Tuesday, April 28, 2009



the man's new woman bike

a potential birthday present for Minx's friend - so very shoddily made (by me) that it is now my new purse.

A birthday present for Minx's friend.

Minxy jeans revamp - cut off those tattered hems, turn 'em up a couple of inches, whack some braid on and 'hey baby, groovy cut offs!'.

Slowly slowly, life in Moogshouse is getting back to normal. I seem to have absented myself from blogland recently. There have been times, of late, when I have seriously considered giving up my blog.

Blogging and even reading and commenting on blogs became another big hill to climb. Another thing on the increasingly daunting 'to do' list. Not helped by the man himself hogging 'my' computer for what felt like weeks (we are shockingly unwireless in this house....my laptop lies dormant while the big computer is in use....grrr), in his search for the perfect new motorcycle. All the while talking at me about the finite details of every motorbike ever made...ever.....in the world.

We (finally, after much stressy c**p with the seller) picked up his shiny new toy on Friday night. I thought that would be the end of his need to monopolise MY COMPUTER! Sadly not....there was research to be done....extra twiddly bits to be found...etc etc.

I had intended to reply to all your lovely comments. I had intended to read all your blogs. I had intended to do the ironing and clean the bathroom too but an air of neglect had settled in. It seems that once you get out of a habit - however enjoyable (or not, where ironing is concerned) - it can be hard to get back in.

Today, I took drastic action.

Rest assured, no ironing was involved.

I took a deep breath and clicked 'mark as read' on the 679 blog posts waiting to be read and/or commented on in Google Reader (!!!).

A little of the fog lifted.

A little self-induced pressure is off.

Blogging can be fun again.

Feels good :-)


p.s. Monster had the best time on his outdoor adventure week.....and I'm still doing the washing!!!


dottycookie said...

Oh, Lesley, don't feel bad about skipping posts - that's what the button was made for! It does get overwhelming sometimes, doesn't it?

Onward and upward - glad you didn't decide to stop it all!

Shear Delight said...

My husband did the same thing to me when he was searching for a motorcycle and he still spends hours every week researching other things to add to it/ modify it etc.

JuliaB said...

Oh dear! Don't feel bad and don't give up! sometimes one just needs a little break ... at least you have a Sanctuary to escape to now!! x

Calidore said...

Well done on just walking or clicking away from all those posts. Sometimes you just have to do it to feel less pressure - and doesn't it feel good. Blogs will still be there no matter how long you are away. Take care of yourself - with all that has been happening some time out is called for.
Ohh and it must be a male thing to want to buy extra parts for bikes/cars etc even though they come all ready to ride/drive. My hubby does the same. Drives me nuts.

willywagtail said...

Atta girl. Way to go! Blogging without obligation is what it is all about. And the ironing can usually wait. If you are too low pay someone to clear the backlog so you can start with a fresh slate. Worked for me. Cherrie

Penny said...

Oh, you've been having a tough time recently. Any reasonable person would understand that sometimes you can't read all the blogs you want.

My favourite quote for tough times is "sometimes just getting through the day is achievement enough".

Blossom said...

you gotta do what you gotta do hon...... ;)

Dhs can really put a spanner in the works.(shameless pun there LOL)

Glad you are *back* !!!!!

Lina said...

I've been feeling a lot like that too recently. I think the whole blogging without obligation is what's working for me - there should be no guilt about not posting or commenting, life's too short.

trashalou said...

Hello there Missus! Good work on pressing teh button. If iblogging can't be fun then who wants to do it!?!?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I agree with everyone else - but with one addition:


and you know I mean it too :o)

Locket xxxx

marit said...

I second Lucy...;-D

Please don't give up blogging! It's good to have you back. Blogging is supposed to be fun, not something you HAVE to do.

Love the bag!

Guzzisue said...

new bike wow wow!! good choice, I find the best way is to let hubby have his own computer so he can hunt for bike bits to his hearts content!!

i agree with the blogging without obligation commemts :-)

French Knots said...

Blogging should be fun, enjoyable. That means it fits in with your life and if reading/posting/commenting doesn't happen that that's just how it is and it doesn't matter at all.xx

Leanne said...

Take it easy Lesley sometimes life and husbands just gets in the way.

Ali said...

Sometimes that 'mark all read' button is the only option!

If onlt there was a similar 'clean all' button on my house and life wouldn't feel like an uphill struggle!

Kaz said...

Oh I so know where you're at with the blogging and e-mails and housework etc. It sometimes seems too much to bother with ever again. But I'm glad you're back and who cares if you missed a bit, you've had more important things to think about, and you're here now.

Loving the bits and bobs, especially those shortened jeans - fab idea, shame I don't have the children to do that for!!!!

Hugs K xxx

Rachel said...

So glad you're not giving up the blogging, but don't feel bad about skipping posts. We all need a little time out sometimes. Glad things are getting back to normal for you. Oh, and LOVE that cute ant fabric!
Take care

wonderwoman said...

i think sometimes when you have life coming at you from all directions it can all get too much - you lose energy and enthusiam and just want it all to be quiet for a while!! so don't feel bad - a break is good for the soul!! but anyway its lovely to have you back.


Gina said...

It is lovely to have you back but it shouldn't ever feel like a chore or an obligation to blog or read posts. I'm guilty of feeling like that too though and it does get a bit overwhelming. Sometimes think I'll give it up... but then it lures me back!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do...I often think of deleting it all and walking away when it gets to much. It's hard finding the balance between reading blogs and being inspired and having blog reading loom over your head on the To-Do list. I think I need to take a page out of your book at hit the delete key more often ;o)

Glad you DH has found a new bike..he sounds like mine in the level of research before buying a vehicle.

Jane said...

Hello Lesley, its good to see you again, but I agree with the others its best to post and blog when you are ready. I've finally arrived at that point. I admire bloggy friends who have enough inspiration to blog more frequently and love reading their endeavours when I have the chance. I'm sorry you have had a rough time recently as well as Moogsdad, but I do hope that with the arrival of the warm spring days that life begins to feel better. Lovely colour yarn and thats a brilliant idea for "raggy bottoms" not sure Em will let me loose on her jeans! Jane x

monda-loves said...

Lesley I have to confess that occasionally I have been tempted to click 'mark as read' when it feels like it is all too much - I do read an awful lot of blogs too.

Glad to hear things are looking brighter in the moog household, you seem to have crafted your way though the fug - the bag you made for minx's friend is fab.


Julie said...

Phew! Thought you were going to say you'd been ironing then! Blog on your terms and 'mark as read' as often as you like. It's good to see you whenever you feel like blogging. Take it easy if you can. xx Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend. Hope the sun shines.

julie said...

It's lovely to have you back but don't ever feel pressured to be here (says she who often feels exactly the same way). Good for you for clicking that button. Now go put your feet up, do something for just you - you've had a pretty tough couple of months and you definitely deserve a rest!
J x
PS: my hubby has a triumph too and I'm oh so familiar with computer hogging for twiddly bits - you have my sympathy x

jo said...

I know how you've been feeling Lesley, I too couldn't seem to bring myself to blog or read up on them for nearly a month. Always seemed so much to do and so little time to get it done in. Hopefully the two of us can get back into the swing of things.

Jo xxx

Thimbleanna said...

Ack! That Ant fabric is adorable. You and Mrs. Locket find the cutest fabrics. Glad you're back -- and glad you had the courage to hit the delete button. It's always hard to do that -- I wish I could do it a little more often, but then I'd miss your post ;-)!

Suzie Sews said...

some days it does seem like a chore our blogging and other days a joy, good to have you back on the later...

Andrea said...

My friends son came back from 2 days away with school and he hadn't changed or washed! everything was still neatly folded and dry including the soap!

Glad you have decided not to give up blogging. x Andrea