Sunday, March 29, 2009

...not wishing to speak too soon....

.....but things seem to be settling down around here.

I went to see my Dad on Tuesday, in hospital. He looked grey and worn out and was in and out of consciousness. My brother and I both thought he was on his way out.

By Wednesday evening he was sitting up in bed, eating his way through a box of Thornton's toffee! He is recovering well from his virus but won't be going home until he's fully mobile again.

Moogsdad is going back to work tomorrow. He's still not 100% but feels he needs to go back. I'm not going to stop him - the TV has never been on so much, the house has never been such a mess and I have never eaten so much as I have this past two weeks!

I'm not one to wish my life away but I will be glad when this month is over. March has been quite a month for my family. Here's a little snapshot of what else has been happening:

- early March my cousin had a tumour removed from his lung - all went well and he's now at home recovering.

- same week as Moogsdad's accident, my other cousin's daughter had to dash home to South Africa, from work in Bangkok, as her husband had been beaten up by a gang whilst he was working late - for the sake of his car keys!

- last week, another cousin (I do have a few!) was out for an evening with two good friends (one of them being a girl on her first night out since having a baby a few months ago) when they were set upon by three 17 year old's with iron bars! My cousin is now sporting 9 stitches, a very swollen black eye and a footprint on his face. Apparently the lad who attacked him is well known for such unprovoked attacks - but during the day 'he's a nice kid, who goes to college'....WTF?!!!

Being an optimistic sort of a gal, I'm assuming things can only get better!!!

There has been a bit of craftiness amid the chaos. I finished this last night...

The camera seems to have made it turn a funny pink colour - maybe that'll hide my very dodgy virgin attempt at free-motion quilting!

I've also got a whole host of lovely projects to try my hand at, thanks to Jodie! Just lookie at all these wonderful patterns and goodies that she sent to me - these are my wages for pattern-testing the Kinder Girls pattern for her!!!

Jodie - they are just wonderful - thank you! I would have paid you to test that pattern, y'know?!

During the coming week, I'll be endeavouring to catch up on work and reading blogs - both of which have been sadly neglected of late. Dare I tempt fate by saying it's good to be back?



silverpebble said...

I can't quite believe what you and your family have been through this month. Blimey Lesley - terrible!

So glad you've been crafting - I feel rather giddy looking at your quilt - looks as though it may have been top therapy against the nastiness.

I'm so so glad your Dad is brighter. All best wishes to Moogsdad as he goes back to work.


summerfete said...

Sorry you have had some horrible days!
At least the quilting keeps you busy.
Its lovely.

Julie said...

So glad to hear that things are improving for your Dad and Moogsdad. Good luck to Moogsdad for his return to work. You've been in my thoughts all week.

Your quilt is beautiful and I'm sure it helped to distract and calm you. Sounds as though your family has had more than its fair share of trauma recently.

Summertime starts today and the sun is shining so things must be on the up!

Have a better week. xx

Kitty said...

Holy Moly - March was NOT your month! Hope things continue to improve from here on in. And that quilt? Super! x

PS So glad to read I'm not the only one with eleventy hundred cousins! x

trashalou said...

hurrah to hearing your dulcet tones again! TG everything is returning to normal and PG may it stay that way.

You tell that Mr. Moog to just go steady and be careful.

wonderwoman said...

i can understand your feelings about a crappy month - fingers crossed for good things for April. am loving your quilt it looks beautiful.


quinn said...

So glad to hear your Dad is doing better! That's wonderful news! Hope he continues to improve, under the healing effects of Thornton's :)

So much trouble in such a short wonder you're ready to turn the page on March. here's looking forward to a lovely April for you and all your family!

And in the "lovely" category, that quilt is simply gorgeous. Such pretty patterns and colors - I don't know how you do it, but I admire your talent for color and composition, as well as for the actual sewing! I can barely put two colors together, and just spent over an hour in a fabric shop to choose *one* bit of cotton for a knitting bag. And even then, had to involve three nice salespeople in the decision!

Gina said...

Crikey... it couldn't get much worse could it? Really glad you're back and hope things keep getting better. Your quilt look fabulous!

julie said...

Sounds like you'll be very glad to see the back of March - what a month! Glad to read that things are looking up though and that your Dad is much improved. Good that Moogsdad is feeling up to returning to work. As a motorbike rider myself (albeit an out of practice one) I know what it's like out there on 2 wheels! Here's wishing you an April full of smiles and good times x

Sew Create It - Jane said...

My word..what a month you and your family have had. Let's hope April brings you something nice.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

March hasn't really been the best of months for you and yours has it? At least the last day should be good!

Your quilt looks fab by the way - I'm in awe of the quilting!

Good luck to Moogsdad next week (even if he does want to bar my number on your new phones!)

Locket xxx

Angela said...

Crumbs that's a month and a half. I hope April is better for you and yours. Your quilt is lovely.

marit said...

Good to have you back:-)
I'm so glad things seem to improve- and hope that April will be a great month for you all!

Beautiful quilt! How do you do it???

Natasha said...

Good to have you back! Thank goodness April is around the corner.

Best wishes to Moogsdad and the rest of your family.

Love the quilt.

JuliaB said...

Hi L! Poor you (et al)! I was thinking about you today actually. Glad things are looking up a bit.

Rachel said...

Good to have you back, Lesley, and glad to hear your dad and hubby are feeling better. What a month you've had! But you still found time to finish that gorgeous quilt?! Here's to April being 1000 times better!

Calidore said...

They say things happen in three's - I think you have had more than that. Here's to April and a return of the good times. Keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts and sending cyber hugs


rachelmp said...

What a horror of a month. Your quilt top is just lovely though and Jodie's patterns - so much fun! We started on Goodies and Baddies over the weekend here

Lina said...

Sorry you've had such a rotten month, it never rains eh? Here's wishing you and yours better luck for the rest of the year!

Selina said...

Gorgeous job on the quilt and I really hope your run of bad luck is completely over.

French Knots said...

What a b*gger of a month, roll on April and a change of pace.
Glad your Dad is improving and that Moog's Dad is on the mend too. xx

tintocktap said...

It all happens at once, doesn't it? Hope the rest of the year is peaceful for family news - you've had enough this month to last the year!

Love your quilt too - it's gorgeous!

Suzie Sews said...

what a horrid month......sending you a cyber hug to see you through, only a day or so now and it will be a new month, things can only get better....

dottycookie said...

Glad you're all back in action, so to speak - and here's hoping April is a kinder month!

monda-loves said...

Bring on April, Bring on April!
The quilt is looking lovely Mrs Moog - how you have managed to do this with everything else going on is a miracle.


Thimbleanna said...

Well, it's certainly good to have you back. Boy, what a month -- sounds like the thug college kid needs to spend some time in thug prison! Glad to hear that your Dad and hubby are on the mend. May April be much better to the Moogs Family!

Penny said...

Sounds like it's been quite a month - I hope everyone continues to get better.

The quilt is very pretty.

twiggypeasticks said...

Flippin heck, next month WILL be better, glad your Dad is feeling brighter. Good luck for work for Mr Moog. Lovely quilt, the colours are gorgeous.
Can't wait to see the creations you make from your pattern loveliness.
Twiggy x