Monday, April 20, 2009


......and exhale.....

The children went back to school today, after a lovely couple of weeks at home for Easter.

Moogdad is still dealing with the after-effects of his accident but we are both coming to terms with the fact that his weirdness is what you would expect with a minor brain injury - although it's felt far from minor to him.

Thanks to Jane's recommendation, we have both read Richard Hammond's book about his recovery from brain injury. This book has been so enlightening and has answered many questions - thanks Jane :-)

Also, thanks to Emma I have done a bit of research on the Headway website. My husband is very much a logical man, so the unexplained, mysterious nature of his head injury was causing him an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. Now that he's read the facts for himself and realised he's not imagining it, he seems to have relaxed a little.

I have offered to teach him to knit as a form of therapy but so far he has declined my kind offer. Therefore, I've indulged myself with a little bit of therapy.

I also received some gorgeous therapy in the post this week. Thanks to my virtual twin WMK - who shares exactly the same birthday (same day, same year!) as me - I was thrilled to open this beautiful bundle of goodies.

The lovely mini-quilt has such a beautiful sentiment. The fab pirate stickers barely lasted for the photo before being nabbed by Monster and it would seem Minx has plans for the ribbon....pesky kids!

Perfect timing too, as they were waiting for me after a particularly trying and tiring day visiting my Dad in hospital, up in Birmingham last Tuesday.

Dad is still in hospital, in a lovely rehabilitation ward, being helped to get fit enough to go home. He's having a trial run on Friday so that he can be assessed for his care needs. Poor man is desperate to be at home.

We did manage one day out as a family this holiday. Helped by the fact that Moogsdad was doing some motorbike research (i.e. dragging us all round Hampshire looking for the perfect one of these) we ended up at Staunton Country Park, in Havant.

The kids had the best time feeding the vast array of farm animals. Minx fell in love with the goats and a very soft donkey, while I rather liked the alpacas and the fabulous sheep (goats?)with dreadlocks - haven't a clue what breed they are! However,we all agreed that the mahoosive, rather self-important looking, cockerel was the most impressive of all.

I'm glad to say, Moogsdad didn't have it all his own way. Take it from me - a bit of research always pays off. When I realised we'd (I'd) be bored half to death looking at bikes I found myself a little reward.

So, if you're ever in need of the best sort of retail therapy and happen to be in the Liss really really need to go to Liss's gorgeous and I will be going back....soon!

There's even a park just up the road, where you can leave the family while you shop!

I've got a busy week ahead at work, which will take my mind off the fact that my baby boy is going away tomorrow - until Friday. He's on an outdoor adventure week with school. It's going to be mighty quiet without him but at least I'll have whole load of washing to look forward to on his return ;-)

I'm even hoping I get chance to read a blog or two.

Missed you! xxx

p.s. Moogsdad found a suitable bike. We're picking it up on Wednesday. Shame really....I'd got several more wool shops I was hoping to visit....


marit said...

Good to hear you're both recovering from Moogsdad's nasty accident!
Cute farm animals-can't helpyou on the dreadlocks- i have no idea what they are!
Lovely socks and yarn too!

rachelmp said...

What a huge week! I'm glad you fit a bit of retail therapy in too ..

quinn said...

I'm glad both your men are mending - hope all goes smoothly on your Dad's "test run."

and...NICE SOCKS!! More to come, too, by the looks of your photos :)

willywagtail said...

Good to hear that your husband is making headway. It must be very hard for your whole family but especially for him.

Thimbleanna said...

Man, you've been busy! Sorry to hear about Moogsdad's lasting accident problems -- hopefully he'll make a full recovery? Great socks!

jodie said...

Another informative book is:

Head Cases: Stories of Brain Injury and Its Aftermath
by Michael Paul Mason

Here's a link to a description of the book at Barnes and Noble:

Eve said...

SO you have discovered my LYS. Great isn't it? She also hosts knit and natter groups 3 times a week (Tuesday and Friday 10-12 and Thursday 7.30-9.30pm). There are regular workshops; I ran my first ever workshop there yesterday morning, Domino slippers for felting.

I am pleased to hear Moogsdad is coming to terms with the new himself.

Hope your dad's home visit goes off OK.

So nice to meet you over the holiday, we need more of these picnic's me thinks.

trashalou said...

hey! Loving that yarn haul, it was worth the hunt around the South of England to find the bike ;-)

Eve said...

Forgot to say, Wednesday must be the day for new vehicles. My middle son is getting a new car, we have to collect from Bristol. Again after a lot of searching all over the country, well at least the southern part.

Gina said...

Missed you too but good to hear everything is okay. Some mighty fine socks... and more on the way by the look of that new yarn.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hooray! You're back!

I really think Moogsdad should take up sock knitting - I'm sure it would be very good for him!

Missed you!

Locket xxx

tintocktap said...

Sounds like things are looking up for you - hope that continues. Best wishes to Moogsdad and your Dad for their continuing recoveries.

Now I just need to plan a convenient family outing which incorporates a little of the good old retail therapy!

dottycookie said...

I'm glad Moosdad and your Dad are on the mend - that must be a huge relief.

Well done on the sock and woolage as well. I have been fabric stashing (fell off the diet this month) ...

French Knots said...

I read The Hamsters book last month and as it was the love and support of his family that were so important in his recovery I'm sure Moogsdad will do well too. xx

Kitty said...

It's lovely to 'see' you, and to know you had a good holidays. Good too to know Moogsdad (I first typed 'Moodsgag' :-O ) is well on the mend (in no small part thanks to you, I'm sure!)

Those yarns look wonderful, as are the socks. So jealous that you can 'do' that.


wonderwoman said...

Have missed you! its lovely to have you back - love the socks and the yarn! I think the goats are Angora goats! hopefully things will settle down a bit for you and not be so stressful. am looking forward to seeing you soon.


JuliaB said...

Missed you too! x

Kaz said...

Glad to hear that Mr Moog is making progress, it can be a long process can't it? It's another of those 'I really didn't realise how people are affected' health things isn't it?

I hope all goes ok for your dad too on Friday. You can't beat your own home when you're not feeling too hot.

Lovely socks amd wool, but how selfish of Mr M finding a bike that quick. Ggrr.

Kaz xx

Julie said...

Glad things are on track and Moogsdad is improving bit by bit. I love all those little critters, especially the llama-y or is it alpaca-y one. He looks cute. You'll have to find some other way of enjoying some retail therapy now that the bike has been found.

Hope you have a good week at work.

Calidore said...

Nice to hear that Moogsdad is recovering. I read Richard Hammonds book too - it's brilliant. Time will cure all - the fact he wants and has bought a new bike is a good step. Although I think he could have taken longer choosing it so you could have a bit more therapy too. Love the animals and the wool is divine. As for the socks.....ohhhhh...yum!!!
Keeping you all in my prayers and your Dad as well.

twiggypeasticks said...

Glad to hear Mr Moog and your Dad are on the mend. Fantastic animal photies, I love Alpacas, I think it's because Twiglet makes me watch Nuzzle & Scratch on CBeebies - well to tell the truth he doesn't actually make me :)
Hope your boy has a lovely time away and you don't miss him too much, have a good week.
Twiggy x

Michaela said...

Sooper dooper socks there and well done you for buying more sock wool. A girl can never have enough! Glad everything is on the mend.

Isn't the sheep one of the lesser known Rasta breeds?

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Glad you both found the book easy read, but very enlightening.

Love the therapy socks...they look fab!

silverpebble said...

Oh look - those sheep have the same hair as me! Hello woolly sisters.

Hope you and Moogsdad take it easy - it's a slowish journey with the noggin.

So glad your dad's improving. YOU need to be in a rehab ward after all this malarkey. One with, chocklit, wool, needles and cake in it. Oh yes.

Hope you're hangin' in there Mrs M. Thinking of you


Leanne said...

I am just catching up on your last month wow what a time you have had. I expect you didn't see the black cat that crossed your path or the ladder you must have walked under. I hope things are on the improve soon. I to love alpacas and if we lived in the country I would have one.

Kelly said...

lovely wool. i really must visit the wool shop in liss, it's quite close to me & i've never been!