Monday, November 17, 2008

A fun packed weekend....or, the post with too many photos!!

Gloria and I knew we were in for a treat this weekend. We boarded our train on Friday morning full of excitement at the thought of two days in London meeting bloggy friends.

Even the fact that our reserved seat was one of only two wedged into a corridor between the toilets and the (closed) buffet kiosk could not dampen our spirits. Nor could the fact that buffet trolley man chose to winge at us, at great length, about the stresses of his job and the stupidity of passengers, diminish the euphoria.

See how excited Gloria looks?

Whilst I tried desperately to look totally engrossed in my book and avoid the eye of buffet trolley man, Gloria watched the world speed by.

Before we knew it we were being met on the platform at Waterloo by the mad Mrs Trash and the very lovely and long-suffering Wonderwoman[not!] or Maria as she is known in the real world.

Then it was off to Islington to meet up with the lovely Gina, my mad and funny friend Locket and her bossy BIG ( currently blogless) sis Ally.

It was a lovely day, with loads of laughs.


L to R -Gina, Trash, Maria, Locket, some strange woman.

There were some lovely gifties too :-)

A gorgeous partridge for my Christmas tree from Trashy.

A very pretty fairy from Gina.

A crochet hook roll from Lucy - see, Locket they all fit and I just need to find my others to fill it up!

Plus, all the way from America via Edinburgh and Newcastle, a beautiful bunny pincushion from Thimbleanna! (You were there with us in spirit Anna!!).

That naughty Mrs Trash also treated us to a very cute button badge from Poppy Treffry's beautiful stand at the fair.

After a fun time at the fair, sampling plenty of the wines on offer in the food hall, we said a sad goodbye to Gina and went on a mission to find Loop - the most gorgeous wool shop with the most patient and obliging staff!

We played spot the chicken with Gloria - who was very much admired by Lovely Loopman, by the way, Charlie !

Then that naughty Mrs Trash spoiled me even more. I recently won a bet with Trashy and thanks to the sterling efforts of Team GB I became the proud owner of a skein of the most gorgeous Collinette Jitterbug sock yarn and a set of beautiful bamboo dpns!!

Lovely Loopman even wound it into a ball for me with his (much coveted by us) wool winder.
These guys wondered what all the excitement was about...

We then said a very fond farewell to Trashy and Maria and headed to our luxury hotel for a three course gourmet meal.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one weekend, Saturday dawned fair and unseasonably warm and it was off to Covent Garden to a superb restaurant and another bloggy meet up!

Gloria was beside herself with excitement at meeting Vera - seen here modelling the gorgeous Baby Pebble's footwear. Vera even brought Mrs Stash Basket with her!!

As well as Locket and Ally, we enjoyed a lovely meal and loads more laughs with Dottycookie, Silverpebble and the most beautiful and well behaved Baby Pebble, Domesticali, Michaela and The Vicious Chicken and NBM!!!

Not sure Gloria approved of my choice from the least I didn't choose the chicken!

There were more pressies too!

One of Domesticali's gorgeous origami wreaths and some fab parcel string (which I'm thrilled with as I'd been on the lookout for some!).

A really beautiful bracelet from Emmapebble....

and another really beautiful bracelet from Dottycookie....they are so pretty and I've had to fight Minx off several times as she has her magpie eye on them!

...and here is what is/was left of some of Michaela's deeeelicious fudge - chocolate and walnut...mmmm - and cherry and ginger ....aaaaah!

It was so wonderful to put faces to blogs and also to feel as if we knew each other already. To feel so at ease with people you've only just met (in real life) or met once before is quite amazing.

If anyone had told me 18 months ago that I would have taken off to London alone to meet up with 'strangers' I'd met over the internet I'd have thought them quite mad! However, the reality is that I had the best time, in the best company, with people I am honoured to call my friends.
We really must do this again!! How's about a big bloggy picnic in late spring, followed by some crafty retail therapy?

This last bit is for you you can see it's going pretty well so far :-)



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It really was the best weekend wasn't it? I'm just feeling the Monday blues now after all the excitement!!!!

So what are we doing NEXT weekend then????

Locket xxx

trashalou said...

Surely next weekend is round at yours Locket? Get that Dorothy Locket cooking up a storm, we are on our way!

trashalou said...

Do you know I have been back and looked twice and I am still not sure exactly where that Gloria is! This slightly worrying as I watched her being placed!

Rachel said...

I'm so envious - it sounds like you all had such a fab time. Can I gatecrash your next meet up please?! Your sock is looking great too - Colinette do make the most gorgeous coloured yarns don't they? :)

Marie said...


I'm so jealous (again - how many blog posts about this have I been jealous on so far? I've lost count!) of the bloggy meet up.

Sounds like you have a fabulous time, damn you! ;)


Ali said...

A big weekend indeed! It was so lovely to meet you in the flesh.

Thank you for the beautiful beautiful mini quilt, which I have lovingly pressed and am tempted to put up now, because Christmas is coming you know.

And my goodness your sock is looking good!

Gina said...

It was so much fun... and next time I'm going to make sure I stay to the end! Count me in for the picnic!

Daisie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend and the three course meal with Gloria looked yummy!! Haha!
What a wool shop, fab fab fab, I wannna go now! *stamps foot in a childlike manner*
Thanks to your link (and picture) filled post I now have a few more good reads in my blogger reader thingie-ma-bob! Thanks.

Katy said...

wail wail wail, I wanna go next time, PLEEEEEEASE!

dottycookie said...

Well, there's no holding you with the socks, is there?! I risked a bit of crochet with my knitter's elbow this morning. Not a good idea. Ouch.

It was so lovely to see you, and I love my little wall hanging - thank you again!

A spring picnic sounds lovely. I had plans to try to do one this yearm but wasn't organised enough - you go, Mrs Moog!

Suzie Sews said...

One word...GREEN!!!

JuliaB said...

gosh, you don't look how I imagined. perhaps a huge national (or international) craft blog conference needs to be arranged!! x

Jane said...

Oh i'm so glad you all had a lovely time, i was so disapointed to miss my day out. I had been so looking forward to it, but Ali had been so ill it put my mind at rest going to see her. I hope i shall get the chance to come to the spring meet.

wonderwoman said...

that was a lovely blog - you captured the day brilliantly!! it was the best fun and lovely meeting everyone who were all absolutely lovely (not sure that's the best english!!).
count me in on the picnic, and shopping too - wondrous!!!


Emma said...

The fudge is gone, all gone. Baby pebble will benefit though! Thanks again for the gorgeous little miniquilt. How many little fabric trees did you cut out again??

Lovely to meet you, lovely crafty lady. Next time we'll chat more, I promise (perhaps I wont be shovelling parsnip into a tiny mouth and going to do baby things in the ladies).

Here's to the next magic bloggy meet up.


Charlie P said...

WOW! What a fab weekend you all had. It looks like Gloria had the time of her little woolly life too- Mr. Loop obviously has good taste in knitted creatures! I had no idea you were going to meet so many exciting people either. Next time Mr.P and I may have to gatecrash :D

Kaz said...

It looks like you had a fab weekend meeting up. Lovely makes and purchases especially that fudge mmmmmmmmmm

BIG sister Ally said...

No longer blogless thanks to very little sis and her helper! Glad you had a good giggle today in setting up my blog without my knowledge while I was keeping the wheels of industry turning!

Fab weekend and now I won't feel such a fraudster at the next bloggy meet.

Thank you also for my christmas tree mini quilt. It is sat on my mantelpiece next to Gina's lovely fairy.


Bethany Hissong said...

Someday... it sounds like so much fun!!! I think sometimes I know people from their blogs better than I know my own neighbors!! I've missed keeping up with you lately Lesley! sorry :)

Kitty said...

It looks fabulous, all of it. So glad you had a wonderful time. x

monkee maker said...

You can never have too many photos, especially of a fun packed weekend.

It looks and sounds like you all had a brilliant time, and came back with more goodies that you were given, rather than purchased at the fair!

Hurrah for friendly knitting shop staff .... I'll be like that when I have mine .... (well, a girl can dream ...)


Thimbleanna said...

Yipee!!! I was there, I was there!!! I'm so excited I was there!!!

So...are you the strange woman??? You cracked me up by not ordering chicken! I'm SOOO happy that you girls had a fabulous weekend.

And how come Lucy Locket gets to be the first commenter on all these blogs. She's such a comment hog. Are you guys calling her before you post and telling her to get her trigger fingers ready??? Hmmmm????

Michaela said...

Oh no, I never thought about that - I ordered the chicken didn't I? So sorry Gloria - how tactless of me, please forgive. Hanging head in shame now.

(It really was very delicious though...)

Rachelmp said...

So exciting! What an amazing weekend

LOUISE said...

I catch a train to work now, I think I have sat on that very seat! So glad you had such an amazing time with your fellow creative bloggers. x

monda-loves said...

looks and sounds like you had a great time - i especially like the description of the 'luxury hotel' - I notice Mrs locket described it as the Ritz - which made me laugh!

loop looks fab - I'm no knitter but i would have loved this.


the vicious chicken said...

Hi there MM,

I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to get here, but I just wanted to come and say thank you, thank you, thank you again for the truly beautiful Christmassy mini-quilt you gave me - especially as I gatecrashed the party at the last minute!

It was really lovely to meet you at the weekend; I'm just sorry I didn't get to speak to you more. But maybe you'll let me come to this Springtime bloggy picnic you're planning and I can chat to you then :o)

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend (and Friday looks like it was brilliant fun, especially at loop!) and I hope you're not worn out now by all the excitement :o)

maria said...

I've enjoyed hearing about and seeing pictures of the meet up. It's great to put some faces to names too!

artisbliss said...

Well, you did have quite a time, didn't you? How wonderful. And I'll bet my husband would like to get me a wool winder so I wouldn't have to use his hands anymore! So nice Gloria could go with you!