Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On a bit of a roll

I've been feeling as if my sewing mojo has been somewhat lacking lately. Maybe it's the time of year or something to do with the moon. I wasn't lacking in ideas, just the wherewithall to actually sit down at the sewing machine.

I seem to have cracked it now - rather!

Last night, once the noisy beasties were in bed I had a very sudden urge to make a doll quilt, using some offcut strips of Rowan's Kaffe Fassett fabrics that I picked up at the Cotton Patch.

I even tried my hand at my first proper attempt at free motion quilting - don't look too close!!

Here it is in it's 'blog-finished' state - just got to handsew the binding. This is to be hidden with a few other things, ready for Minx's birthday in April :-)

This morning - after four hours sleep (finished The Time Traveller's Wife last night - in floods of tears at 1am!!) - I once again felt that urge to sew.

Good job it was my day off really!

First off was this little guy, who is now on his way to The Toy Society, with Rosie girl. I got the inspiration for him from Plush-o-rama.

Then I whipped up a couple of little bags - these are now on their way to the Rainbow Comfort Bag appeal. I do hope you don't mind Natasha - I just had to use some of your gorgeous printed fabric for the 'boy' one.

So that was the morning taken care of! I then whizzed out to the post office and did a quick dash round the local charity shops....more of that later...ahem.

I came home to be faced with this revolting sight in the hallway again...

....and decided enough was enough.

Two quick fabric baskets were thrown together - almost cost nothing too as all the fabric and wadding were Scrapstore finds from weeks ago.
Aaah...much better :-)

Now.....I have a bit of a confession.

Y'know I said I went to the charity shop today?

Weeeelllll.....this isn't buying fabric, right? Strictly speaking, this is 'doing my bit for charity' buying fabric at all....the diet is still safe...ish

Seriously though, how could I walk could I resist? The candlewick bedspread is in near perfect condition and just what I need to back my next quilt. The floral fabric is 2 metres of the softest brushed cotton. Again, this would be good to back a quilt....or something....

...and now for some Thank You's...

First, a big thank you to Julia who very kindly sent me a huge wodge (technical term in biblical circles) of Victorian Bible pages. These are huge! Nearly A3!!

I'm going to really enjoy using them. I may make some envelopes but I also want to find some really special projects to make with them. Aren't they fab?

I'm also the proud recipient of a lovely award from Lisa. Lisa emailed this to me a few days ago, when I was feeling distinctly unKreativ, and it really cheered me up :-)

Thank you so much Lisa :-)
The rules of the award are: 1. Copy the award to your site - 2. Link to the person from whom you received the award - 3. Nominate 7 other bloggers - 4. Link to those on your blog - 5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated.

Predictably enough, I'm going to say I can't possibly choose just seven of you!! Please please consider yourself an awardee if you read my blog. I wouldn't be a Kreativ Blogger without the wonderful comments and inspiration that I get from all of you.

Don't be shy - take know you want to!!
In other news - the latest from sis-in-law in Victoria is that things seem to be calming down with the bush fires near them. Friends of theirs have survived some very near misses with terrifying stories to tell but, hopefully, the worst is over.

Now, I'm going to make a lovely cup of tea and plan my next assault on the sewing machine :-)

Take care xxx

p.s. just noticed something very worrying - I do appear to be becoming a regular blogger....four days in a row!!! I need a lie down!!


Kitty said...

Gosh, you have been a busy bee! Loads of lovely stuff, and no of course charity shop stuff doesn't count - if it's there crying out to you, what are you supposed to do?! Would have been cruel to leave it there! I liberated some fabric from a charity shop myself last week - it's a public service. ;-) x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh keep blogging every day! Please! I always feel very happy when I see a "Moogsmum" post in Google Reader!!! And you hadn't even told me you were about to post! (by the way, I've nearly finished my post - no pretty crafty pictures today though)

Your bags, baskets, monster, quilt etc are all fab.

But don't go kidding yourself that you haven't been shopping!!! We all know you've fallen off the wagon!

Me xxxx

Thimbleanna said...

Excellent blogging Madame! And the same to be said of all your crafty bits -- you've been busy and they're all fab!

Julie said...

How did you get all that done in one morning? Can you tell me, did you line those comfort parcel bags? I shall have to let you off the charity shop shopping although I am jealous of that lovely brushed cotton.

I'm off round the charity shops myself tomorrow to try and find The Time Traveller's wife for my holiday read.

jo said...

I'm impressed with your quilt, are you sure it was only your first time free motion sewing, it looks pretty good to me. Love the canlewick bedspread and that flowery fabric looks great.

marit said...

If you blog every day, I promise to read every day;-D

Charityshop findings is obviously not bying! I mean- you needed those pieces, right?

Rachel said...

Good lord, how do you manage to do all that AND have a job as well?! Thanks for the Rainbow Bags link - my attempt at making a softie failed miserably but bags, I can do.
R x
p.s. charity shop buying definitely doesn't count!

Marie said...

Blimey. Very productive! Slow down woman, you're putting the rest of us (well, probably just me actually) to shame ;)

ROFL @ the candlewick bedspread. Ahhh, that brings back memories. Mine fave one was dark purple. I used to love picking the bits off it. I remember my gran had mustard yellow ones. Nice!


Natasha said...

You didn't buy fabric, you bought sheets. I am sure your diet does not include things made out of fabric? Otherwise you won't be able to buy any new clothing for the Moogs' family!

Love the quilt! Very fast indeed.

And I think the bag looks great! But then I am somewhat biased ;)

Thimbleanna said...

Hey Lesley -- my e-mail's messed up again, so just hopping on here to thank you for your comment! Don't stay under that run (like my cat) for long!!!

JuliaB said...

goodness gracious! I am shamed that I can only manage one bus pass holder in a day!! I'm sure Minx will love that quilt for her dollies. Gorgeous!! Glad you like the paper.x

Gina said...

All that sewing, regular blogging and up reading til 1 am... I think you must be superwoman! (The book is so sad... Kitty had warned me not to be in a public place for the ending.)By the way... that is shopping! ;)

French Knots said...

Goodness what productivity!! At least you can get back on the diet wagon tomorrow, and buying from the charity shop hardly counts as its just being helful really isn't it?? Bit like eating up the broken biscuits, just to tidy them up!
I've been sewing for the Toy Society today too, hopefully will be in the post tomorrow.

Jane said...

Wonderful sewing MM and charity shopping has to be allowed how else would we all find our bits and pieces. Happy sewing Jane x

dottycookie said...

Now Mrs Moogsmum, I've told you over and over that charity shops don't count. But if you're the one who's been buying up all the decent zips and buttons from my local ones then I may have to change my tune to you very soon!

Lisa said...

I stayed up late and cried over The Time Traveler's Wife too. I then gave away my copy and I wish I hadn't.

Annie said...

What a great find at the op shop - no you couldn't leave that behind!!! and I LOVE your dolly quilt. How do you make the lines go all wonky??? Looks fantastic, even though only "blog finished" I so love that expression.

Leanne said...

I am exhausted just reading all that. What a snuggly backing that candlewick blanket will make. I have had lots of wonderful comments about my bag I will post about it tomorrow.

Monica @ bpab said...

Hey Lesley!
Just stopping by to check on you and to let you know how grateful I am for the fantastic rainbow comfort packs you sent us! They are so good. You are a star!
(and shopping at charity shops is not really shopping.... it's being charitable!)

Anonymous said...