Monday, June 29, 2009

A little cookery and hookery

First off, I need to fulfill an obligation. Having promised to write a review on my blog in return for a free box of Abel and Cole organic fruit and veg, I feel it's only fair that I do so.

As I said previously, I have wanted to try an organic box scheme for ages. I was really pleased with the selection in the A&C box and the contents lasted us for several lovely meals. I think our favourites were the sweet carrots and new potatoes. In my opinion, the broad beans were delicious - not an opinion shared by the children but then that doesn't surprise me, as I wouldn't go near a broad bean until I was at least 20!

The lettuce was very tasty and crunchy - and any less crunchy bits were enjoyed by the chickens.

The watermelon went down a treat, as did the apples. I wasn't so impressed with the bananas, which didn't seem to last very well, and soon went black. However, not one of them went to waste, as they were turned into banana cake and banana custard ice cream.

I think the thing that struck me most of all, is how determined I was not to waste any of the fruit and veg at all. Every little bit got used up and I also made much more imaginative meals than usual.

It's so easy to get stuck in a rut of buying the same veg every single week from the supermarket, or even the farm shop. Having the choices made for you, really does encourage you to be a bit more creative and lot less wasteful.

So, will I be placing an order? Most definately, but possibly not until autumn as we'll be living off the homegrown veg for the next few months. This week we have mostly been eating mange tout :)

Now then, now then....onto something pretty.

Baking for the cake stall at Saturday's school fair.

I really enjoyed the school fair this year. Could have something to do with the fact that I was right next to the Pimms stall?

In lieu of anything sewey, I have been very busy with the hook this week. I find crochet extremely therapeutic when I'm feeling slightly wound up....let's just say, my Dad is still in hospital, my brother's family have swine flu and Dad is not helping my brother by helping himself!

So, over four evenings last week, I made a little hooky cushion - edged in cream, because I started making this knowing I had only one ball of the turquoise and the yarn shop no longer stock that colour.

Once that was done, the hook was in full flow, so I made a few pretty squares for hooky cushion #2.

I've just got the back to finish on this one ....but seem to have become distracted by some gorgeous rainbow sock knitting....

There are plans afoot for a full day of sewing this week - and about time too!

I'm now going to water my poor parched veg patch - phew, it's been hot today - 26 degrees inside the house laughing you southern hemisphere types!!!

I know some people who are too hot when it hits 20 degrees :)

Hope you have a lovely week, whatever the weather xxx


Gina said...

Fabulous crochet and cupcakes Mrs Moog!

Working Mom Knits said...

Great stuff you've got going there Lady M! Especilly like the granny square - I seem to be a granny square kinda gal though I couldn't crochet if my life depended upon it (sad fact, that).

Oh, and for the metrically challenged among us, 26C is...?
They temp here today is a beautiful 83F - that's maybe 27-28C?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well it IS HOT up here! Even if it's not as hot as it is down THERE! And I got really really sunburnt yesterday even though it was mega cloudy and the sun only peeked out for a minute or two! And it hurts!

Love, love, LOVE your hookiness and those swirly decorate cakes look very snazzy!

Me xxx

Julie said...

Note to self - buy some Pimms!

The cupcakes look very pretty and very edible and the cushion is lovely too. I'm with Lucy Locket on the temperature thing - I hate the heat. It's currently 26C in our lounge and we've got doors open and the fan running. Heaven help us by the end of the week. I hope things soon improve on the Dad and brother front.

Angela said...

What cute cakes, mine never look like that.
I love the crochet.
Hope things improve with your dad and brother.

trashalou said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! Moog extended family hit by swine flu!!!

(Was it the brother of outdoor holiday fame? That will teach him to camp in fields)

marit said...

Lovely crochet! I've hardly touched the needles this last week...we've been busy with the hay- and yes, 26C is HOT!!! That's in the shadow...I have some sunburnt arms and shoulders...

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, such beautiful pictures! Did you sneak a cupcake while you were playing with the pretty yarns???

Blossom said...

love that cushion !!!!!!

JuliaB said...

that cushion is gorgeous!!! and i can see the next project is going to be just as. Am v. jealous of anybody's crocheting skills ... :( xx

silverpebble said...

...crawls out from under stone...What a lot of gorgeous stuff (except for the swine flu of course). Crocheting magic there Mrs M and I really like the sound of the A & C boxes. Pink cupcakes too, what could be better?

Michaela said...

I am still staggered by the fact that your school has a Pimm's stall. Must suggest that to our head teacher.

Great hookiness there too. Fab cushion.

As to heat, don't talk about it. Our classroom is hotter than a blinking sauna and I'm still too hot to do any work in the kitchen now. I am English through and through. The weather will never be just right for me - either too hot, too cold, too wet or too cloudy. No pleasing some folk is there?!

Ali said...

Swine flu? Egads.

And next year, I'm lobbying to RUN the Pimms stall - classy school Mrs M (though I knew that already by the cupcake quality)!

wonderwoman said...

mmmmm Pimms!!!! my fav!! fantastic crochet and gorgeous cupcakes - you put me to shame, as have not done much creative this week!! is that your own cushion pattern - cos its lovely!


Lina said...

OH I miss Pimms, can't find it over here! Your cupcakes are so beautiful, do share your secret, mine never look so pretty!

dottycookie said...

Lovely post, Lesley (except for te swine flu - eeeek). I remember introducing some US friends to Pimms - they thought it was iced tea and we didn't realise their mistkae until they polished off the first jug and asked for more ... let's just say we had lots of people sleeping on the floor that night, in no state to drive!