Monday, November 24, 2008

All the P's - party, pouch, PIF and a pair

P1 - Phew - we survived the sleepover... just!

I may have realised that four hyped up boys and two equally excited little girls does not make for a good night's sleep.

At least we have a few months to recover before we have to do the same for Minx's birthday!!

P2 - Feeling like a zombie on Saturday morning was not the best, especially as Minx had a party to go to on Saturday afternoon.

There was no way I could have coped with any form of retail transaction so I got out the sewing machine, dusted off my befuddled brain and made a quick zippy pouch for the birthday girl's present.

P3 - Mr Postman delivered a little cheer on Saturday morning with these beautifully wrapped parcels from the lovely Mrs Twiggy.

I had completely forgotten that I had signed up for a PIF on Twiggy's blog, so this was a lovely surprise.

The Green & Black's has been scoffed sampled already, the decorations are all ready to go up and the mulled wine sachet is highly unlikely to last until Christmas!

Thank you for my lovely goodies Twiggy :-)

Now, the idea with the PIF is that I pay it forward to three more people.

So, if you would like to receive a little PIFfy parcel from me - highly unlikely to be before Christmas but definately in the next 12 months - then just leave me a comment on this post saying 'Yes please'....or words to that effect :-)

P4 - I did it!!!!!!!!!

I really really did it!!!!

Look what I did!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Team GB for beating the Aussie medal tally (by one medal!!) and thanks mostly to my lovely Aussie friend Mrs TrashIdon'tcareifyouareapolicemanyoushouldn'tbeparkingthere
for buying me the most beautiful sock yarn, I have finally beaten my nemesis and knitted a pair......A PAIR....not one.....but a PAIR of socks!!!!


The can of worms is now well and truly open.

I'm already up to the heel flap on a pair of Christmas socks for Monster and have the wool ready for Minx's pair.

Even Moogsdad seemed mildly impressed with them.

He'd better watch out 'cos I might make him some too!!!



Rachel said...

Yay! FABULOUS socks, I knew you could do it! :)

maria said...

Love the socks, well done! Cute pouch too.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Fabby-dozy socks Missus! Well done! I haven't knitted a real pair yet - just two odd ones (but that's fairly appropriate really!)

Locket xxx

P.S. Word verif = imallyrr - does that translate as I'm all ears (yrrs - geddit) for when you are texting me?

Marie said...

Look at you all sock-making-type-person. I'm very impressed.

Oh...and PIF me....please :)


PS. ROFL @ Lockets word verification :)

Daisie said...

If, when I recieve my goodies from you I then ask three more people to play, is that how it works?
If so yes please, call me PIF!!!!
Any theme going on here or just random lovelies?
ooh, I'm in a bloggy game :-)
Been wanting to join in somewhere for ages!!

Daisie said...

Oh, got carried away with my joining-in-excitement there, meant to say I love the socks!!

artisbliss said...

Marvelous socks.

Put me in for the PIF thingy.

Jane said...

Wow, well done with your socks, we all knew you could do it! Hope you recover soon from the lack of sleep. Jane x

Gina said...

I'm very impressed - not only with the socks but by the fact you managed to whip up a present just like that!

silverpebble said...

A great day for socks - a special moogy moment. I wouldn't know how to even start! Val (DC) told me something about using approximately eighty needles in a circle and knitting them all at once. Wouldn't you need about 402 fingers for that? Blimey, are you a sea anemone or something? I'm in pebbly socky awe.

silverpebble said...

By the way count me in for the PIF thingy (although still not entirely sure how it works - might be too late).

twiggypeasticks said...

Hooray, glad it turned up ok, I thought the mulled wine thingy smelt a bit like the Beechams powders we used to take for colds in the 70s - or perhaps it's just that I've overdosed on Beechams over the last few days :) Anyhoo, glad you likey
Twiggy x

trashalou said...

Hey! You made socks! Do they feel fabulous? Are they soft and wonderful? Are you starting a list of waiting sockees? Just askin'is all.

Kitty said...

I'm too late for the PIFage, aren't I? Bums.

Lots of loveliness in that post Mrs Moogs, and ultra impressed with the sockage. You clever thing.


Jodie said...

Awesome socks, both of them Moogs - great job!!

Julie said...

Well done on the socks! They look fantastic. I am definitely not a sock knitter. Very impressed too that you knocked a pressy up at the drop of a hat!

Lina said...

Cute bag and wonderful socks. I'm very impressed and would be equally proud of such an achievement! Clever you!

JuliaB said...

Lucky devil you! I don't know what a PIF is??? Looks like you've been knitting your socks off! xx

Rachelmp said...

Lovely gifts and great socks! I'm glad you survived the sleepover..

Calidore said...

Loove the socks the colour is stunning. The little bag is so cute too....well done.

wonderwoman said...

great socks - and lovely yarn, hurray for you!!! i have not attempted socks yet!
as i am at the end of a very long list i think i may have missed the PIF? if not, would love to!


Katy said...

hoorah for those socks!!!!!

Joanne said...

Well done a fantastic PAIR of socks, I love the colour. Love the cute pouch as well.

Joanne said...

Hi, just wanted to say I love your blog and that there's an award and tag on my blog for you.
Joanne xx

Kaz said...

Wow you made socks!! Well done you. And you made two! I am in awe and still too scared to pick up the circular needles.

Lovely socks, great for the winter.


dottycookie said...

Gorgeous socks!

And much as I'd love goodies from you (greedy? moi?) the thought of committing to a PIF right now makes me feel slightly odd!

Leanne said...

Well done on the socks....that is another thing on my to do list.

Ali said...

You sock demon! They look utterly fabulous!

Femin Susan said...

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Joleo said...

Those are very impressive socks indeed - much kudos for managing all the needles required!