Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bring on the summer!

I thought today was never going to get here! The children have finally finished school for the summer. I finish work tomorrow and then we are ready for a great British summer......

.......not like this, of course!

There's been a bit of crafty action happening this week. A chance visit to the sale stand at Hobbycraft resulted in a little haul of wool just perfect for an experiment with felting.

Then, sewing happened.

A Kinder girl called Polly for Minx's friend Holly!

Polly was greeted enthusiastically by Millie but sadly, as she was only just finished in time, there just wasn't time to play.

Minx has already managed to organise me into cutting a little friend out for Millie, though - so there'll be holiday sewing going on too :)

Our little old postman has been kept busy too - with this lovely giveaway prize from Maria!

There were so many gorgeous goodies in here and I can't wait to get stuck into using them! Maria sent me the sockwool as a little extra and I'm going to have to knit some very special socks with it - none of my usual very plain stocking stitch for this yarn!

Then there was an extremely useful gift from Julia.

Over the past week Julia and I have both been battling infestations of red mite in our chicken coops. Very nasty little critters that are potentially lethal for chickens.

Whilst sharing our woes, I happened to mention to Julia that, to add insult to injury, Minx had come home from school with bl***y headlice!

Thanks to Julia's Nitty Gritty, Minx is now bug free and enjoying wearing her pretty new Marmaladekiss scrunchy :)

I'm now looking forward to a long, relaxing summer with plenty of reading and more than a little craftiness .....and no headlice!!

Hope you have a good one too!



dottycookie said...

My Tall Small brought home 'visitors' as an end of term present too. Hurrah. Just what I wanted to spend the first day of the holidays doing.

A friend has been battling spider mites on her chickens - she finally blitzed them with something nasty but fears her karma is irreversibly shot to pieces!

wonderwoman said...

i love the words 'chance visit'!!!brilliant! so glad you liked the goodies.
one of my chickens looking a bit fluffed up and unnecessary again, given her everything i can think of and going to de-lice their house when i clean it out tomorrow!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hooray for the holidays! Did you get your reports finished?

Your presents look fabby and that felted crochet is very impressive.

But I'm afraid it's Polly who steals the show - she's gorgeous! Did you have to give her away????

Lucy x

trashalou said...

We have one of those head bug combs and they are BRILLIANT!!!

silverpebble said...

Wow what loveliness from Maria! That friend of Minx's is a VERY lucky little lady.

Poor chicks and poor Minx! Eek, funny how they caught 'friends and relations' at the same time. I think this term for crawlies comes from Winne the Pooh - Rabbit's friends and relations had six legs, mostly.

Hope the Moogy chicks are mite free very soon.


Cybèle said...

how gorgeous are those dolls! off to order the pattern now. My 7 year old came home the day before the end of term absolutely crawling with the nasty critters. I've checked my ten year old and she's checked me, but I can't stop itching... somehow when he climbed into my bed in the middle of the night last night, it didn't feel quite so cosy!!

Jane said...

Oh I hate little visitors of the head variety, and even when I know i haven't got them i get the itches thinking about it - yuk! poor you and poor minx and poor chicks. I hope you soon conquer all the nasties and have a lovely holiday. I love your comment about the cushions, Tony is exactly the same! and he always put them on the floor when he sits down. So I haven't got any at the moment, but I love your crochet cushions. Jane x

Ali said...

Does the nit comb work on the chickens too? Just curious!

And I keep thinking about a non stocking-stitch pair of socks then chickening out.

Working Mom Knits said...

The British Summer looks good on you! Enjoy!!

Karens Hopes said...

I'm new to blogging so pop on over I've always enjoyed your blog and I love your work.

henzy said...

they are so cute

Charlie P said...

Aww, Polly and Millie look lovely together! And you've been very lucky to win that gorgeous giveaway prize!
Enjoy the British summer :-)...if it ever starts...

p.s. my mother is still disappointed that I never came home with headlice...strange lady.

Leigh said...

A Cath Kidston store and now Hobbycraft, just drive the stake in lady!!!

I cannot believe those bugs had the audacity to invade craftdom! I am not jealous of that business!

marit said...

I hope you're enjoying your holidays, and that you have finally kicked out all those little unexpected, unwanted guests...
Cute crochetbowl, and the dolls are precious! Looking forward to see Millie's little friend;-)
Have a great summer!

julie said...

Bad luck about the creepy crawly visitors - it's that time of year isn't it! Hope you've managed to get rid of them all and are having a fun summer with lots of the craftiness and relaxing reading going on x

Jennie said...

I have had ongoing problems with head vistors on my daughter. She is thirteen now and we still get them every so often. I swear by one of those nitty gritty combs and lemon juice. The lemon juice neutrlizes the glue they use to hold on and they slip off easily, the eggs as well.
Hope you are enjoying the school holidays. :D

louise said...

It's still pouring with rain! The dolls are really lovely. x