Friday, January 23, 2009

Full steam ahead!

I haven't had my usual Friday off for a couple of weeks and have really missed that quiet time to myself to get on and sew. My list of things I have to/want to make was not getting any shorter.

As a result of having today all to myself - well, okay.....six hours - I've managed to make inroads into that ever lengthening list.

I was under no illusions as to my first job. Minx has been asking me for ages to make her a new school bag, as the stoopidly overpriced High School Musical one that I bought for her in September was already falling apart.....and she, apparently, doesn't like HSM anyway!!!

A brief stop off at the Range earlier in the week yielded a few half yard pieces of PVC - all with 10% off and costing about £1.30 each.

Minx made her selections and told me exactly what she wanted (!) and all that was left was for me to get on with it. So I did and here it is....

I managed to salvage the handle and nice blue velcro from her old HSM bag and it came up like new after a whizz through the washing machine.

As per Minx's instructions, it includes a pocket inside deep enough for her water bottle. Her old bag had no such pocket and as a result of her water bottle rolling round inside it we've had one or two soggy moments!!

My sewing machine coped brilliantly with the PVC. I used a jeans needle and my 1/4inch plastic foot (well...not my know what I mean!). I even managed to topstitch it and only had to swear once!!

Having caught the PVC bug I had to play and made one of these....

...then I made it a tiny friend. The big one holds my patterns perfectly and the little one holds all my sewing machine attachments.

So, that was the first three hours of freedom taken care of. What next?

More bags - two shopping bags, in fact.

I broke out the overlocker for these and whizzed through them in no time. Just lookee at that lovely neat corner!

Not bad for a few hours playing :-)

Now then, onto something potentially very serious. I may end up with quantities of egg on my face with this.

I seem to have been buying a bit of this sort of thing lately....

(for some Minxy clothes sewing I hope)

.....and possibly have succumbed more times than is healthy to beautiful things such as these...

What I'm about to do may truly shock you!

I'm going on a diet!!!!!

No...not a food type diet (although that wouldn't go amiss either!!).

I'm going on a (gulp....breaking out in a cold sweat here...) stash and book-buying diet! For the whole of February ...which, by sheer coincidence happens to be the shortest month ;-)

I will not buy any fabric, sock wool or craft books during February. I will allow myself a concession :
- I can buy any notions that I need to complete my projects, such as zips, thread, interfacing, toy stuffing but only what is absolutely essential.

Apart from that, I intend to only make things that I already have the materials for. This may mean that I have to, temporarily, mothball a couple of projects....including my hexagons....gulp!
It's not going to be easy but I need to stop spending all my wages on books and fabric and it would be interesting to know just how much I can save next month. I may even carry it on into March if I feel up to it!

Wish me luck.....or join me if you dare!!

I know you must be reeling from this shocking declaration so let's restore calm.
Here's what I had for dinner last night and lunch today...

It is not, as appearances may have you believe, mud soup - it's very very tasty cream of mushroom soup from this recipe. I substituted the huge amount of butter for a tablespoon of olive oil and used slightly less cream but the verdict was a resounding yum :-)

I'm sad to say that some or all of this weekend is to be devoted to housework - a big clear up and sort out is in order and Moogsdad is muttering silly things about blitzing our bedroom in readiness for removing (and then replacing) the manky ceiling.

I want to curl up in a corner crocheting...or crying at the very thought of all the mess that that task will produce!!

Wish me even more luck!

I hope your weekend is fragrant and tranquil :-)



tintocktap said...

Love Minx's new bag! Since you rekindled my crochet obsession, I was thinking about crocheting a bag for myself. Love the Crochet Motifs book too - I succumbed to it in November!

Good luck with the stash diet - I've been thinking about doing something similar. I've joined a SAL this year with the intent to stitch only from my stash. But stash diets and February don't work for me 'coz it'll be my birthday!

Jane said...

oh what a beautiful bag Lesley, and your little fabric pots are brilliant, you are a clever Mum. Your mushroom soup looks delicious,Good luck with your stash diet. Jane x

quinn said...

You've accomplished more in 6 hours than I have since...
Christmas, maybe?

Looking around at my current stash and three projects on the needles, and my current "wish list" of yarns, I think you've got the right idea about acquisition vs. utilization. Sometimes acquiring pretty materials takes on a momentum all its own! But the most fun (for me) is to create something without having to "go out" for additional parts. :)

Now I should go on the OTHER kind of diet :(

Claudia said...

Well done! I would say that's quite a time management work.
I'm on this kind of diet since the begining of the year. I promise myself that I wouldn't buy anything new, aside of things needed to finish a project, at till August!
If I manage it maybe I'll be able to go on a weight diet and succeed!

summerfete said...

Good enough to be sold in a shop!

wonderwoman said...

wow, what a lot to get done in one day! i'm suitably impressed and in awe! i love the new school bag, wouldn't mind one like that myself -my machine doesn't like that fabric very much tho!
i too have decided to use the fabric/wool that i have - but after i have one more shop tomorrow! promise!


monda-loves said...

you know, I too am guilty of fabric buying with no real purpose. Lately I just keep buying it, and my stash is getting so much bigger but I don't seem to be making anything.

I've created an amazon wish list of books, which takes care of the book addiction for now - how long will this last I wonder?

I'm glad your mushroom soup was tasty, because it does look a bit, well, grey!


monda-loves said...

forgot to mention, the bag you made for minx is wicked!


Charlie P said...

Ooooh, lucky Minx! I had no idea PVC could be so pretty. The stash diet sounds like a good plan- good luck sticking to it ;)
Thanks very much for linking to the potato and leek thingy recipe. A friend made it for me once and I've been begging for the recipe since to no avail. It may just be the Week 5 resolution dish :-D

Gina said...

That is a very smart new bag... lucky Minx! I think I should join you on a fabric and book diet too. I have so many beautiful fabrics that I never use. Not sure I can resist ysrn though. Your mud soup looks delicious!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! and WHY?

Brilliant Minxy bag, gorgeous pvc pots, fabulous tote bags (especially the rose-y one) and yummy looking soup - but why oh why do you want to go on a diet?! And why, oh why do I feel like I should join you??????

Me xxx

Julie said...

What an amazing bag for Minx, very professional looking! I like the look of the "buckets" ideal for holding cluttery stuff. Have you got a pattern for it or was it a creation?

Good luck with your stash diet. I was going to do the same but I'va already fallen fowl. No change there then! :o)

Natasha said...

Love the bag! I think I will join you on the stash diet in February! I still have a couple of days to order some stuff online :)

Angela said...

Wonderful sewing going on there. The little baskets are sooo cute.
As for the diet all I can say is brave you, I couldn't do it. Good luck.

Kitty said...

That bag and those buckets are splendiferous. And the bags. You are a clever personage.

Good luck with the diet. You're a brave soul! :-O


JuliaB said...

ooh you poor thing .. i can imagine the bedroom ceiling stress having gone through several incarnations of 'squat like' living through house renovations. Our house is done now (after 15 continuous years of 'remodelling') and i'm glad. Not moving again for a VERY VERY long time! I just have two more doors to polish and that's IT. Love Minx's bag! I've been undergoing a craft crunch this month and am planning to LET RIP come pay day!!! xx

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely bag, well done. I'm trying to use up my stash and recycle at the moment! Good luck.
Twiggy x

Calidore said...

Love the bags - both big and little. You have been busy. Good luck with the "diet". I'm trying as well not to buy anything. Well ok so one or two books but no fabric - I just have to use what I have. Not sure on the "mud" soup but so long as you liked it...vbg.

Selina said...

Gorgeous bags!! Good luck with the no buying things month.

Rachel said...

Good luck with your "diet"! If I join in too does that mean I can buy as much fabric as possible before the end of January?!! Minx's bag is FAB! :)

monkee maker said...

I love the PVC bag, it's really pretty. Your Minx is a lucky girl to have a mother who makes things for her, instead of just for herself. .... ahem ....

I'm awaiting that crochet motif book with bated breath, it looks fab! The sound of your diet doesn't sound fab however, but good luck with it anyway!


rachelmp said...

The bag for minx is fantastic! Good luck with February. I took 2005 off when I was pregnant with Maya and just finished things off. If I had the fabric/pattern I was allowed to do it, but it was great and really my most productive year. Good luck with the ceiling too!

dottycookie said...

Lucky, lucky Minx!

I have been on a stash diet too - well, I'm allowing myself the odd charity shop purchase, which is at least a cheap cheat. I have to say, using up all the odds & sods is quite exhilarating (and leaves room for more stuff in the future, heh heh!)

Leanne said...

High School Musical has a lot to answer for. Your bag is much better. You certainly had a very productive few hours...good luck on the diet...I am embarking on the other type.

maria said...

I too love the school bag, she's a very lucky girl to get one off, designer items!
Those seems are very neat.
I too am trying not buy fabric at the momment, I've got loads to use up and must keep telling myself that I don't need any more!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh no! Not a DIET??? I do hope you'll survive. I'll be pulling for you! I've had my eye on that 2nd crochet book, but having just bought a different one (drat!) I'll have to wait for a while. Love the new school bag!

Helena said...

Good luck with the diet!! My stash diet was for the whole of January and I made it to the 21st. LOL!!!!

I love your creations. I can't use a sewing machine though. I go to pieces, all fingers and thumbs.