Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here she is!!

Phew! I've been bursting to blog this! Now that Jodie and Locket have blogged about it, I think it's okay for me to do so.

A while back I asked Jodie if she could make one of her lovely dollies for Minx's birthday - forgetting completely that Jodie was working night and day to get ready for a very important event!

Rather wonderfully, Jodie offered me a very very exciting deal - if I agreed to test her dolly pattern for her she'd let me have it for free!!!

I agreed - of course!!

As a result, I am delighted to introduce you to the very lovely, rather shy (but sometimes a bit minxy) Tilly.

Here she is in her very favourite dress, made with some beautiful fabric that was a gift from Syko quite some time ago. Her little cardigan is made with some felted wool that I bought from Monda's etsy shop - also quite some time ago.

Of course, I had to share some of my stash of Chocolate Lollipop with Tilly, for her other best dress...

...and what girl wouldn't have sweet dreams in pyjamas made of clouds :-)

... and a nice cosy dressing gown - all ready to snuggle up with Minx.

It has been so hard to keep this a secret from all of you! What does Minx think of her new dolly?

No idea - it's not her birthday for another month and she hasn't the slightest idea that she will be getting one of Jodie's girls - albeit made by me. The temptation to give Tilly to Minx before her birthday has been almost too much for me but she's still sitting quietly in her little hiding place, ready for the big day!!

I feel so honoured that Jodie offered me this wonderful opportunity. I loved everything about making this little dolly and felt so grown up with my pattern testing 'job' - Jodie was also a great boss :-)

Thank you Jodie - I think you may have guessed how pleased I was ;-)

Before I dash off to the Co-op for a loaf of bread, here's what kept me happy last night.

Thanks to Angela for sending me these gorgeous fabrics, I am now ready to post a lovely bundle of star blocks to the Bushfire Quilt Block Appeal.

I may have to make some more stars in future - I think I have a kingsize quilt brewing somewhere at the back of my befuddled brain.....not quite ready to tackle it yet though!!



Rachel said...

Tilly is so sweet! And very well dressed too I might add, love the jammies!

wonderwoman said...

Tilly is just gorgeous and what a wardrobe!! am loving the pjs - could you do them in a bigger size i wonder??? i think your little lady will be over the moon with her.
your patchwork is brilliant.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well you know how much I love her already but I haven't seen those fabulous p-js before and her dressing gown is brill! Daisy is standing behind me as I type this and she is in love with her too!

Locket xxx

P.S. cool stars!

monda-loves said...

wow - she is very pretty, I'm sure Minx will love her, and so nice to see her cardigan - not looking anything like a blanket! Great pattern and great job by Mrs Moog.

Thanks for linking to my neglected shop :o)


Thimbleanna said...

Oh Lesley -- she's just adorable! Too bad I'm between children and grandchildren, I'd definitely buy that pattern!

Julie said...

Well done, Mrs Pattern Tester! She is beautiful and such a wardrobe! Love the stars too. I have made a note of the instructions for future reference

Kitty said...

Awww, Tilly is gorgeous, lovely and wonderful all rolled into one. I would KILL to get my hands on one of Jodie's patterns - hopefully she will offer them for sale to fellow bloggers after she finished having the nervous breakdown, after the show she's doing!

Those stars are so pretty - it already looks like a quilt!


Helena said...

What a gorgeous doll! And I had to smile when more and more clothes appeared as I scrolled down... Well down on the quilt too :)

dottycookie said...

Ooooh, she's lovely! And I'm coveting both her dresses - feel like making one in my size?

I just sent off a packet of stars too - they are a bit addictive, aren't they?

Daisie said...

oooooh, I love her, she is beautiful! Really love her pyjamas and dressing gown!

Angela said...

Lesley the quilt blocks are lovely
but Tilly definately steals the day. I am sure she will be Minx's favourite birthday present.

marit said...

Minx will love her, she's adorable!

Natasha said...

Tilly is absolutely gorgeous. Lucky lucky Minx! I am going to have to buy that pattern. Love the dressing gown.

Marie said...

You lucky thing getting to test Miss Josie pattern. Tilly is adorable, I love those cloud PJs. I bet Minx will love her to bits.


Katy said...

she is ADORABLE, and her little collection of clothes just make her even more wonderful!

Also loving the maverick stars - nice job!

French Knots said...

Tilly is wonderful, there is going to be a very happy birthday girl!

JuliaB said...

ooh Tilly is gorgeous!! And lovely little clothes. I'm sure she'll be the BEST birthday present xx

Jane said...

your Tilly doll is beautiful and her clothes are lovely, well done on pattern testing. Your stars are lovely, its one of my favourite patterns Jane x

quinn said...

I wish I had Tilly's wardrobe!!

Wonderful job on the quilt squares. I admire your precision as well as your fabric choices. I've thought the same about your etsy beautiful and such a lovely, neat job. If I made something like that, I'd be constantly turning it so no one would notice my wonky seams or tilting edges.
Wonderful creations, yours!

Gina said...

Tilly is beautiful - I especially love all her clothes!

the Campfollower said...

I just want you to know that your wonderful Star blocks arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much for participating in this massive endeavor. Your husband will be in my prayers..mine drives around on a motorcycle as well, I understand your position. Oh and I love Tilly too! She looks fantastic!