Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The belated poet

Never one to recognise a bandwagon until it's a mere spot on the horizon, I am coming late to this week's blogland fun that is Kitchen Poetry.

Inspired by some very fine examples, I've decided to play catch up and put three day's worth on this post!

Elevenses - a perfect combo of leftover Halloween treats and tea in my favourite mug....

....miracles of chicken engineering from our lovely girls....

...and a thought for the day :-)

There's been production-line crafting too, albeit of a secretive kind.

Three down, eight to go.

Now here's a thing.

I don't do politics on my blog.

I don't trust politicians in general.

However, yesterday's incredible result in the US has made me glad we won't have to suffer this (the scariest man alive) for too much longer!


trashalou said...

Yay Team O!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...




Can I just have the cake please?

So what if it's my wedding anniversary?!

I'll settle for chocolate!

Kitty said...

No.2 would have those Maltesers from you before they got in your sticky mitt. He loves 'em.

Love the fridge poetry. Wax and lust on the same door ... hmmmmm.


wonderwoman said...

liking the 'lust' word!!!
loving the mug!!!


Ali said...

Top chicken engineers you have there!

dottycookie said...

Can I come round for coffee?

Julie said...

Kitchen? That'll be the room that mostly looks like a disaster area that I rush into, throw a meal together and rush out of as quickly as possible. It's only saving grace is it has a kettle and tea in it, and at the moemnt lots of chocolate!

Gina said...

Cake and lust sounds pretty good to me!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Girly -- you've been awfully busy in my absence! I loved your pretty mushroom pictures -- I hardly knew there were really red-topped-speckled mushrooms except in the picture books. Your little ghouls looked awesome for Halloween -- excellent make-up! And fabulous kitchen poetry!

driftwood said...

this kitchen poetry is such fun! love your fridge words.

Bethany Hissong said...

I used to have a magnetic poetry calendar in my kitchen... it inspired much writing! I love yours!
Don't be too thrilled with Obama... he thinks he visited 57 states during his campaigning! duh. I find this whole thing about being the first black Pres. a little over the top... if people are so surprised it happened, I wonder if they weren't racist to begin with, to believe it couldn't!! Obama has no experience in world affairs... now THAT's scary!