Saturday, June 13, 2009

Haaaappy Birthday to Moog!

It seems that today is quite a momentous day.

Not only is it my Aunty Margaret's birthday.... also happens to be Her Majesty's official birthday - hence the Trooping of the Colour happening today.

What you may not have realised though, is that today is also THE MOOG's OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY!!!!

This old curly girl of ours was a rescue dog, and as such we had no idea when her 'actual' birth-day was.

Therefore, Moogsdad and I took it upon ourselves to approximate - using the information given by the rescue centre.

So this brings us to today - THE MOOG's 14th BIRTHDAY!!!

She's barky.

She's scared of:

She doesn't cope well around children but has tolerated our two beasties incredibly well.

Her Number 1 fan is the Minx.

She doesn't really 'do' cuddles but she will trot upstairs at 6am - even at weekends!! - for an early morning snuggle on the bed, with behind the ear tickles permitted - she only started doing this in the past year.

She victimises visitors by forcing them to play ball for at least half and hour - we are impervious to her wiley ways and she knows better than to try it on with us, apart from Minx who is always up for a game of ball.

We've discovered, in the past year, that her most very favourite food in the whole wide world ever ever, is chicken poo.

She has a particularly persistent woof.

She does the full on throwing the head back and howling thing when Monster plays his oboe.

She doesn't actually think she's a dog. She thinks she's a short human with a very hot coat on.

She's been accused of being a poodle - because of the incredible curliness of her coat - by a very tiny girl who walked past us just recently.

What she doesn't realise is that she's a totally and utterly typical Border Collie. She runs after the ball, brings it back and then runs round in a big circle before lying flat in the grass, waiting for the next throw. She's obedient, whether she wants to be or not - she just can't help herself. She doesn't rest until all her flock are present and correct :-)

She doesn't realise she's an old lady and prances around like a puppy - between sleeps, of course.

She's our old Moog and we love her.



Angela said...

Happy Birthday to the Moog.I hope he had some nice treats today. We have a dog that thinks he's a human, only a small thing but with a very big attitude.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Happy Birthday Your Royal Woofiness! I'm not surprised you are a bit bonkers given the family that you live with!

Hope you had a fabby day.

Locket xxxx

wonderwoman said...

YAY! Happy Birthday Moog - you are lovely and Molly is right with you on the chicken poo thing!!!
although horse poo is a close second!

Jodie said...

Happy birthday Ms Moog - may your future be full of ballgames and chicken poop!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Moog! We also had a Border Collie, who came to us late in her life, and sounds remarkably similar!!!

trashalou said...

I feel sure Moog and my Old Man dog may be separated at birth. He had a chicken poo habit as a wee lad.

Michaela said...

Happy Birthday Moog. I love doggy posts so much more than cat ones. Hurrah for the 4 legged short human with a hot coat on!

Natasha said...

Happy birthday Moog! Hope you get lots of chicken poo to eat.

marit said...

Happy Birthday, Moog! You look gorgeous! I need help herding my sheep- have your people retired you yet, or would you care to pop over for a quick rounding up??;-D

quinn said...

Belated Happy Birthday to the Moog! Many happy returns of the day to you :)

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Moog! It was Barley's birthday last week too (only 9) but we forget until it was bedtime. I don't think he noticed!

Julie on DH's computer said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Moog! How good of the Queen was it to get all those horses and men out in your honour, not forgetting the Irish wolfhound?!

Ali said...

Happy birthday Moog (if I had a chicken poo eater, I might be brave enough to have chickens - a true public service you do there!)

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Moog! Woof, woof!

Daisie said...

Happy Birthday Moog, hope you've had a good one?!

JuliaB said...

Happy Birthday to Moog!

Leanne said...

Happy belated B/day to a really great dog. Love the scared of list.

Calidore said...

Happy Birthday Moog. Hope the family spoils you rotton although by the sounds of it you already are..vbg.

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

My 14 year old Collie-cross (Poppy) would have sent Moog birthday wishes on the day, but she's been too busy :

Spilling the boy's breakfast bowl-dregs on the floor from the very high table
Snaffling in the black bin bag in the kitchen
Rolling about on her green fluffy squeaky turtle thing that stinks to high heaven.

She does all this even though she's very nearly blind and almost totally deaf!

(She's even snuck into my blog photos on my latest post!)

twiggypeasticks said...

Belated Happy Birthday lovely Moog. I love your tiptop Moog factoids :) She's fab!!!
twiggy x
PS My word verification is twigol!

Thimbleanna said...

A Happy VERY Belated Birthday dear Moog (although, perhaps this is the correct birthday hmmm????). What a beauty you are -- and very well loved too!

dottycookie said...

Very belated woofy birthday wishes to the Moog - I can only hope she's have birthday that's at least a week long!