Saturday, January 9, 2010

A public service announcement: Winter is here

For those of you in the north of Britain, indeed throughout the northern hemisphere, who were under the impression that winter arrived weeks ago with the fall of the first snow, I am sorry to disappoint you.

Winter did not arrive until Tuesday of this week, when snow fell on southern England.

There were murmurings on the national TV news for several weeks, that mentioned bits of snow in Scotland and northern England. It's only now, that we've had a full three inches down here, that the powers that be have deemed it worthy of prolonged news coverage.

I mean, so what if that poor chap in Scotland hasn't seen his wife for 19 days, since she popped out to buy a Christmas turkey and couldn't get back to their remote home? That's not hardship! No, hardship is when the Co-op has no milk for a day. Hardship is when you can't wear your Jimmy Choo's for the school run. Hardship is when you have to clear two inches of snow off your driveway!

See, we know ALL about winter down here!

Me, I'm hibernating.

I have some delicious new yarn to snuggle up to, thanks to Michaela's inspired Big Diet Raffle.


Not only that but a fab bundle of fabric too!

I feel it's only right to thank the postman too, as he had to slip and slide his way here on ice-rink pavements, to bring me my goodies.

With school closed for two days, all the schools I work with closed, and children happily occupied bickering and arguing with each other, I had one or two opportunities to snuggle up with my knitting.

Big and bulky wristwarmers to match my big and bulky beanie.

Progress made on a new pair of socks for Monster.

A new start made, after frogging one frustrating project, I moved onto a simpler pattern to use some very pretty, soft and squooshy alpaca yarn.

In the midst of the 'BIG FREEZE' the lovely City Link man also managed to make it through , with the result of a shopping spree on Amazon with my money from Father Christmas.

Take a look at that delicious pile of books. No prizes for guessing what knitting projects I may have in mind this year.

We're in for a weekend of snuggling up - well I am, as they're all off to the cinema later (with hot flasks and sleeping bags) - a bit of baking, plenty of reading, a spattering of knitting and readying ourselves for the next deluge of snow that's due to hit tomorrow.

In the meantime, please spare a thought for all those poor folk who've had to suspend their plans to hit the January sales for a new pair of heels. My heart bleeds.

Keep warm.

Keep safe.

Keep smiling :)



wonderwoman said...

wow,, what lovely goodies and such brilliant books - i think i would very much like to hibernate with that little lot!!! have stocked up with food, fuel ,etc and just hope we don't get a power cut!!! happy snuggles,


Chris said...

Excellent post! Love it
Look forward to seeing your knitting projects
Chris x
In the South, where we had 6"

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Moogs - we must have been blogging at the same time! We got LOADS more snow last night - heaps and heaps of the stuff and have pretty much had it constantly since before Christmas. But you are right - it's only when it inconveniences the southern half of the country that it hits the headlines!

You've done some great knitting and your raffle prizes from Michaela look lovely - but my snowman hasn't slippy-slid his way here with my prizes yet even though they were posted at the same time so I'm feeling a bit jealous!

Never mind, cos I've got far too many new things cast-on at the moment anyway and I need to start knitting a woolly cover for the house to keep the pesky snow out!

Locket xxx

dottycookie said...

Hang on, the news told us you had feet and feet of the stuff! What I want to know is why the snow that they PROMISED we would have keeps diverting away to my little sister in Sussex who has more than she needs already. S'not fair. Humph. I bet it rains here tomorrow instead of snows and washes all 1.5 inches of it away. Can you tell I'm wanting to go sledging?

Gina said...

Fabulous knitting. Sorry you've not been able to wear your Jimmy Choos though ;)

trasha said...

Probably just as well it has been so Wintry that your Jimmy Choos have stayed in their box, I don't think you have kniteed a pair of socks to match them yet.

quinn said...

Lovely yarny goodness, there! Good snow preparedness :)

I'd never heard of Posh yarns before Michaela's I visit the Posh website just to admire all the photos of "Quantity Available"SOLD OUT"! So pretty.

Stay warm. Have fun!

(My word verification: tabulli. Great, now I'm hungry again.)

Eve said...

I am jealoux!! I too went shopping for books on Amazon. I received the email that they had been posted on tuesday, guess when we last received post?
I am having to 'make do' with the patterns I allready have (and ravelry of course).
Need to do some shopping, but can only get there if son with 4 whell drive will take me, so far the answer has been NO! His MOT runs out on monday, so he better take me tonight before we get more snow!
Puppy loves the snow, but I could do with a bit less....or better equipment! We have quite a bit more than you by the look of it ;-P

French Knots said...

I went out today for the first time since Tuesday to stock up on food, well really wanted a couple of bottles of wine but it seemed wise to buy food too! (8 inches here)
Glad to see you've stocked up on essentials too! Lovely wool, I'm green with envy!X

Rachel said...

Lovely fabric and yarny goodness! I also got some lovely yarn in the raffle and am trying to decide what to knit with it. I feel like hibernating too - no sooner had my kids gone back to school than they closed again, and I am SO over the snow now! Mind you, a shopping spree on Amazon sounds like a good way to spend some time...
R xxx

Amanda said...

What a gorgeous post. Made me feel tons better about being holed up with a bug! Hope you've really enjoyed your cosy day! Much love, Amanda xxx

JP said...

love all your books - you are going to be busy - please tell the pattern for wristwarmers and beanie?!!- you need to keep warm - this weather is unbelievable

Leanne said...

That wool is lovely I love the colours. Have fun hibernating.

Julie said...

I have wool and fabric envy here :o) Keep snuggling!

Jane said...

yep we've been hibernating too, but school set work so Em wasn't bored infact she complained she had too much work! Tony has had enough and is desperate to go back to work on Monday (he's talking about digging out the car! thats no small feat as the drive way is about 40 ft long!) jane x


It must still be autumn in St. Ives then. Nice knittin'


LiEr said...

I love those socks Monster is getting! Lucky. We've had winter here since fall, if that makes sense at all. We have feet of snow. Want some? I'm ready to unhibernate. But we've got to keep at it till April! UGH. Your arsenal of hibernation aids, though, looks very, very nice! Good thing we have all our crafty supplies to take us through to Spring. How do our husbands do it? Demolish the rooms in the house with their power tools, I suppose, which is what mine is doing now. Funny, the craft supplies the men pick. Happy new year to you, too!

rachelmp said...

I hope all that knitting keeps you warm, or you can imagine the 40 degrees we will be having tomorrow! Nice christmas purchasing too

Karens Hopes said...

Brrrr its cold I'm hibernating too
although I havent moved from the TV all weekend. Very bad......

Angel Jem said...

Folk knitting in Estonia? folk knitting in Estonia? I mean, FOLK KNITTING IN ESTONIA?
Is this , like, a cover for a more interesting (or rude) book? A spy manual or the illustrated edition of how to oil your gaskets while wearing Jimmy Choos?

Folk knitting in Estonia?

You have to show us some pages from that book.

Michaela said...

Oh those books! What's the Alice Starmore one like? I really want to knit one of her designs, but every one I look at involves steeks. No way will I ever do that. It goes against all that is right and proper. And Kaffe? Oh come on, do some book reviews, we need to be told!

Anonymous said...

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the vicious chicken said...

Happy New Year, Mrs Moog :-)

I just *had* to come back out of lurkerdom to say Oooh! The Alice Starmore book!! I'd been coveting it for *years* after reading bits of it in the library in Shetland... but it was out of print (*sob!*) and there was Just No Way my finances were going to stretch to the £100+ it always seemed to cost as a second-hand "collectible item". *Sigh*

And then, if you will, imagine the joy in my heart one day last year, when I discovered that Interweave had republished it!! Hurrah! I was so excited I nearly did a little wee. Well, OK: not quite that excited. But still. You get the picture.

Which is the (very) long-winded way of saying that I *heart* Alice Starmore's book of Fair Isle Knitting. So much. I was reading my copy just yesterday, in fact. Of course, I woudln't want to be without Sheila McGregor's, either; and Ann Feitelson's is also useful. And yes, I *am* a little bit obsessed with Fair Isle Knitting books... but I ain't sorry :-)

And heck, while I'm here clogging up ALL the space in your comment box: can I ask for a review of Folk Knitting in Estonia, please? It's on my wish list, but so are lots of other things; a girl needs some direction to help her prioritise. :-)

I think that's about it now. Sorry for rambling and all that.

Love to all the Moog family,

PS. have I used up all my commenting allowance for another 6 months, now? Yeah, I thought I might've...

Thimbleanna said...

You're sooo funny Ms. Moog! I'm very happy that you can share in the joys of winter with the rest of us! And what a lovely pile of books -- we're going to need a report on that Fair Isle book!

est said...

lol! that sure a nice way to hibernate :) wish i could at least have a walk in the snow once in my lifetime.

Kitty said...

Pah ... snow :( I'm fed up with it. It's still here - it's only been a week but it feels like at least a month.

Those socks you are knitting for your little chap - I have some knitted in that (knitted by a bloggy friend) ... they are so warm and lovely.

Happy New Year to you and all the Moogs - take care.


syko kajsa said...

Happy new year Katy! I wish they would close the schools here too, at least an hour or so in the mornings. But no, Finns are supposed to take their kids to school at 8 a.m. even when the world is covered with 1 ½ meters of snow.

Anyway, love your knitting projects, I'm knitting socks too!

monda-loves said...

Do you really wear Jimmy Choo's on the school run? I would love to see this!
We have had a fair bit of snow here this last week too - lots today too, but not enough to keep me off work :o(
I love all your knitty stuff - it looks like 2010 will be a knitty year Mrs Moog!