bethany Hissong said...

I'm loving that little house you found! And that's so funny that you found yourself! Your bags are nice. I wish I needed another one. Your photos from the woods are great too! Every time I walk out in the woods I forget to bring my camera... I'm terrible about that. I love that your kids like to build things like fairy houses! Mine are starting to get too old to be bothered with imaginary things like that! Hopefully it's just a stage, since I personally never grew out of thinking about fairies and secret woods beings!! Missed you!!!

Bethany Hissong said...

p.s. I forgot to say that I love your homemade date book!! What a great idea... I might just do the same!!

Charlie P said...

Cooooooooooooool! That stamping thingy has gon straight on my christmas list! Amazing how you can make a boring old notebook ist something so snaztastic.

p.s. the security letters say 'lubhut' - an inferior verion of the love shack do you reckon?

Leanne said...

Loving that photo of Moog.