Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'll be there with a ribbon in my hair.....

I thought I'd blogged about this but in the fog of the past month it seems I overlooked it!

This is where Minx, Monster and I are heading

Locket has helpfully blogged all the details - being the Queen of organisation :-)

I can't wait to see those of you who are going. Those of you who aren't, whether for reasons of geography or ill babies and horses, I promise you will be sorely missed but I'm sure will be there in spirit :-)

In other news....I would have been here days ago but caved in to the dreaded DIY at the weekend and decorated our entire bedroom single handedly, whilst Moogsdad made tea and wandered around in a little wibbly wobbly world of his own (he's spent a lot of time there since his accident!).

We had a looming deadline - Minx is having a Notgoingtosleep-over on Friday for her birthday. The fact that she could barely get into her room to sleep, what with all our rubbish being in there, let alone find space for two other little girls spurred me into an uncharacteristic spurt of painty activity.

Two days of up and down ladders and painting walls and ceilings resulted in aches and pains more suited to a woman twice my age! However, we now have a brilliant white haven of tranquility, with a newly carpeted floor. Moog hates it - she used to love doing her tap dancing practice on the manky old floorboards at 5 o'clock in the morning!

Only new curtains to get, pictures to put up and it'll be done. M-I-L will be so pleased that I finally have my 'sanctuary', that, as we all know, every woman should have.....apparently.



Thimbleanna said...

Hey, hey now, don't you be wishing those aches and pains on us older ladies LOL! I hope you have a FAB time tomorrow with all the girlies and their littles -- I SO wish I could be there!!!

Jennie said...

well done on decorating the room. Bet it looks fab.
have a wonderful time at the bloggers picnic, I am jealous.

Kitty said...

Pssst ... what are you going to wear? It suddenly occurred to me that I didn't have a clue and all you clever clogs bloggers might be all done up in wonderful bohemian finery! :-O

Weather forecast is good. Camera batteries are charged.

*Gulp* I'm nervous!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

See you there...I've got the bags loaded and the car checked over by the Dh :o)

Ali said...

See you tomorrow! Not every day we get to say that - just hoping the nasty rain stays away.

JuliaB said...

Wot? no pics??? Glad you've got it all doen, and looking forward to meeting you though VERY VERY nervous!!xx

Calidore said...

Enjoy the party. After all you have been through you need/deserve some time off. Isn't painting the pits? All those ladders and climbing and the aches afterwards. Well done on getting it all done though. An amazing task.

Julie said...

I agree about the aches and pains.....I've got quite enough of my own thank you ;o))

I am very jealous about the picnic, it sounds as though you'll have a ball. Have a great time! Hope the rain stays away.

Well done on the decorating. I;ve got a bathroom here needs doing if you're at a loose end!

Perversely I had to laugh at Moogsdad's wibbly wobbly world. I hope it all settles down for him soon. Bless!

dottycookie said...

Have THE most fabulous day tomorrow - I'm wimping out and pleading overtired, overcommitted monster children. And trying not to stamp my foot and sulk and behave just the way they've been behaving all day :-(

Jodie said...

Bugger the sanctuary - what every woman needs is a craft room!!!

Gina said...

Have a lovely time at the picnic. I'm feeling very sad not to be there.

Marie said...

Hope you have a lovely time at the bloggy pic-er-nic. I'd really have loved to have made it and met all you lovely bloggy ladies in person. Alas I must work - and it's a little far from us. Maybe next time.

Yey on the bedroom btw. Can you send some of those productive decorating vibes our way, we have a new bed but no action on the wallpapering/painting front has yet occurred. *sigh*


Jane said...

I hope you had a lovely day for the picnic. It is wonderful to get all the decorating finished. jane x

silverpebble said...

Blimey, well done on the paintiness Mrs M. Hope the aches and pains aren't too bad. Mr Chocolate is a cure-all so hopefully a bit of Beaster brown will sort them out.

So sorry to have missed out on a Moogy chat yesterday. I am sad.

Hope Mr M isn't too wibbly wobbly for much longer.