Monday, December 8, 2008

I love bloggers!

Things like this lovely award that the even lovelier blogger Jane kindly passed to me, and all the lovely comments on my last post, have reminded me once again just why I love blogging!!

I'm going to do my usual shirking of any responsibility and say I'm going to pass this award on to anyone who reads my blog - in either a commenting or lurking capacity - and to all those lovely blogs I read too :-)

I'm also feeling somewhat guilty as another lovely blogger sent me an award a week or two back and I can't find it anywhere...or remember who sent it to me! How ungrateful can you get? In my defence yer'onour I have trawled through my comments and emails twice and now dots are dancing before my I gave up! What I will say is THANK YOU.....whoever you are!

Now then, down to business.

There's another reason why I love you all.

Because you appreciate the handmade in all it's forms.

Because you understand the simple joy to be found in making something for those you love.

Because you appreciate the love and thought that goes into handmade gifts.

For valueing those handmade 'things' above anything that you can buy just because it's got the right label.

I don't know if any of Moogsdad's family ever read this blog. I'd rather like to think not as it's my space to be me and not to be their idea of who I should be.

I had yet another full-on experience of S-I-L's snootiness about my crafting this weekend, during a family trip to the theatre.

Minx was wearing her new jacket and skirt combo on Saturday and looked, might I say, extremely gorgeous. When S-I-L arrived she looked over at my baby and said (imagine sneary voice here) 'Oh, Mummy's been sewing again has she?'

Not 'Oh lovely - did you make her outfit?'

Or ' Where did you get her jacket from?'

Or ' Oh my God woman how can you send your child out looking like that?' - which, I imagine is what she was actually thinking!

I responded by bristling and saying ' Why, does it look homemade?'

To which she replied 'Yes' - I then went on to thank her for her kind remark and she then tried to bluster her way out of it by spluttering about 'designer boutiques' and 'a fabric combination that was very you'!

Do you know I have felt quite sick about it since?!

This is why I will not be making her children's presents this year. Things I have put hours of thought and love into in the past have met with a very frosty response. This is the woman who returns most of hers and her children's Christmas presents to the shops on Boxing Day people!!
She's scuppered when I make things 'cos she can't return them!!

If it doesn't have the right label she isn't interested. She seems to regard people that don't do this as somehow beneath her. Sad, huh?

I'm not going to let this put me off making things for my beautiful girl. She appreciates everything I make for her. In fact, I've got three very funky patterns at the ready for the next assault on the sewing machine :-)


p.s. if she does read this......consider yourself told!


Working Mom Knits said...

Here! Here! Good Job You! Bah! SIL's! Toss the lot of 'em!

Oh...forgot that I acutally AM a SIL to TBG's sisters and to my brother's wives...

Well, then, toss me into the river too if I were ever so RUDE!

ps: can you tell that I've been in your shoes?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What a stooooooooooooooopid woman!!! Thank goodness she hasn't changed how happy the Minx is with her wonderful new clothes! Stoopid woman!

Me xxxx

French Knots said...

What a snotty thing to say, sadly she is probably raising her children to have the same materialistic views.
You keep on being you Mrs Moog and give her some crappy plastic thing for Christmas!

quinn said...

That is so very sad. For her.
And so very wise. Of you.
I do hope your Minx is oblivious to the Snide. It's awful at any age to have one's pleasure tainted by another's bad manners (and personal, um, "taste".
Good for you not to cast your pearls of creative efforts before, well, you know.
Love your work.
my Verification word is, I swear, "mothness." I think this is a perfect term for the bad behavior of chewing holes in other peoples' pleasure!

Ali said...

For those that don't appreciate the handmade, I hand over my credit card in some faceless emporium and thank my lucky stars that I can spend my precious time creating things for folks who deserve them.

Like Minxie, who has very good taste!

twiggypeasticks said...

Well the outfit you made is beautiful. People who sneer at handmade stuff have no imagination and are crowd followers so ner ner to your SIL. Bet Minx looked gorgeous.
Twiggy x
PS My word verification is ankfer, I think that is a good word to describe someone who behaves so rudely :)

Kitty said...

:-O Awful, horrible, mean woman! (That's the SIL, not you). Blimey, I bet you felt like slapping her :-O

On the awardage front, I think you'll find that I awarded you the 'gift of the gab award'. If the cap fits. ;-)


trashalou said...

Hooray! An evil S-I-L post! you realise this is all grist to my mill for when I meet up with my evil one next week?

Keep 'em coming - both the evil s-i-l stories and the fabulous fashion parade a la Minxie

Julie said...

Well done you and Minx for having real values in life and not falling for all that commercialism. Minx knows she is a lucky lady to have a Mum who can make her beautiful clothes - who else gets to have an input into their own clothes designs?

Katy said...

Grrrr to stupid people! May I suggest going to the £1 shop for her christmas gift this year, maybe a nice plastic gnome plant pot containing a genuine fake plant?

(what is it with SIL's??)

shirlsh3 said...

i usually just a lurker but i couldn't hold my thoughts.

i think that everything that i have seen you make has been beautiful and it inspires me to try and make more things myself. keep up the good work. as long as your daughter loves it and you it doesn't matter what any one else thinks about it.

Kaz said...

To your SIL, I say poo-holes! My word verifiaction is fruddyn. She has no fruddyn clue!!

I love the things you make, the woman has no taste.

I made a clipboard for a friend of mine's birthday and later she told me that when she opened it, she was disappointed, but now uses it all the time. She no longer gets homemade.

Hurrah for us that appreciate.

Kaz xxx

Michaela said...

No, you must make SIL a present - how about a toilet roll cover with some of that nice yarn from the pound shops? Seems like she'd appreciate something like that (maybe not, but can you imagine her face?!)

Stupid cow.

LiEr said...

Well! What is the world coming to? Mass-produced stuff trumping the one-of-a-kinds made by people for people they love? I think not! It is her loss, poor sad woman. I love the things you make! And I love your sense of humor! Does she laugh with life the way you can? Ah, that might shed light. Either way, your little Minx has great taste. And I can't wait to see those new outfits! Have a great Christmas!

Jodie said...

I'd be heading off to one of the care or amnesty international and buying a goat or a pig on the behalf of their family . They can get the certificate that says who they have helped...and you can rub it in with a bit of "You are so kind and thoughtful that I knew you would rather give a gift than recieve one"
How can she respond to that?

Kill 'em with kindness Moogs...

the contented crafter said...

Doesn't that just beat all. My kids love everything I make for them and sometimes even feel jealous if another outside gets something they have not had yet. But my ex! He hated everything and never saw the beauty in it. He just wanted walnut furniure and anniversary closks to show how 'rich' he was. Small, limited minds! Trust your fellow bloggers - they are much more out there than stuffy people who are stuck in narrow tracks of outdated ideas. Cherrie PS Is that mad enough? LOL

dottycookie said...

Good grief, that is quite stunningly rude!

I have close relatives that I don't waste my time making for any more. I love them dearly, but I refuse to invest that much emotion; those people receive bars of soap or boxes of chocolates, and I dare them to be rude about Green and Blacks!

Rachelmp said...

ohhhhhh, unbelievable. I guess everyone has different tastes but rudeness, about a childs clothing. Grrrrr. Now go and make something lovely x

Calidore said...

Ohh Dear - I have inlaws like that. I solved the problem by telling them all two christmasses ago that we would not be giving any presents to them or their children as we "couldn't afford to". They took it at face value - I really "couldn't afford to" invest so much of my time and care into a gift they didn't like or for that matter (if I want to be totally bitchy) deserve. Now I get to spend time making gifts for people I love and know they they are appreciated for the time,care and love that goes into them. I would dismiss her and her family off the gift giving list - although I do like the suggestion of sponsoring a cow or pig and just giving them a certificate for least it can't be exchanged. Just wish I had thought of that years ago.
Trust me WE appreciate you and all your beautiful work and your hubby and kids appreciate YOU - so that all that matters.
Have a lovely day -sending cyber hugs your way

silverpebble said...

Oooh I feel cross! I think a collection of vouchers don't you? Vouchers are, I think, the antithesis of hand-made loveliness. I you think there is some envy lurking - your supercharged sewey skills are quite astonishing and there are very few laydees who could pull off such crafty wonders. She MUST be aware of the resurgence in craft, hand-made goodness, recycling etc. Why, even the models (bless them) do knitting. You're cutting edge woman. More so that Yves San Wotsit or Dolce e Bobbins. Bleurgh. What a bunch of humbug.

Marie said...

I think you've just made me eternally grateful for my ILs!!

What a cheeky moo! I'm glad you made her nice and uncomfortable about it. I'm staggered by how rude that is.

At least you're safe in the knowledge that Minx will grow up knowing what things to value and will be all the better a person for it.


Stine said...

Snotty S-I-L!

You know the things you make are wonderful and appreciated!

Don't let her get you down - consider the source.

Merry Christmas to you all!

I like the idea of sending a bit of money in S-I-L's families name to Heifer for chickens and give SIL the card explaining. Its a wonderful gift and something SHE can't return. Plus it will be helping a family tremendously!

maria said...

I felt the anger rising as I read this. She sounds very shallow and selfish. Whats the point of anyone buying her presents if she is going to return them. Hasn't she got better things to do on boxing day?
As long as the Minx likes them thats all that matters.
I bought my SIL and BIL one of those oxfam gifts that pays for childrens' school meals in Africa a few years ago and they were unimpressed. I thought that was very selfish.
I think I better take a deep breath and calm down!!!

Bethany Hissong said...

Oh, I so know what you mean! But that's just her insecurity showing. People who have to "fit in" with the "right" labels have no sense of identity or creativity. Don't let her change who YOU are!!! It's hard not to be offended but at the same time you need to emotionally separate yourself from what she thinks. Your daughter adores you and what you make... she is a lucky girl! I've missed you lately... I've been so bad at tackling everything that my blog reading became sporadic. I think I've fixed that now with that new blogger feature of notifying me of new postings! Now I need to get back to work! :)'Big Hugs!!!

Jennie said...

Ugh that is so annoying. I think the outfit is gorgeous and I am so pleased you are not letting it stop you from making more things for your girl. Some people just cannot see the beauty and love put into handmade things and that is their loss.
(LOL @ the word verification 'Prati')

marit said...

I was hoping your s-i-l would be reading this, plus all the comments!!! Maybe that would get her to think. I'm sorry she's so rude.
I think you make lots of great stuff, and the fact that your children wants "homemade" gifts to give away also proves that most of us wants something unique and special. I'm with the others- get your SIL a goat or a pig;-)
(my word verification is shothol, I think the first o should be replaced by an i, and it should end with an e...)
Keep up the good work and christmasspirit!!!

wonderwoman said...

well they don't deserve you and its their loss! you make beautiful things and we all know the love and the hard work that goes into making them.



Joanne said...

Wow, your blog is fantastic, I know I've made comments before but tonight I've taken a good look at past post and i'm amazed at your talents.
If I had a SIL like you I would be so happy and I'm sure my 7year old daughter would be to. The skirts you've made for minx are brilliant i only wish i could make my daughters clothes.
Oh by the way it was i that sent you the other award but i totally understand this time of year is hectic for us all.
Joanne xx

Suzie said...

GOOD FOR YOU....Man anyone with out an once of talent can walk into a shop and buy some clothes for kids, talent is making it, picking colours you like and stitching each stitch with love... Your children will love you for it, my Mom made my clothes as a kid and I have such special memories of it... Its a shame her children will miss out on your gifts, I know your feelings, I have some friends that are like that, and it does not matter how confident I am it still hits the heart.

Its her loss.....

Josie said...

well think of it this way, things you make will become family hierlooms, will her 'designer' things be things to keep and pass down, doubt it.
Josie x
ps, this is my polite version! I hate it when people look down on us just because we care about people to take the time and make an effort to make things!
I've been married nearly 13 years and hubby sends a birthday card to SIL,he gets a card back but me and son never do....

Thimbleanna said...

Well hmph! Don't let SIL get to you and be glad that you can use your time more wisely. I'm with some of your other commenters -- just get gift certificates and let her sort it out. Imagine her surprise when they open that! Oh...and she's just jealous LOL!

JuliaB said...

LORDY!! (My bloglines hasn't been updated so I've only just read this!!) What a nasty woman your SiL sounds like!!! You Pooor poor woman! I feel so bad for you!!! I agree with RicRac... get her and her girls a 'good gift' which she can't return. Oooh, all you can do is pity people like her. xxx

JuliaB said...

And... another thing (oooh i think i am as annoyed as you are about your sil) ... next time you must say HANDmade not HOMEmade .. whilst it doesn't make much difference to those of us that do it, I think that handmade conveys a certain quality that is different to the notion of homemade that we grew up with .. x

andsewtosleep said...

I totally agree with your sentiments. Over the years I have had to 'choose' who to give handmade to. In all honesty they are the people I feel quite sad for. Not because of the handmade thing but because they are usually the most least contented / happy people I know.