Friday, January 9, 2009

Q & A

When you're embarking on a new crafty adventure do you ever run through a whole series of questions before you begin?

Do you plan meticulously and only start when you know it's going to work out right?

Or do you just jump right in there, fully clothed, with both feet - not even bothering to take your boots off?

Yup. Me too ;-)

After a week of busy at work, a headful of cold and too much family distraction, I finally found the time to play with the overlocker today.

I thought of my questions retrospectively.....and thought I'd share them with you as you may find them helpful.

1. Will you read the instruction book fully, at least twice and watch the 'instructional DVD' at least three times before even threading your machine?
Nope. I'll thread the machine whilst watching the DVD for the first time, having given the instruction book the most cursory of glances.

2. Will you spend your time wisely, practising all of the machine's functions on a wide variety of fabrics, so that you know what it is capable of?
Nope. I'll spend about ten minutes whizzing up and down straight bits of an old curtain and then get bored.

3. Now that you are ready to start your first project on your machine, will you choose something sensible and straightforward like a handkerchief or a cushion cover?
Don't be daft! I'll remember having read something somewhere on the internets ages ago about how you can use an overlocker to put in a zip and then I'll make a zipped pouch to keep my sock knitting in (without bothering to find the said internet article just to check if its actually true or I dreamt it).

...took ten minutes....only very slightly bodged.....and you can't see the bodged bits!

4. Now that you seem more confident with your new machine, it is time to move on to your next project. Maybe keep it simple,huh? Straight lines? No curves?

Righty -ho, I want to make me a pinafore, to wear with jeans, a bit like the lovely brown linen one that I bought in the sale at that designer place.....Peacocks....with a nice curved neckline and armholes.....and an interlined bodice.

5. Um, good idea. Are you going to take a trip to the fabric shop to choose a nice pattern?

What? Of course not! I'm going to take off the brown pinafore (cos I'm wearing it) and draw round it onto some old wrapping paper!

6. Ah....well maybe you could treat yourself to some lovely new fabric then? time...need to start this RIGHT NOW....where's that denim duvet cover I got from the charity shop last year?

7. Mmmm - could work. How about making it look really lovely with some pockets and maybe some reverse applique or handstitching to give it that 'designer' touch?

Not possible - to finish it in as little time as possible....

8. Have you ever made an interlined sleeveless bodice before?

No but I saw this tutorial for a fabric carrier bag and the principle is the same.

9. Good luck......fool.....

So there nerrrrr - I did it!

A few adjustments made along the way and it fits. I mean, it's not exactly perfectly tailored or anything but the fabric is actually very nice and I can wear it under a big long cardigan!!! The carrier bag tutorial worked brilliantly for the bodice, by the way.

I think it may be time for something more sensible.

How about Wednesday's dinner?

Charlie P has set herself the challenge of trying out one new recipe a week this year. I almost contemplated joining in but just knew I'd buckle under the pressure!

However, in the interests of using up some eggs - 'cos our crazy chickens are still laying when they're supposed to be taking a break - I went googling for a do-able, edible eggy recipe.

I found this one - layered potato with leeks and bacon. The recipe is here.

For once, I actually had all the ingredients at the ready. It was delicious and very very cheap - especially if you grow your own eggs :-)......or even cheaper if you grow your own potatoes and leeks....and bacon....

The small people yum yummed all the way through and Moogsdad and I thought it was delish. I'll be making this one again.

So now, the weekend is almost here. It's felt like a very very long week - not helped by having a stinky cold and a very busy time at work.

We have no plans for the weekend. Maybe a walk? Planning some meals for next week. Possibly a bit of sewing. A touch of rippling and sock knitting...and spending a bit more time enjoying these....

....ooh ooh - and listening to this that my lovely hubby bought back from last night's emergency trip to Tesco for another box of tissues, some wine and some....lady products...if you know what I mean. All he needed to add to that list to make it truly complete was a mahoosive bar of chocolate ;-)

Hope you have a happy and restful weekend xxxxx


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Holy cow! Overlockers do zips?!?!
Why wasn't I told?!?!
(Perhaps it's in the manual!)
By the way, I never read manuals and look what I missed :

PS - my word verification is aditud - maybe the word verification has attitude but has a cold?

Stine said...

We must be related! Our family NEVER reads the instructions (unless something goes terribly pear-shaped). Sounds like you had fun!

Did you says Moogsdad went to the store for lady products for you? Poor man!

Lisa said...

Ok, there's something in the air. Not ONLY did I also get that serger for Christmas, I also got the Alabama Stitch Book!

I did not jump into sewing, I'm taking a class tomorrow morning instead. I am a little afraid of the machine, to tell the truth. It is still in the box.

Thimbleanna said...

Good For You Ms. Moog! Way to jump right in (although fully clothed??? Why not go for naked???) Love the bag AND the pinafore -- I see much fabulous-ness in your future. And Mr. Moog buys lady products for you? He's a keeper!

Kitty said...

Having braved the world of the tote bag - I am, as I type, considering another foray into said world, with some tweaks, obviously. Because I can't do the same thing over and over, I'll get bored. I think perhaps the world of the zip might be next. Who knows? Are there gussets to consider?

Speaking of which - the lady products: wine, chocolate, lipstick, shoes and a good magazine? Something with Johnny Depp inside?

I love your pouch (it sounds personal, but I mean the one with your sock project in), and your denim pinafore - you are an admirably talented blogger you know.


Tatty Mum said...

Well haven't you been a busy girl, love the little sock pouch and the top looks good as well, who needs instruction manuals hey.
Enjoy your weekend it sounds like you could do with relaxing a bit.#
Joanne xx

dottycookie said...

Can I be you? Just for an hour or two? Because honestly, an overlocker, those books, home grown eggs and wine sounds like my idea of heaven.

Especially when there seems to have been a mini tornado in the small people's bedroom and apparently I'm the only one who cares enough to sort it out ...

Marie said...

Oh my. The response to Q8 made my almost pee myself. That's just the kind of thing I'd think! LOL.

Love the pinafore. Cheesy potato leeky thing looks yummy, and instruction booklets are highly overrated :)


Rachel said...

I am seriously impressed! Anyone that can turn a duvet cover into a pinafore top just by copying an existing item of clothing is a total genius in my mind! Love the little sock pouch too! :)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

As you already know, I had a sneaky peek at this post when I was at work and struggled to stop myself bursting out laughing at the Q&A - very funny!

But that pinafore is FAB! When are you making me one????

And the grub looks pretty scrummy too!

You know you are so clever! Are you sure you still want to be my friend???!! Shouldn't you be hob-nobbing with some of those fancy designer types?

Locket xxxx

P.S. and you never told me you'd bought sew fabulous fabric too!!! My word verif is bastr - maybe I'm saying something rudey under my breath?

Daisie said...

Brilliant, the best blog post I've read in ages, laughed my socks off! It was like reading about myself which only made it funnier! Glad both items turned out well!!

Julie said...

Impressive week you've had there Lesley (apart from the lurgy. Hope you soon get rid of that). Well done on the bag and the pinafore. I am terrified of zips! Do anything to avoid putting one in.

Can't beat a bit of Take That! I had "The Circus" for Christmas, ooh no, that's a fib, I bought it before Christmas and DH bought me "The Ultimate Collection" for Christmas. Yum!

Michaela said...

Fabulous long post there! All those new goodies with the new machine - wondeer what your SIL would think!

As to your husband buying you lady products - mine flatly refused to buy me a tin of Heinz baked beans last week. Said he didn't want anyone to see him carrying beans down the street. (He actually went into the shop to buy himself a lottery ticket but refused point blank to help me out!) It has now led me to wonder what is so bad about beans? They were Heinz ones after all!

LiEr said...

Brilliant! Congratulations on the new toy, er I mean overlocker. And that interlining tutorial link is great! Was just about to do a pinafore for small daughter and knew there had to be some way of facing both the neckline and armholes without using vast amounts of bias tape and stretching everything out of shape. Thank you! And those Q&As! I write my Christmas letters in FAQ format too, and people think I'm a bit odd but that's their problem.

jennyflower said...

My Mum has a saying that I only just got round to asking her to expand on 'RTFI'- read the f***ing instrctions.....(wish I hadn't asked I was a bit shocked). You have proved her so wrong though, you are obviously an instinctive kind of gal, good work!

Annie said...

sitting here with FlowerGarden, RicRac, Silly Gilly and Emma at Scrapbag and we think jumping straight in is ALWAYS the best idea!

(sorry not trying to make you very jealous really)

wonderwoman said...

you are a girl after my own heart - i always jump straight in!!! your makes are lovely, i love your top.
dinner looks pretty scrumption too.
what a hubby to get you all those goodies!


monda-loves said...

I like your style! Dive right in is the best way isn't it - it's just way more creative and means you learn more if you make mistakes - it's all good. I'm very wary of overlockers mind you - I've heard some horror stories that kind of put me off.

loved your emergency gift from moogsdad - I got it from Mr Monda for Christmas and haven't got around to listening to it yet. I'm not a closet fan though, I LOVE those take that boys, I've seen them live 3 times and they never disappoint. I also think they get better looking with age!

Colds and lady things all in the same week - I'm hearing you loud and clear. Sucks doesn't it.


Lina said...

Oh this made me chuckle as of course I would do exactly the same. Although I think there would have been more swearing involved and possibly the first attempt would have never seen the light of day. You did a sterling job!

Gina said...

It is quite apparent you don't need to read instructions - that pinafore looks fab and nothing like a carrier bag. That looks like a very tasty dinner too. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your books and knitting.

French Knots said...

Well done Mrs! The instruction book is only for when something goes wrong anyway, who wants to read about it when you can just start playing!
Cool smock, 2009 will be the year of Moog Couture!

maria said...

Great sewing. Have you heard the tip of tying the begining of the new cotton to the end of the old cotton when changing threads? I don't know about you but I got in a terrible muddle threading my over- locker and this saves keep haning to do it. Maybe yours is easier than mine.

Anonymous said...