Thursday, January 29, 2009

She read my mind....

.....that Lucy Locket......I had been told to look out for the postman today......I'd made a big mug of tea and was feeling the urge for something sweet to make it less wet......the postman came at that very moment....perfect timing......and look what he brought......CHOCKLIT!!!

Not only did Locket send me an edible lifesaver but just lookee at this bundle of birdie fabricky gorgeousness!!

Thank you soooooo much Lucy - this was the most perfect antidote to a cold and grey wintery day. I would love to make some cushions with this but can't bear the thought of Moog drooling on them (if I ever have another dog it will never ever be allowed on the furniture - did you hear that Moogsdad?).

I've sent something to Lucy but it was neither prettily wrapped or chocolately - hope she likes it!

I'm pleased to say Moogsdad came down with a horrible cold last weekend.


You think that's really mean of me?

Aaah, but it meant he didn't rip down our bedroom ceiling and cover the whole house in thick black dust as planned.

It also meant that I could quietly get on with bits of housework interspersed with periods of sitting with my crochet :-)

Having run out of the lovely gold for the centres I was unable to find a close enough match and have opted for cream centres for the next batch. As I've made a square with the ones I've done so far it should look okay framed with a contrasting border.

I managed a bit more playing with the overlocker and PVC and threw together a quick stash basket to hold my sock yarn - strange how it seems to mulitply without me noticing....

This, in turn, led me to a bit more socky goodness - the yarn is a bamboo/nylon mix called Happy. It's so soft and silky to knit - takes a bit of concentration as it slides about and splits a bit too but it does knit up prettily.

Work has rather hogged all of my time of late but even that has the odd crafty bonus. I took a trip to the Scrapstore today to pick up some supplies for a recycled craft session at a school tomorrow.

The teacher mentioned maybe making something for Chinese New Year and a combination of spending hours on Google and finding a whole load of this pleated blind material today....

....resulted in one of these.....

This was a very rough trial attempt and I did improve it slightly. Hopefully the 15 children I'm working with will manage these okay!!

In the interests of repurposing I had to see what else I could do with the blind fabric and of course that means fabric baskets!

Ideal for transporting the fan making bits to school.

I have a yearning to try making bags with this and may have to nip back to the Scrapstore before my 'diet' begins!!

Now I'm off to read the rude messages my lovely children have been creating with our fridge magnets and maybe make something hot and tasty with the last of the Christmas turkey out of the freezer.

Keep warm....or keep cool...depending on your hemisphere :-)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That Lucy Locket! She's a star you know!

I love my parcel from you too - not quite as bright but very useful!!!

Your crochet looks fab - I love that pile of "inners" - very arty!

Can't remember what else you said especially as I'm being pestered by a bouncy little boy who is meant to be recuperating from banging his head - think I'll be the one recuperating later instead!!!

Locket xxxx

JuliaB said...

ahh poor Moogsdad but lucky you! Hope he's feeling better. You must have had a jolly big turkey!

Natasha said...

Gorgeous fabric! I love those birds.

Nifty idea for the Chinese fans. Hope your class has fun.

And I agree with Julia - that must have been some Christmas turkey!

wonderwoman said...

mmmm choclit! doesn't get any better! your crochet looks amazing - i hope you are honing your teaching skills for a very difficult pupil!!!


Kitty said...

Well I think you're just showing off about how good a hooker you are. I wish I could do it :-( Those hexagons look fab, it'll be a wonderful blanket.

That Locket is a bit of a good 'un isn't she? Sending a care package like that.

Hope Mr Moogs feels better soon (and that you don't catch it!) x

French Knots said...

I have total crochet envy! Amazing!

trashalou said...

Well now! That is possibly a little bit rude Missus Wonderwoman, calling pupils difficult and all! I prefer gentler terms such as enthusiatic, excited or challenging for the learners in this world.

p.s. hoping Mr moogsdad feels better soon and his manflu doesn't turn into Green Monkey Man Syndrome.

Gina said...

For someone very busy you've got an awful lot of crochet/knitting/crafting done! Lovely parcel from that Mrs Locket! Hope Moogsdad feels better soon. x

quinn said...

Love the pleated bag/basket!!

My dog was never allowed on the furniture, and never even tried to get on the furniture. Good doggy. Then my niece minded my dog whilst I was on an assignment for 5 days. When I arrived to collect my dog, Niece and Dog were sharing a comfy recliner (dog weighs 50 pounds, btw), eating baby carrots, and watching sports on television. I now refer to this episode as "Camp Spoil-The-Dog."
Things have never been quite the same.

Angela said...

How nice of Lucy Locket to send such a nice parcel. Gorgeous fabric.As is your crochet, do you ever go to bed?

Stine said...

When hubs is over his cold and decides to rip the ceiling down, why not cover the doorway with plastic sheeting to keep the black dust from billowing into the rest of the house. Cover the doorway with plastic sheeting and tape all the edges so the dust won't sift past the edges. What do you think?

I love your crochet, its beautyous!

Leanne said...

What a nice parcel from Lucy. I bet the next dog will be just the same as Moog....... on the furniture and doing what he likes.

Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

Where in earth did you get that wonderful birdie fabric?
My beloved (presently on chemo) is into bird watching in a big way - feathered variety in his present state (but that's another story). I would like to make him a cuddle quilt in birdie fabric as he easily gets chilled sitting near the window on his good days. Has old blanket at moment (no reference to myself) which is shabby (and could be construed as reference to myself) so a lovely bright birdie quilt would cheer him up no end.
Nothing much on my Blog at moment but would appreciate a message.

Things Hand Made said...

I like the blind bag, I am tempted to join you on the diet but may just have to make a big long list for after the diet!

dottycookie said...

Oh, look at you with your wonderful hexagon blanket. I was very, very strong in the lovely wool shop the other day - naughty Gina and Julie were buying gorgeous wool but I had set myself a 10 quid limit and I actually stuck to it. And it hurt ;-)

Poor Moogsdad though. That very same cold has walloped the DC household this week too.

Jodie said...

man, you do get a lot done Moogs, That crochet blanket is going to be gorgoeus when it is all done.

silverpebble said...

Mrs Moog, this post has so much loveliness I need a small lie down. I love the idea of the chocklit being required to make the tea less wet. Marvellous. Those birdy fabrics are , well, just gorge and as for the crochet, baskets, knitting, I said, I need a lie down.

BTW, I did catch Hugh (and his revolutionary plans). Thanks Mrs M x

silverpebble said...

BTBTW, in the words of Victoria Wood, 'Ee by 'eck Ma, in't it parky?'

Thimbleanna said...

Such a loaded post dear Leslie! You and Lucy are making me drool all over the place with pictures of that fabulous birdie fabric. I might have to be looking for it -- that's a maybe 'cause I've bought way too much fabric this month! And for further drooling, which required a napkin...that crochet is looking fabulous! I'm so impressed -- it's just beautiful!

monkee maker said...

Oooh, what lovely fabrics .... hang on just a cotton picking minute though .... didn't I win those from Mrs L?? Did she send them to the wrong MM? Or maybe she picked the wrong MM out of the bag ....

.... either way, it's probably best that you got them, what with you being a stitching goddess and all, whereas I'm just a sew pretender.

Lovely lovely hexes and stash and sock knitting too. Makes me want to shout "Sod work!" and pick up my sticks!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Now, now Monkee Maker! Don't get your knitted lacy knickers in a twist! YOU did win the fabrics - the other half of the half yard of them anyway! And as for Moogsmum, well SHE had to swap something with me to get hers - I wasn't just GIVING them away to her like I am to you! I'm just too lazy to walk up the road to the post office now they've closed our local one and Moogs was just very bossy on the phone last week and told me I HAD TO GET HERS IN THE POST NOW!!!!!

So I did!

Maybe you should try the same tactics?

Locket xxx

P.S. Sorry Missus Moog for using up your comment space!!!

1/4 of an inch said...

Your Hexs look great...I'm making this too! Beautiful work...Tam xo

est said...

wow! yr crochet are growing so pretty! and the fabrics are simply delightful :)