Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was out when the postie called yesterday and returned to find a note, informing me I had a parcel to collect from the post office.

I popped down there today and was presented with not one, but two lovely squishy parcels all for me!!

The first was a really kind gift from Angela. After I posted the Bushfire quilt blocks that I made last week, Angela emailed me and offered to send me some white fabric from her shop, so that I could make some more without breaking my 'stash diet'.

Well, not only did Angela send me a whole metre of lovely white cotton, she also sent me a selection of the prettiest fat quarters in lovely fresh pinks and greens....and some very yummy brown stuff :-)

Thank you so much Angela! I've cut out enough of the white to make nine more blocks and will use the beautiful fat quarters to make the stars. I'm on a mission to get them stitched tonight.

Kind and generous gestures like Angela's are what makes 'Blogland' such a delightful community to be a part of.

What about the second parcel?

Well, this one was totally unexpected but when something like this arrives, you just know it's going to be good!

My lovely bloggy friend, Kitty sent me this gorgeous selection of fabrics from her recent brush with the 'thrift fabric fairy'. Knowing that I would probably be having some major cravings for fabric, at this stage in 'the diet', Kitty decided she would share her fantastic haul with me!!!

There are some really groovy pillowcases in there. Monster has his eye on the blue spots. Minx is rather taken with the pink and green spots ( you can just about see them beneath the blue) and I just adore this.....I think it's barkcloth? Fab colours and pattern, huh?!

I have to say, both of these beautiful, spontaneous and incredibly generous, displays of friendship have really made my day week and quite overwhelmed me.

Where we live, in a suburban area, everyone always seems to be too busy to get to know their neighbours. We have a few good ones here but so many we don't know. On the walk to school each day, some people smile and say hello - others rush past, head down, not wishing to make eye contact or, in fact, any sort of contact with anyone. Sometimes, people are even downright and quite shockingly rude, in their efforts to do what they want to do, when they want to do it, without a thought for others.

I was brought up in a suburban area but back then we knew all of the neighbours. Folk used to stop and chat and look out for each other. Children were always outside playing, or in and out of each other's homes. I'm not a person who buries herself in nostalgia for a 'perfect past'. I'd far rather make the most of the here and now but the 'good old days' certainly did have their good points.

I've rediscovered this sense of 'neighbourliness' since I've been blogging. While many people are quick to dismiss blogging as 'not real', somewhere only sad and lonely people go, or somewhere frequented by weirdos, I have only found support, kindness, caring and pure generosity of spirit among all of you lovely people that I feel priveleged to call my friends - and real friends too - there's nothing virtual about all of you :-)

It's not often you get the deep stuff from me, is it?!!

How's about some sockage then?

As a new member of Michaela's Startitis Sock Club, there has been action on the socks that have been languishing in my WIP pile for a month. I finished No.1 yesterday. Being rather anal in the 'pairs department' means I've now cast on the second one rather than start a new 'pair'.

Don't be fooled by the name of this yarn. It is not HAPPY. It's SPLITTY. It's SLIPPY....and it's very very necessary to concentrate on every.single.stitch!!!! Sooner I get these b**gers finished the better!!

On that ranting note, I shall be orf. My son is being enrolled to the Cubs in half an hour's time and I need to get there with the camera :-)



silverpebble said...

Your two magic parcels have fair warmed my cockles - and they have been a bit parky today. Lovely lovely.

The bloggy village is a top place

BTW could you spare a square of brown stuff please Mrs M?

Things Hand Made said...

I think its a lovely way to make friends here in blogville. People give the time to those they want to.

Thimbleanna said...

Well, as one weirdo to another, I'm very happy to have made your aquaintance! Our neighborhood is just like yours -- not terribly friendly. Oh well, the internet is the new neighborhood! Lovely gifties -- just think of the path the recipients of the bushfire quilts could trace -- all the hands that helped make it possible!

jo said...

No one sent me any parcels today, only bills!!

Kaz said...

Hellooo again!! I have fabric envy! Lovely yummy parcels you got there.

I've had a quickie look through to catch up on what's been going on and it's LOADS!!

Kaz xx

Chris said...

So pleased you got some more white; that was what I ran out of first too!

Your (happy - not!)sock wool looks the same variety I bought - & gave up on! Well done on your persistance. I am back to using foolproof 'Regia'!

Chris x

Kitty said...

You're welcome Mrs Moogs - the thrift fabric fairy has been much in evidence here, and I had way more than I knew what to do with. That red patterned fabric (Barkcloth?) cost me precisely 25 pence at a jumble sale on Sunday - and that was for twice what you've got there. The orangey patterned one was the same price. It would, quite frankly, have been extremely rude not to buy it.

I love the sense of community in our Bloggy corner of the world - that's what is so often missing from so called 'real' life.

Hope all went well with the dib-dib-dib!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Brilliant, brilliant bloggy kindness there Missus! What lovely fabrics! I think Blogland is a truly wonderful place (although I have stopped trying to evangelize about it to non-bloggers - they just don't get it!)

Locket xxx

P.S. Very glad I got to meet a weirdo like you!

Gina said...

What lovely bloggy kindness. That sock yarn may be a b****r but it is very pretty. Love from a fellow weirdo who is pleased to have met you!

Julie said...

Awwwwh! A new cub! I hope you got some good pics :o)

I agree, blogland is certainly bringing people closer together and I am sure the circles we all move in are the friendliest and most respectful. I am proud to be a weirdo too and love to count you among my friends.

Gorgeous fabric you received.

Ali said...

It is, indeed, the best neighbourhood.

Happy cubbing!

katelnorth said...

I am very lucky to have the best of both worlds - my neighbourhood is very friendly - but I know exactly what you mean about bloggers and have indeed said so many times on my own blog - the way people send things totally spontaneously to someone they only virtually know - well, it's a lovely place. And that's enough mush from me, too!

Renee said...

What wonderful packages - you are one lucky girl! Happy stitching!

Lisa said...

I agree, the blogging community rocks. I just wish we all lived close enough to have regular coffee and crafting days.

I can't wait to see your stars.

Natasha said...

Some lovely goodies there! It must definitely be easing the pain of the stash diet!

Blogland always amazes me with its generosity. It is impossible to describe to a non-blogger.

Hope Cubs went well.

trashalou said...

Well I just think you are all very strange!

Marie said...

Lubbly socks. I still haven't conquered my DP fear enough to knit some socks. Maybe one of these days.

I totally agree about the neighbourhood thing. I live in the house next door to the one I grew up in. When I was a kid I knew EVERYONE on this street, now I know about 8 neighbours (and that's only because one is my parents and the others have lived here since I was a kid). Sad really.


Tatty Mum said...

I'm happy to be a weirdo, this place we live in is so unfriendly, I wouldn't just send pressies out to my neighbours like we do in blogland and it makes us just feel so good to give and receive all these lovely goodies.

Enjoy all your lovely new fabric.

Joanne xx

JuliaB said...

ooh I agree with you about neighbourliness ... I only got to know some of mine recently through blogging! Which is weird as we've lived next door to eachother for nearly 10 years! ah well. Thank goodness for the Internet, it makes the world a smaller, friendlier place. Lucky you with those parcels, and your sock is very nice! x

Rachel said...

Your words about neighbourliness struck a chord with me too. Growing up we knew all the neighbours - here, I say hello to our neighbours when I see them (not often, to be honest) but I don't KNOW them at all. This virtual neighbourhood is indeed a very special place.

Angela said...

Glad you liked the fabric. I love the postcard that Kitty sent you, I like her choice of fabrics as well.
Weirdo! According to some people I always have been one because I don't like cooking never have never will and don't intend to change.I think it's quite complimentary because it means there is something unique about me. Why would I want to be like all the other wierdo's who don't understand about fabric and the need to touch it :-)

monkee maker said...

Oh my, your postie's been good to you again this week, what lovely treats to receive through the post.

Smashing socks too - although I'm not sure you'll be allowed to join Michaela's club .... surely knitting TWO socks the same is against the whole ethos of the club?!

Love Minx's top in your last post too, you sewing genius you!


smilernpb said...

Lucky you. I bet you were pleased.

We don't really know our neighbours that much either. I mean there are a few that we smile and nod at, and we only know the names of the occupants of three houses in our street, two of whom we exchange xmas cards with. It would be nice to have a bit more of a community feel...but alas, people like to keep themselves to themselves.

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely fabric, the bloggy world is a fab and friendly one. Must admit folks round these here parts are quite friendly, but it is a small village. However, since I've started my Be Nice campaign, the poor devils haven't much choice but to say hello, when a manic, grinning woman looms at them, shouting HELLO!!!! I might start doing it in the style of Leslie Philips for a change.
Twiggy x
PS Nice socks

wonderwoman said...

what a great post - and i agree with every word onthe kindness of bloggers - its just amazing how lovely people are and the ones i've actually had the pleasure to meet are just as lovely in person!


Jane said...

Beautiful, beautiful fabrics. Thankfully most of my neighbours are friendly but we are all busy during the week so its lovely to find friends on the blog. Jane x

Suzie Sews said...

been lovely to catch up with your goings on after yet another blogbreak for me.... OH my such lovelness coming your way... lovely stuff. It lovely to see how fellow bloggers really care....

bakeandsew said...

psst you've been tagged:)