Friday, November 21, 2008


Surely it was yesterday?

It can't be nine years......can it?

This gorgeous young man is NINE years old today!

How did that happen?

Happy Birthday Sausage Monster!!!!

We're having a 'We're never going to sleep' over tonight. Four loud boys and two (relatively) quiet girls are terrorising the Moog. Moogsdad and I are flagging already.

It could be a long night!

Picking up Ali's tag I thought I'd do six things I love about my little boy:

1. The fact that he just came over here and said 'I love you' even though his three best friends are in the same room.

2. Those beautiful hazel brown eyes and those long long eye lashes.....just made for winning hearts :-)

3. How the world lights up when he really really laughs.

4. How he seems to know (and remember) everything about Star Wars - like a 'mini-me' version of his Dad.

5. Even though he's all long and boney he still curls up and fits perfectly on my lap.

6. How he gently picks up the creepiest creepy crawlie on the footpath to stop it being trodden on.

I could go on.

I'm just proud to be the Mum of such a sweet, kind and fun 'young man' ...who will always be my little boy!

I've also nearly finished my first pair of socks!

Sleep/insomnia permitting, they may be finished tomorrow!!



Emma said...

Happy birthday Mr Monster. Goodness those eyes - the ladies will swoon! Hope you get some kip in the end - perhaps the judicious use of hot chocolate (with perhaps a nip of vodka added - for you of course). Lovely lovely facts about him - he sounds like a total smasher. Star Wars too - a lad after my own heart!

This is for him - a jedi mind trick (with small wave of hand':

'These are not the droids you're looking for, move along'.

...quite useful when you're after an extra biscuit!

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday young sausage monster. I always say cherish them when they are young because within a blink of an eye they will be all grown up.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Monster! Hope you get some sleep but have a fab time with your friends! Give those old parents of yours a run for their money!

Lovely 6 facts Moogsy!

Locket xxx

P.S Sorry to lower the tone but my word verification is fulaphou - it made me snort with laughter!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely Sausage Monster. No wonder you are so proud of him. I think I might be able to guess what you'll be doing on Sunday afternoon at 4.25? May the Force be with you. And I hope you get some sleep tonight!

I have a creepy crawly in my word verification - antent

Thimbleanna said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Sausage Monster -- what a cutie you are.

Can't wait to see the socks. And I'm a little worried to see that communication lines are sporadic in the UK as Ms. Locket has only landed the third commenting berth. Clearly, something is amiss!

twiggypeasticks said...

Happy Birthday Monster, what a cutie!
Twiggy x

marit said...

Happy Birthday to the Monster!!!

(and you are brave people to have a sleep(not)over for 6 kids...)

Ali said...

Happy Birthday SM!

Mark asks me now and then if he can have a sleepover - I say, yes, of course, as soon as you're 18! Mean Mummy.

Hope you survive yours.

My verification word is fooll - I swear I'm not making it up!

dottycookie said...

Awwww, happy birthday Sausage Monster! Good luck with the sleepover ...

tintocktap said...

Happy Birthday Sausage Monster - hope you had a wonderful day! I'll have a Star Wars mad 8 year old in my house by this time next week. Can't believe it's 8 years since I had to phone my dad and apologise for forgetting to send him a birthday card and inform him that he'd got a grandson instead. Even worse - Iona is 7 months! Where has my tiny cuddly baby gone? She's still cuddly, just not tiny any more!

Kitty said...

Happy Birthday Sausage Monster! Hope you're having a midnight feast as I type ... keep the oldies up until at least 2am, eh what?!

That Star Wars thing - No.2 can do it too. He does it with Football teams/players/scores as well. Bizarre, innit?


est said...

happy birthday little sausage monster!!!you're so adorable!! :)

Rachelmp said...

Happy birthday to your sausage monster! My biggest monkey turns 15 today. Good luck with the sleepover ....

trashalou said...

Happy Birthday Sausage Boy.

Rachel said...

Happy birthday Sausage Monster! It's scary how fast they grow up isn't it? Very brave of you to have a sleepover! Lovely facts about him too (and the photos, gorgeous!) Can't wait to see your socks! :)

French Knots said...

Hope they nod off eventually! If you are up all night at least the socks will get finished !

Kaz said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Sausage Monster!!

How are you feeling today? hahaha! Was it 4 or 5 am they finally were quiet?!!

Lovely photos Lesley xx

Gina said...

Happy birthday Sausage Monster! You must have had plenty of time to finish the socks if the boys kept you awake all night!

wonderwoman said...

a very happy birthday to 'monster' i'm sure he's not! he looks a little angel!
hope you are not too tired!


Daisie said...

A veryuy birthday to your little/big man!
I knw just what you mean about long and bony and it amazes me that all the children still 'fit' me. But I must say when I am in need of a big hug I still 'fit' my Daddy :-) and I am a bit more than 9!!

Daisie said...

I think that perhaps little fingers were helping me there, of course I meant to say 'Happy Birthday'!
I'm not drunk *honest*

JuliaB said...

ooh! Happy belated birthday to Monstor! The time goes too fast. He sounds like a lovely boy! x

monkee maker said...

Belated birthday greetings to your little Monster .... who doesn't look AT ALL monstery in these cute shots.

And hurrah to you for mastering socks! I'm so envious as I've tried twice and always suffer with second sock syndrome. So I have one unmatching pair. Nice.


katelnorth said...

we used to have one of those - not the baby - though we had a few of those, too - I refer to the blow up ring with farm animal cover - highly useful creature - and again, I refer to the ring, not the 9YO - as we all know, those are not really all that useful. Fun sometimes, but useful? well...

Bethany Hissong said...

He looks like an angel. That face... makes me want to paint a portrait!

sa said...