Tuesday, April 28, 2009



the man's new woman bike

a potential birthday present for Minx's friend - so very shoddily made (by me) that it is now my new purse.

A birthday present for Minx's friend.

Minxy jeans revamp - cut off those tattered hems, turn 'em up a couple of inches, whack some braid on and 'hey baby, groovy cut offs!'.

Slowly slowly, life in Moogshouse is getting back to normal. I seem to have absented myself from blogland recently. There have been times, of late, when I have seriously considered giving up my blog.

Blogging and even reading and commenting on blogs became another big hill to climb. Another thing on the increasingly daunting 'to do' list. Not helped by the man himself hogging 'my' computer for what felt like weeks (we are shockingly unwireless in this house....my laptop lies dormant while the big computer is in use....grrr), in his search for the perfect new motorcycle. All the while talking at me about the finite details of every motorbike ever made...ever.....in the world.

We (finally, after much stressy c**p with the seller) picked up his shiny new toy on Friday night. I thought that would be the end of his need to monopolise MY COMPUTER! Sadly not....there was research to be done....extra twiddly bits to be found...etc etc.

I had intended to reply to all your lovely comments. I had intended to read all your blogs. I had intended to do the ironing and clean the bathroom too but an air of neglect had settled in. It seems that once you get out of a habit - however enjoyable (or not, where ironing is concerned) - it can be hard to get back in.

Today, I took drastic action.

Rest assured, no ironing was involved.

I took a deep breath and clicked 'mark as read' on the 679 blog posts waiting to be read and/or commented on in Google Reader (!!!).

A little of the fog lifted.

A little self-induced pressure is off.

Blogging can be fun again.

Feels good :-)


p.s. Monster had the best time on his outdoor adventure week.....and I'm still doing the washing!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


......and exhale.....

The children went back to school today, after a lovely couple of weeks at home for Easter.

Moogdad is still dealing with the after-effects of his accident but we are both coming to terms with the fact that his weirdness is what you would expect with a minor brain injury - although it's felt far from minor to him.

Thanks to Jane's recommendation, we have both read Richard Hammond's book about his recovery from brain injury. This book has been so enlightening and has answered many questions - thanks Jane :-)

Also, thanks to Emma I have done a bit of research on the Headway website. My husband is very much a logical man, so the unexplained, mysterious nature of his head injury was causing him an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. Now that he's read the facts for himself and realised he's not imagining it, he seems to have relaxed a little.

I have offered to teach him to knit as a form of therapy but so far he has declined my kind offer. Therefore, I've indulged myself with a little bit of therapy.

I also received some gorgeous therapy in the post this week. Thanks to my virtual twin WMK - who shares exactly the same birthday (same day, same year!) as me - I was thrilled to open this beautiful bundle of goodies.

The lovely mini-quilt has such a beautiful sentiment. The fab pirate stickers barely lasted for the photo before being nabbed by Monster and it would seem Minx has plans for the ribbon....pesky kids!

Perfect timing too, as they were waiting for me after a particularly trying and tiring day visiting my Dad in hospital, up in Birmingham last Tuesday.

Dad is still in hospital, in a lovely rehabilitation ward, being helped to get fit enough to go home. He's having a trial run on Friday so that he can be assessed for his care needs. Poor man is desperate to be at home.

We did manage one day out as a family this holiday. Helped by the fact that Moogsdad was doing some motorbike research (i.e. dragging us all round Hampshire looking for the perfect one of these) we ended up at Staunton Country Park, in Havant.

The kids had the best time feeding the vast array of farm animals. Minx fell in love with the goats and a very soft donkey, while I rather liked the alpacas and the fabulous sheep (goats?)with dreadlocks - haven't a clue what breed they are! However,we all agreed that the mahoosive, rather self-important looking, cockerel was the most impressive of all.

I'm glad to say, Moogsdad didn't have it all his own way. Take it from me - a bit of research always pays off. When I realised we'd (I'd) be bored half to death looking at bikes I found myself a little reward.

So, if you're ever in need of the best sort of retail therapy and happen to be in the Liss area....you really really need to go to Liss Wools......it's gorgeous and I will be going back....soon!

There's even a park just up the road, where you can leave the family while you shop!

I've got a busy week ahead at work, which will take my mind off the fact that my baby boy is going away tomorrow - until Friday. He's on an outdoor adventure week with school. It's going to be mighty quiet without him but at least I'll have whole load of washing to look forward to on his return ;-)

I'm even hoping I get chance to read a blog or two.

Missed you! xxx

p.s. Moogsdad found a suitable bike. We're picking it up on Wednesday. Shame really....I'd got several more wool shops I was hoping to visit....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picknickery and other fun stuff

I can't believe it's Saturday already and I haven't even posted about the great bloggery picnic!

There are reasons for my tardiness, more of which later. Now, how about that picnic?

I have to say, every time I meet up with fellow bloggers is a total delight and Wednesday's picnic was no exception. Despite worrying weather forecasts, the day turned out to be beautiful - sunny and warm with a fresh Spring breeze. Perfect picnic weather.

The venue - Millets Farm Centre - could not have been better, for adults or children. While we sat in the sunshine, chatting like old friends, the children were off making the most of the play area, farm animals and handy climbing trees.
There were some 'old friends' who I have met up with before, including my great bloggy friends Locket...

and Trashy - both there with their gorgeous children......and there were some wonderful rare breed pigs for us all to admire......you didn't really think I was insinuating anything about Locket and Trash with these pics did you?....

Here they are - looking as normal as they're ever likely to :-)

It was lovely to see Ali again and Locket's bossy sister Ally. It was a real delight to meet Kitty and Julia, who I have had numerous email conversations with before Wednesday's meet up - I happened upon Julia outside the farm shop and I just knew it was her, by the look of panic and bewilderment on her face as she sought out her fellow picnickers :-)

It was fab to meet some other great bloggers who I hadn't realised would be there - first off there was Julie - Mrs Little Cotton Rabbits herself! (Trash and I nearly wet ourselves when we 'found' Julie and her gorgeous daughter looking for the picnic!! We may have squealed quite loudly....sorry 'bout that Julie....you must be used to it by now,huh?!)

Then, there was Eve, Jane, Kate and Penny - all truly lovely people and so friendly. By the end of the day I felt like I had known everyone for years. The children had a fantastic time - in fact we hardly saw them....which can only be good, right ;-)

They did venture back,briefly, when we built the Easter egg mountain - along with several other children, gatecrashing from neighbouring picnics.

Trashy and Locket did a grand, if slightly confused, job of drawing out names for the Great Picnic Secret Santa. I got this absolutely gorgeous bundle of goodies from Jane.

The beautiful stitchery is a mug warmer - although I've made a management decision and have hung it on my fledgling quilt wall instead. The armchair pincushion and 'important things' pocket (my rather fumbling term!) has already been put to very good use and I'm wondering how I've managed so long without it! The chocolate has also been sampled and proved to be worthy of just one more bite....

Trashy presented me with a lovely birthday gift too. The paper bunting is gorgeous and now adorns our living room wall - ostensibly as a nod to Minx's birthday but I'm not sure it's ever coming down again! See that turquoisy fabric Trashy gave me? That's from Jodie's scrap basket! Real famous Aussie fabric for me! Jealous Locket?.....mwah ha haaa

So, to round up, it was a wonderful day, spent with the best of people, the sweetest children, a great venue and perfect weather - and presents! If only you could all have been there. Those of you whose plans to be there went awry - you were very much missed and we are going to have to organise another one!! Locket - you did a grand job of organising this picnic - thank you!!!

Mmm - so what else has been going on in Moogshouse? Well, for starters I got a very yummy birthday parcel in the post from Maria. I love the yellow fabrics Maria - lovely Spring colours :-)

It was my baby girl's 8th birthday yesterday and to celebrate she wanted a sleepover (ugh!). Of course, this meant a full-on assault on the much neglected housework, so Thursday and a fair chunk of Friday were taken care of!
She'd asked for money for her birthday, so that she could go clothes shopping (ugh!).
However, she did have one surprise present - her new best friend Tilly :-)

I wish Jodie could have seen her face on Friday morning when she first saw Tilly. They are already the very bestest of friends and Tilly has to be changed into her pyjamas at bedtime and her clothes are neatly folded and put away in her little suitcase :-)

As well as yucky housework, I had to lay on the crafty pressure by making four party bags, each with a crocheted flower brooch. I finished these just 20 minutes before the first little insomniac arrived for the We'regoingtostayawakeforaslongaspossibleover!

....and carrying on the craftiness, each little party girl got to make a memory wire bracelet - thanks Emma for the idea for this one! I had a whole host of pretty, delicate beads ready for these and every single one of those girlies ignored them totally and went for full on chunky bling!!

The 'sleep'over could have been worse - a bit. One little madam decided she didn't feel like playing with anyone else at all thankyouverymuch and spent the entire evening plagueing Moogsdad, me, Moog and the gerbils, in turn - before electing to teach herself how to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the zither at b***dy midnight....ahem.

This little sweetheart had the best of times :-)

....and after going to sleep at 12.30am and lying in until 8am what could be better than four long hours, on a Saturday afternoon, going in and out of every shop in town, with your doting mother (!!), as you endeavour to spend every last penny of your birthday money.......
She did well though - eventually buying herself some fab new clothes, five pairs of shoes and some slippers!!!!! Thank goodness for that great designer shoe shop.....Matalano dahling ;-)

So, what's next? Rest, relaxation and recouperation?


Early morning Easter bunny shenanigans, followed by a trip up to Grandma's for lunch.

I'll have a rest when they're back at school.



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'll be there with a ribbon in my hair.....

I thought I'd blogged about this but in the fog of the past month it seems I overlooked it!

This is where Minx, Monster and I are heading

Locket has helpfully blogged all the details - being the Queen of organisation :-)

I can't wait to see those of you who are going. Those of you who aren't, whether for reasons of geography or ill babies and horses, I promise you will be sorely missed but I'm sure will be there in spirit :-)

In other news....I would have been here days ago but caved in to the dreaded DIY at the weekend and decorated our entire bedroom single handedly, whilst Moogsdad made tea and wandered around in a little wibbly wobbly world of his own (he's spent a lot of time there since his accident!).

We had a looming deadline - Minx is having a Notgoingtosleep-over on Friday for her birthday. The fact that she could barely get into her room to sleep, what with all our rubbish being in there, let alone find space for two other little girls spurred me into an uncharacteristic spurt of painty activity.

Two days of up and down ladders and painting walls and ceilings resulted in aches and pains more suited to a woman twice my age! However, we now have a brilliant white haven of tranquility, with a newly carpeted floor. Moog hates it - she used to love doing her tap dancing practice on the manky old floorboards at 5 o'clock in the morning!

Only new curtains to get, pictures to put up and it'll be done. M-I-L will be so pleased that I finally have my 'sanctuary', that, as we all know, every woman should have.....apparently.