Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A very special week

Plans to blog on every one of the past seven days seemed to go totally to pot - for no other reason than busy stuff. However, I didn't let the busy get in the way of opening and enjoying my lovely Seven Days of Specialness parcels.

Saturday was a most delicious package. So delicious, in fact, that while Mr Moog and the kiddlies were otherwise engaged, I tore into it before suddenly realising it might be better to take a photo first!!

After a lovely Saturday night out with Trashy, at her most refined and beautifully decorated birthday party, I was awoken at silly o'clock on Sunday morning by my naughty daughter. Luckily, I had another parcel to perk me up.

I just love this!! Believe it or not, I didn't already have one of these. A gorgeous needle case.

Isn't it lovely? I love the colour combination too - it reminds me of some of my very favourite sweets - chocolate limes!

It can't get better than that, can it?
Actually, it can because on Monday morning the week got off to the best start with this fantastic bundle of baking goodies!

My naughty Minx was especially taken with this parcel. We both now have plans for a bit of baking at the weekend.

Just look at these fabulous little hearts.

So then we came to day seven of the most cheering and thoughtful swap. Today's goodies are so gorgeous that I have to keep stopping to look at them. My morning coffee has never tasted so good!

I think this is my all time favourite colour combination - they match my sofa quilt perfectly, so I obviously need to spend lots of time on the sofa sipping freshly brewed coffee!!

To my lovely swap partner Dragonfly I just have to say a HUGE Thank You! Your gorgeous, very thoughtful gifts have really lifted my spirits. This has been the best way to start February :o)
To Ali, who came up with the idea for the swap - Wow! Well done Ali on a truly inspired idea for a swap!!

Now onto other business. I had to go to the Scrapstore for some bits for work today. While I was there I spotted a few things that looked like they might come in useful.

What else would you make from a plastic spool thing, a bit of plastic tube, some dolly pegs and a length of cardboard tubing?
I mean, it's obvious really, isn't it?

Yup, you got it - a yarn swift to go with the lovely new wool winder I bought recently.

It spins like a dream, cost less than £1 to make, can be taken to pieces for storage and is to be fully tested later this evening!

I arrived back from the Scrapstore to find postie at the door with a very unexpected parcel. A fab bundle of books from my lovely bloggy friend Jo - to give me a break from the knitting mania that seems to have taken hold!

Thank you so much Jo - you made my day :o)

I'm now whizzing off, to fetch that naughty Minx from Brownies and when I get back I may be doing something with this:



Michaela said...

What fantastic presents there - I didn't join this swap, but am now regretting it - I might have been paired up with Dragonfly and it might now be me and not you scoffing her way through some cherry chocolate! I've only got cooking chocolate in the cupboards (ate all the other stuff yesterday!) and am now getting withdrawal symptoms!

dottycookie said...

Oooh, didn't you do well? The sun finally came out enough for me to tkae photos of my goodies so hopefully once the monsters are in bed ...

Gina said...

Busy busy busy! And what lovely presents in your swap. Hoping to get around to taking pics of all mine tomorrow.

quinn said...

Wow - you really know how to "do" mail! Just for comparision, here's what I found in the letterbox yesterday: the phonebill, two adverts, and what appeared to be a rebate check but turned out to be an "opportunity" to buy a new car (HAHAHAHAHA)!

I need chocolate, and I need it now. ;)

silverpebble said...

This was a week when you needed loveliness. I'm so glad you got some - and such loveliness. Those coasters are very very special indeed.

Now what is that thingy? A spinning Jenny? You and your yarniness - it's so mysterious, twirly and baffling. The results, though, are always fabulous.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

You really did get some gorgeous pressies! But I have to say that today's post is TOTALLY dominated by the sheer brilliance of your wool-windy-holder-y-thingummy! I am bowled over by your innovation Heath Robinson!

Locket xx

wonderwoman said...

what gorgeous presents - so which i'd known about this swap!!!! i love your wool winder - you clever girl you!!


Lina said...

Amazing goodies there. I'm feeling very sheepish as mine don't seem to have even arrived in England yet. Blinkin' Canada post! As for your winding contraption, I must admit that I never know what these are for? I'm guessing winding yarn into balls? Very good for coming up with your own design!

rachelmp said...

Wow! Lots of specialness there - lucky you

Ali said...

Ah, she did you proud - truly a parcel to make one feel special.

And you, Missus M, are a master of cunning invention - your winder thingummy is spectacular!!

傷害 said...


French Knots said...

Mmm chocolate limes! Your wool winder is brilliant, what a genius idea and so frugal too.xx

trasha said...

Pah! Michaela is a big, fat fibber pants. She just said on her blog she doesn't like brown and yet here she is bewailing lack of chocolate! Make your mind up!!

Delightful swap packages Missus and you will have to start wearing your sofa quilt for all future coffe-ing occasions.

Thimbleanna said...

Hmmmm. What is "this" at the end of your post? Inquiring minds want to know!

And your swap package! It's absolutely fabulous! What a lucky girl!!!

Mama said...

BRAVO YOU!!!! What a visionary you are! That swift is fantastic!

Great pressise too :)

Anything from the US appear yet?

twiggypeasticks said...

Oooo your week of gifts look just the thing for dreary February. I love your wool winder, thrifty, clever lady. I'm banned from visiting out scrapstore until I've got rid of some of my junk (that's Mr Twigs definition, not mine) philistine !!
Twiggy x

Jane said...

Lovely gifts, I hope you have lots of fun baking. Jane x

Leanne said...

Lots of lovely goodness there. I am impressed with your windy thing. We don't see wool in hanks much but I bought some wool off the net the other day and it came in a hank and I had to wind it. Your windy thing would have come in very handy.

Louise said...

What a lovely needlecase. I agree, the green and brown do go really well together. The inventor of chocolate limes must have thought so too. x