Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picknickery and other fun stuff

I can't believe it's Saturday already and I haven't even posted about the great bloggery picnic!

There are reasons for my tardiness, more of which later. Now, how about that picnic?

I have to say, every time I meet up with fellow bloggers is a total delight and Wednesday's picnic was no exception. Despite worrying weather forecasts, the day turned out to be beautiful - sunny and warm with a fresh Spring breeze. Perfect picnic weather.

The venue - Millets Farm Centre - could not have been better, for adults or children. While we sat in the sunshine, chatting like old friends, the children were off making the most of the play area, farm animals and handy climbing trees.
There were some 'old friends' who I have met up with before, including my great bloggy friends Locket...

and Trashy - both there with their gorgeous children......and there were some wonderful rare breed pigs for us all to didn't really think I was insinuating anything about Locket and Trash with these pics did you?....

Here they are - looking as normal as they're ever likely to :-)

It was lovely to see Ali again and Locket's bossy sister Ally. It was a real delight to meet Kitty and Julia, who I have had numerous email conversations with before Wednesday's meet up - I happened upon Julia outside the farm shop and I just knew it was her, by the look of panic and bewilderment on her face as she sought out her fellow picnickers :-)

It was fab to meet some other great bloggers who I hadn't realised would be there - first off there was Julie - Mrs Little Cotton Rabbits herself! (Trash and I nearly wet ourselves when we 'found' Julie and her gorgeous daughter looking for the picnic!! We may have squealed quite loudly....sorry 'bout that must be used to it by now,huh?!)

Then, there was Eve, Jane, Kate and Penny - all truly lovely people and so friendly. By the end of the day I felt like I had known everyone for years. The children had a fantastic time - in fact we hardly saw them....which can only be good, right ;-)

They did venture back,briefly, when we built the Easter egg mountain - along with several other children, gatecrashing from neighbouring picnics.

Trashy and Locket did a grand, if slightly confused, job of drawing out names for the Great Picnic Secret Santa. I got this absolutely gorgeous bundle of goodies from Jane.

The beautiful stitchery is a mug warmer - although I've made a management decision and have hung it on my fledgling quilt wall instead. The armchair pincushion and 'important things' pocket (my rather fumbling term!) has already been put to very good use and I'm wondering how I've managed so long without it! The chocolate has also been sampled and proved to be worthy of just one more bite....

Trashy presented me with a lovely birthday gift too. The paper bunting is gorgeous and now adorns our living room wall - ostensibly as a nod to Minx's birthday but I'm not sure it's ever coming down again! See that turquoisy fabric Trashy gave me? That's from Jodie's scrap basket! Real famous Aussie fabric for me! Jealous Locket?.....mwah ha haaa

So, to round up, it was a wonderful day, spent with the best of people, the sweetest children, a great venue and perfect weather - and presents! If only you could all have been there. Those of you whose plans to be there went awry - you were very much missed and we are going to have to organise another one!! Locket - you did a grand job of organising this picnic - thank you!!!

Mmm - so what else has been going on in Moogshouse? Well, for starters I got a very yummy birthday parcel in the post from Maria. I love the yellow fabrics Maria - lovely Spring colours :-)

It was my baby girl's 8th birthday yesterday and to celebrate she wanted a sleepover (ugh!). Of course, this meant a full-on assault on the much neglected housework, so Thursday and a fair chunk of Friday were taken care of!
She'd asked for money for her birthday, so that she could go clothes shopping (ugh!).
However, she did have one surprise present - her new best friend Tilly :-)

I wish Jodie could have seen her face on Friday morning when she first saw Tilly. They are already the very bestest of friends and Tilly has to be changed into her pyjamas at bedtime and her clothes are neatly folded and put away in her little suitcase :-)

As well as yucky housework, I had to lay on the crafty pressure by making four party bags, each with a crocheted flower brooch. I finished these just 20 minutes before the first little insomniac arrived for the We'regoingtostayawakeforaslongaspossibleover!

....and carrying on the craftiness, each little party girl got to make a memory wire bracelet - thanks Emma for the idea for this one! I had a whole host of pretty, delicate beads ready for these and every single one of those girlies ignored them totally and went for full on chunky bling!!

The 'sleep'over could have been worse - a bit. One little madam decided she didn't feel like playing with anyone else at all thankyouverymuch and spent the entire evening plagueing Moogsdad, me, Moog and the gerbils, in turn - before electing to teach herself how to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the zither at b***dy midnight....ahem.

This little sweetheart had the best of times :-)

....and after going to sleep at 12.30am and lying in until 8am what could be better than four long hours, on a Saturday afternoon, going in and out of every shop in town, with your doting mother (!!), as you endeavour to spend every last penny of your birthday money.......
She did well though - eventually buying herself some fab new clothes, five pairs of shoes and some slippers!!!!! Thank goodness for that great designer shoe shop.....Matalano dahling ;-)

So, what's next? Rest, relaxation and recouperation?


Early morning Easter bunny shenanigans, followed by a trip up to Grandma's for lunch.

I'll have a rest when they're back at school.




Kitty said...

It was soooooooooo lovely to finally meet you Mrs Moogs - I felt a bit starstruck actually. When I realised Julie was there, I got all tongue-tied: I mean, she's ... famous, isn't she? :-D

The kids were all totally brilliant weren't they? And the grown ups weren't half bad either.

Glad the stayawakeover went ok - sounds like you got more sleep than I did at our recent 'do'. Tsk. My girl has spent some of her birthday money on music. LOUD music ... you just wait until Minx is a little big biggerer!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh Missus Mother of the Moog! Why can't I persuade you to move "oop north"???? It was so super lovely to see you so we'll have to arrange another meet up very soon!

Sausage Monster and Minxy are GORGEOUS! And I will never again believe you if you say anything bad about them! The Little Lockets think they are great too!

Glad to hear Minxy had a good birthday - but surely some of her money should have been spent on wool and fabric??? You clearly haven't been indoctrinating her enough!

Locket xxx

Jodie said...

Thats hysterical - that IS from my scrap basket - Its a bit of vintage sheet, now mightily well travelled...

I'm glad Tilly was a hit - new clothes are on their way - I just need to stop blogging and start and writing.

Jodie said...

oh...I forgot to ask? exactly what is Trash doing in that photo?

JuliaB said...

Hi Mrs Moog! What a lovely account of the day and of Minx's bday. It was indeed lovely to meet you and i'm still chuckling over your "sanctuary" voice. Hope the sanctuary is doing well though! xx ps: did I really look that bewildered? LOL!

silverpebble said...

Arrrrrggghh, Mrs Trash the pirate has just swept up on her galleon. She has conquered, erm, a farm with woolly piggies in it. Arrgggh shiver me timbers she be RICH! Locket the cabin boy be having a nice sit down. Argghh.

Marvellous pictureyness Mrs M, and look at the sparkles those girls made!

How are Mr Moogs wobbles?

Emma x

silverpebble said...

By the way, a very merry Beaster to you. Hope the bunny hopped your way and all that


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Glad you liked you gift and that the weighted pincushion is providing a good service :o)

I really enjoyed the day and meeting everyone...famous faces and all! I still can't believe how lucky we were with the weather (as I sit here shivering on Easter morning)

silverpebble said...

Ooh I forgot, Happy Belated Birthday to Minx! I think 3 comments on one post might just be enough. Byee

wonderwoman said...

wow, you must exhausted!!!! great post Lesley and i do hope another meet up is on the cards soon!!! glad your sleepover was a success - wait til they get older - i think 5.30am was the latest my lot stayed up to - and i had to go down twice and ask them to be quiet!!!


Gina said...

It's not fair... the picnic looked like so much fun. There had better be another time! Happy birthday Minx... sounds like a great birthday.

Natasha said...

Looks like a fun time!

Happy Birthday Minx! Sounds like she had a fab sleepover.

Ali said...

Five pairs of shoes!!! Happy Birthday Minx.

And what a fun picnic it was.

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh -- it looks like you had so much fun at the picnic. I'm going to have to plan one of my own and take all of you flatties along just for the sport of it. (Although, try as hard as I might, I'm pretty sure I won't find a curly pig over here LOL.) Looks like the birthday party was a hit -- what a good mum you are!

(Oh, and if you were my age, I'm pretty sure there would have been wetting o' pants rather than squealing LOL!)

Julie said...

First and most importantly, very Happy Birthday Miss Minx! Glad your sleepover and shopping trip were such great fun!

What a great and very entertaining post Lesley! I've been grinning and laughing all thro. So glad you had a lovely picnic. I'm so over the jealousy at not being Thank heavens for Matalano! Sounds like Minx has restarted the economy on her own. Well done both of you!

PS Please have the next picnic nearer to Nottingham so I can come :o)

katelnorth said...

Didn't realise it was your birthday - happy belated!

I'm really lucky when it comes to sleepovers - DD2's birthday is 24th October - yep, right at the start of half-term, which means half her friends are usually away, which makes sleepovers with loads of friends impractical. Such a shame, isn't it? Last year (9th) she was talked into a special day spent with only one friend - they elected to go ice-skating and then to lunch (McD) and shopping - mainly Woolworths & Claire's. As a person used to dragging 3 kids shopping, with at least one not wanting to be in any given shop at a given time, taking two into shops they wanted to be in, was a dream - I highly recommend it.

Anyway - I ramble on - great to meet you in person, can't wait until we all do it again...

dottycookie said...

Fabby post Mrs Moogsmum - and a very happy bekated birthdy to the Minx!

Calidore said...

It sounds like you all had an absolute bloggy blast getting together. The venue looks and sounds fantastic - the fact the kids all dissappeared indicated it was a good choice. I'm so pleased you had a fantastic time. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl too the shopping sounds wonderful. It's good to hear the party went well (apart from the Zither playing "angel") - there is always one of those by the way...vbg. Now can you sit and relax for a while???

Marie said...

The picnic looks like great fun. I'm shuddering at the thought of notgoingtosleepanytimesoon-overs in my future. I lied and told Grace you can't have sleep overs until you're 6 (nasty Mummy) but that's only bought me a year! Maybe I should have said until you're 21??


julie said...

Belated happy birthday to Miss Minxy, a girl after my own heart with her shoe shopping prowess - it sounds like you could have done with a new pair too after 4 hours of shop trekking! It was so lovely to meet you all at the picnic - Amy had such a great time too and hopes that she'll see Minx again one day. I really hope we can do it again sometime - it went far too quickly. Thanks too for my beautiful basket and perfect corsage in my absolutely favourite colours and for the chocolately goodies and ribbon. Enjoy the rest of the easter hols - I'm flagging a little here but should make it to tuesday without too many tantrums!

Kaz said...

Aaww I've enjoyed looking at your picnic pics. It looks like it was a fab day.

Belated Happy B;day to the Minx.

Lovely crafty collections and I want one of those bags!!!!!!

Kaz xx

trashalou said...

What was I doing in that picture?

Michaela said...

I am so jealous that I missed the picnic. Really sad.

You are so brave to host a sleepover. So mad as well! I have avoided such ghastly things so far. What fab pressies and beautiful party bags and oh my word,, there is just too much gorgeousness here to take in!

Leanne said...

What a fantastic day. Bloggers are amazing people.

sa said...