Saturday, February 7, 2009

So far so good and a thank you

It's been a whole week - seven days - one hundred and sixty eight hours - since I started my February 'no stash and book buying' Diet. I'm not sure I even thought I'd get this far but I have!!

Despite the fabricky-booky temptation offered by the internet (and all of you naughty bloggers!) I have not succumbed. I've put a couple of things on my Amazon wishlist but by the time I finish my diet I may decide I no longer need them!

It's made me realise how easy it is to impulse buy and to give in to that rush of excitement when you find that 'perfect' fabric or 'must have' book.

I've managed the need for books by visiting the library for the first time in a few months. The kids and I came home with a dozen or so books, including this one , this one and this one for me.

The first is making great bedtime reading, the second is going to have to become a permanent addition to my own personal Bodleian library and the third has some lovely sewing projects - nothing wildly different but beautiful fabrics and gorgeous photos.

That's the book addiction taken care of.

What about fabric?

Ah....well, that's been taken care of too, thanks to my lovely Fabric Swap partner Natasha :-)

Natasha sent me the most gorgeous parcel of delicious things - including these fantastic fabrics made by Natasha herself! Aren't they fab?!!

Some yummy fabric covered buttons - loving these!

....and feast your eyes on this yumminess - beautiful beautiful fabric!

Thank you so much Natasha - I adore everything you sent and it's been great to meet another lovely blogger :-)

So, with my fabric and book addictions fed, week 1 of THE DIET has been good. What will week 2 bring? Will my resolve weaken? Watch this space!

Now I just need to apply this week's positive mental attitude to the other (and much harder) sort of diet!!!

After I've made (and eaten) some of this ;-)

Have a lovely weekend xxxx


trashalou said...

lots of loverly stuff there Missus Moog. How clever your swap partner was to make fabric patterns!

That first book is fabulous, non?

wonderwoman said...

lovely buttons and fabric and well done for surviving a whole week! i have that book and its great! hope the lemon curd turns out okay, have never made any but love to eat it!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...




My jaw has dropped so dramatically that I have just banged my chin on the keyboard!

That fabric parcel from Natasha is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!! All those hand printed fabrics and those buttons and the fat quarters that are SO YOU!


Lucky, lucky you!

Have a fabby weekend playing with your new goodies!

Locket xxx

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely stuff and well done you. Two crafty books have arrived from Amazon this morning and some fabric BUT I am spending my birthday money and vouchers, that is allowed isnt it? Have a nice weekend.
Twiggy x

Gina said...

You are doing well! But with such beautiful fabric arriving I'm not surprised. I recently finished The Time Travellers Wife - it was a fabulous read!

Natasha said...

So glad you like the package I sent you. I am impressed by lasting so long on your diet.

I have been trying but it is hard. Oh so hard! I keep telling myself to concentrate on the projects I have on the go and not buy or dream about the next one. At least with the quilting bee I know that every month some lovely fabric will arrive at my door - even if I have to send it back again :(

And I LOVE the Time Travellers Wife. I think after reading it I bought a copy for almost everybody I know.

Long comment I know but just one more thing. Please can you let me know how the Preserves book is. My Mum has an allotment and I have been looking out for a good book for her to make some things that she can send to me! Fresh veg just wouldn't make it here but a jar of relish would!

take care

Rachel said...

Gorgeous fabrics, you lucky thing! Glad to hear the diet is going well so far. I've not succumbed yet, but I didn't agree to no books and so have pre-ordered one on Amazon (although it doesn't come out til August so, technically, I haven't bought it yet!!)
Oh, and I loved that book too - it took some concentration to get my head round all the backwards and forwards, though!:)

silverpebble said...

Oh oh! I have the Time Traveller's Wife ready and waiting for me to read - Mr P bought it from Greenbooks. Lovely to hear that's it's a good one. Shall I send it to you (in manner of green action) when I've finished? My current readiness is the new Joanna Trollope.

What stunning fabrics - and MADE by Natasha - seriously clever.

silverpebble said...

Oh, you have the TTW from the LIBRARY - even greener - sorry waffle brain here wasn't reading properly. E x

Kitty said...

Are you enjoying TTTW? I absolutely loved it - couldn't put it down, but have met those who didn't get on with it, and one who even admitted to hating it. It seems it polarises opinion.

Those fabrics from Natasha are simply gorgeous ... I'm going to check out her blog immediately. Someone who sends stuff like that has to be seriously 'good'!


Thimbleanna said...

That fabric book looks yummy -- I haven't seen it in our parts yet. Does it have some good projects in it? Good job on the, if you can just line up more fabric swaps to get you through the month LOL!

Guzzisue said...

I listened to time travellers wife as an unabridged recording with two narators playing the parts,,,,totally awesome!!
lovely fabricy gifts as well :-)

Things Hand Made said...

I am trying to use the library more and that helps. I just pretend I own the book for 3 weeks! Amazing fabric.

Suzie said...

with all this goodness I might follow your diet...

Ali said...

Libraries are a VERY good thing (especially when mimaldieting!).

Lina said...

Well done you! Although maybe I'm a complete weirdo as I hardly ever buy fabric, ever (may be a total of 5 yards last year?!). I seem to have bought a fair amount of wool since taking up knitting though...!! That hand printed fabric is pretty awesome!

Calidore said...

You have been very good. A whole week I'm impressed. Love the fabric and the buttons - so cute.

Michaela said...

Oooh, what's that River Cottage book like? I do jams, chutneys and marmalades in a big way and have not seen that one before. Worth getting?

I am not on a diet of any sort. Although I should be on one of every sort. Chocolate, books and yarn to name a few...

dottycookie said...

Cor, lucky you. Though I have to wonder how you'll get on when there are no fabric parcels dropping through the door. Meeow!

I still maintain that material bought from Oxfam doesn't count. YOu can get a lot out of a 25p pillowcase!

maria said...

Well done with the "diet".
I'm trying to be good too but I've seen some lovely crochet on blogs and decided I must have a go too, have ordered a crochet book from Amazon. Should be here soon.

Julie said...

Well done on sticking to your diet and rediscovering the library. Those fabrics are lovely, especially the printed ones. I shall have to look out fo rThe Tiem Traveller's Wife.

Hope the snowstorm doesn't get you tomorrow. Have a good week.

French Knots said...

Oh the TTW is such a good book, one to read several times. Our library is rubbish, I dont think they've bought any new books in the last 10 years!
The fabric from Natasha is amazing, I'm going to check out her blog, hope she has an Etsy shop :)

Lisa said...

I love that brown swirly fabric on top.

I left you an award on my blog!