Saturday, February 21, 2009

A piece-ful week

I'm sure this half term holiday has been shorter than normal. We've bimbled and pottered about and somehow the time has drifted by.

I found time for some sewing. First there was a little bit of wonky patchy piecing for the Bushfire Quilt Block appeal. I've never done anything like this before and loved making them. The only reason I stopped at two is that there seems to be a distinct lack of white background fabric in my stash - this will be remedied as soon as I stop this silly 'stash diet' of mine :-)

This little bit of piecing and finding this book at the library inspired to dig out some six inch squares and sashing that have been cut out since I made my first quilt.

With my sewing head well and truly screwed on and Monster safely out of the way at a 'Chef's Day' with Cubs, the naughty (oh yes! - don't believe the sweet 'innocence' you think you see below!) Minx and I got busy with a pattern and some Chocolate Lollipop.

The yoke was a bugger to do - pardon my language - but really, this thing tested me to the full....and then she tried it on and it wouldn't fit over her b***dy head so I had to undo the whole s***ing thing and start again.....all the while minding my language in front of old flappy ears there!!

We got there in the end though and I praise the day I bought my overlocker - this thing has the neatest seams you ever did see :-)

All the while I was making the blouse from hell I would much rather have been quilting my yummy new patchwork!

In fact, I'd still rather be quilting my yummy new patchwork and spending some overdue time catching up on your blogs.

Judging by the state of our bedroom, I don't think that's gonna happen...... you?

Looks like someone has some hoovering to do!

I'll be back when I've found Moogsdad.....he's in there somewhere......

Hope you have a dust-free quilty weekend :-)


Kitty said...

Oooh, such lovely patchworkiness! How come you've been hiding those squares and sashing for so long? It's gorgeous! And look at Miss Minx - she looks fabtastic in that top and you can see she's chuffed to bits that her mum can do stuff like that.

This week has whizzed by at double speed - I need at least another week of half term!

Good luck with the hoovering - my friend's husband really did try to hoover rubble like that. One dead Dyson :-O


monda-loves said...

Minx is looking fab in the top you made her. I totally feel your pain re the wrong seams etc - there were some choice words coming from my mouth this week too, but I didn't need to mind my language as I have no flapping ears to listen!

I guess with your bedroom looking like this, you must be camping out in the lounge at the moment? I'm sure that the rubble and dust will be worth the end result though.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh wow! Minxy's top is gorgeous! But as I have the same pattern (thank you!!!) you can expect some "help, it's going wrong" phone calls from me if it's that difficult!!!

Your quilt is stunning and so are your star blocks - but your bedroom????? Aaaaaaaaaarrrrgh!

(I have a comfy sofa if you need somewhere to sleep - Newcastle to Southampton flights now about £75 return!)

Angela said...

Your patchwork is lovely. Miss Minx new top is fantastic she looks very happy with it.
All the best with your bedroom, i'm sure it will be worth it.

Anonymous said...

What lovely sewing you have been doing.

could I ask what kind/model of overlocker you have bought. I am trying to persuade hubbie that I need one but i have no idea what to look for

Have a super weekend and hope you find your husband in all that rubble! LOL

Penny said...

Lovely stars and a gorgeous top for Minx.

Natasha said...

Lovely top for the Minx. Well worth the trouble and she looks very cute in it.

Those wonky stars are definitely a lot of fun to make. I am thinking of making some more for a quilt for a friend. But I alo need to go and buy some white fabric!

Hope the bedroom gets bak to normal soon and that you found Mr M buried in there somewhere!

trashalou said...

errrrrrr .... your roof appears to have fallen in Missus!

jo said...

Love Minx's new top. Reading your blog made me get out my old overlocker and I know what you mean about neat seams.

silverpebble said...

Hmm, Minx looks as though she's sporting a Boden number. That's some seriously gorgeous sewey action Mrs M. Love her pose too!

Your quiltiness is to die for. Umm!

Oh though. I had to look away from the ceiling pictures. I came over all peculiar. It reminds me of when we had the bits of old wood and beaminess sand blasted when we moved in here. Oh*My*Giddy*Aunt. I didn't quite know how bad it would be. My hoover gave up. My neighbour's Dyson gave up. Then I gave up. Chocolate was the only way through the ghastliness. Then I had to have a lie down

Still, all worth it for decoratey magic later


JuliaB said...

oh dear .... oh very dear ... xx

Gina said...

Minx looks absolutely fabulous. Your bedroom however looks less fabulous. Hope Moogsdad turns up under the rubble!

Jane said...

Minx's top might have been difficult but it was worth it, it looks beautiful. Your quilty squares look lovely too. Hope you find Moogsdad soon. Jane x

Calidore said...

You have been busy. So glad Minx's top worked. There's nothing worse than having to unpick something you have worked so hard on. Well done for perservering with it. Love the bed room. A new style maybe.....wicked grin. Trust me when it's all over it will be well worth the mess.

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh, that little pic of Minx is sooooo cute. Sorry you had so much trouble with the top, but it's adorable. And oh my...what HAVE you two been doing in that bedroom, hmmm?????

Julie said...

Your starry blocks look great (thank you for the link) and Minxie's top looks fab, the language must have helped!

I hope you're not having to sleep with the Moog during your renovations (or should that be demolition?)

PS Guess who's won your painted doll's chair?????

dottycookie said...

Lovely lovely stitchery; I have some of those bloks on my list for this week now we're back.

Minxie looks wonderful - so happy and such a gorgeous top!

Good luck wth the bedroom - eeeeek!

rachelmp said...

ohhhhh Love your quilt! We need to do that to our 2 front rooms too, before the ceilings come down on the boys. You are not encouraging me!!!

wonderwoman said...

what lovely patchwork, and all your corners match! mine never do!
that top is brilliant, you are a clever girl - swearing i find always helps! well it relieves the tension anyway!


est said...

the top is really great! love the sleeves! and gosh! where do you sleep?! :)

Lina said...

Wow what busyness in your household. I'm particularly admiring your quilt tops. Love all the white space, really makes the fabric pop!

Marie said...

Fabby fabby Minx top! I love the fabric. Great quilts too. I hope you found Moogsdad under all the plaster dust.......I won't sleep until I know you've resuced him you know ;P