Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Famous twins

You may not have realised this....but all the very best people are born on 31st March.

It's true!!

Don't believe me?

Well there's Ewan MacGregor, Angus Young, Al Gore, Rhea Perlman, Christopher Walken, Herb Alpert, Richard Chamberlain, William Daniels, Joseph Haydn and Rene Descartes for starters. How's that for a Who's Who of impressive creative intellectual people?

Not convinced?

This should clinch it then- there's also my twin blogger and me! Yup, look no further for proof that today is THE day on which to be born :o)

Happy Birthday Clara!!!! Hope you've had as lovely a day as I have :o)

My day started very early. I awoke with a head full of sneeze at 4am and finally gave in and crawled out of bed at 4.30am as sleep just wasn't happening. After three mugs of tea and a slice of toast I woke everyone else up to help me open my pressies.

And what fabulous pressies!! I'm totally overwhelmed with the beautiful gifts I've received.

Just feast your eyes on the gorgeous patchwork cushion Trashy made for me - beautifully pieced, stunning fabrics, my colours and a zip!!!

Isn't it fab?! Trashy also made me a brilliant chickeny pouch - that I can keep my sock knitting in - with a zip!!

My special bloggy twin sent me a lovely American quilting magazine and a bar of yummy birthday nourishment!

My fab and funny London roommate, Lucy Locket, gave me these totally yummy treats - a very pretty handmade by Locket bracelet and a pack of the most fabulous fabrics by one of my favourite ever designers 'Basic Grey' - I love their scrapbook papers and remember getting very squeaky on the phone to Locket when I discovered they were making fabrics too!!

Thank you all so much!!! I've had a very smiley day, thanks in no small part to your beautiful, thoughtful gifts :o)

The Minx and Monster each spent some of their pocket money on a gift for me - a necklace from Minx and a set of bangles from Monster. As I'm wearing them - and the very beautiful necklace and earrings from my best friend - I haven't managed to take a photo.

My lovely hubby gave me money to spoil myself, and as I just so happened to be near a Cath Kidston shop whilst out at work today, I had a bit of a splurge on a pretty new bag.

Even work was great! I'm normally either at home, working alone, or out at a school visit on my birthday. Today we had our end of term meeting and, as one of my colleagues is leaving, we all went out for a very nice lunch.

So all in all, a VERY good day and well worth being another year older for.

Mr Moog has now gone out to get us all some dinner and then we're going to tuck into this deliciously gooey cake, that my children so carefully decorated :o)

Don't feel bad if you weren't born on this most auspicious of days. We can't all be perfect ;o)
p.s. I make no apology for the overuse of 'yummy' 'lovely' and ':o)' in this post. When overtired I'm adjectively challenged.....and besides, it's my birthday!


dottycookie said...

Happy Birthday Lesley! Lots of lovely goodies, and very well deserved. Now, go and put your feet up; you really must take care of your aging bones (and now I'm ducking and running away).

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Happy Birthday Old Fruit! Glad the snotty start didn't set the tone for the whole day!

That yummynew bag really is SUPER yummy and I'm seriously impressed with your gorgeous pressies from Trashy!

I'm sorry your main present from me isn't with you yet - I have been exchanging a flurry of emails with the seller as to why it hasn't arrived 2 weeks after they apparently posted it! :o(

Anyway, 31 March can't be that special a birthday as SOOOOOO many people share it, including one of my bestest friends up here and one of my not-for-much-longer-work-colleagues.

Locket x

P.S. I nipped into the Staff Room after the "birthday club" get together and helped myself to a bit of cake! :o)

jennyflower said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! That looks like a perfect day (apart from the 4am sneezes!) Thanks for the good news about basic grey- cool! xx

trash said...

My word what a delightful purchase from the CK shop. Hmmmm, with this and the chickeny pouch I guess this makes you a complete baggage?

Loads of lovely gifties and cakeage, hope you have a fab evening :-)

wonderwoman said...

A very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs Moog - what lovely goodies you have there! That fabric looks gorgeous i may have to sneak and purchase some!! I love Trashy's cushion - and a zip - I think she is rapidly becoming the zip queen as i have seen some more lovely goodies with zips in today made with her fair hands!. So glad your cold didn't spoil your day.


Gina said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your evening is as good as your day... feet up, glass of wine?

French Knots said...

Happy Birthday Mrs Moog!! The lovely new bag is yummy and that cake looks rather yummy too!xx

Jan said...

A very Happy Birthday dear friend your day sounded wonderful ,and so many lovely presents Jan xx

monda-loves said...

oooh happy b-day Mrs Moog.
Sounds like you had a lovely day.
I love your new Cath bag, and the cake looks so bad and so good at the same time - YUM!
I hope you finished the day with a large glass of wine, or two :o)


quinn said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Moog! What a lot of lovely loot - I suppose you are planning to share with Al Gore and the others in your exclusive clique?

What? You're NOT???

Well, Happy Birthday to YOU, anyway :)

Frogdancer said...

Happy birthday!

I've cut into the thrifted vintage fabric you sent me as part of the swap. It's the basis for a quilt for my niece. I've been having a lovely time with it. I also included some fabric that Jodie gave me when I was up there a couple of days ago, so the working title for the quilt is the "Ric-Moogs-Rac" quilt.
I may need to come up with something a little less wordy by the time I finish it...

rachelmp said...

Happy Birthday Lesley!

Ali said...

Happy, happy birthday too yooou!

Jodie said...

I hope you have a spectacular day Mrs - you deserve it !!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday!! Couldnt Mr Moog have arranged for Ewan McGregor to visit you ? lovely pressies, I overuse the word lovely but well it's a lovely word isn't it :) Have a fab Easter
Twiggy x

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Lesley! I'm so sorry I missed it this year (slapped wrists!) Looks like you had a fab day with some gorgeous pressies!
Rachel xx

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Happy Birthday! You got some lovely treats there!

Liz said...

Many happy returns on your birthday. I'm glad you had such a lovely day.

silverpebble said...

Oh Mrs M, I do hope you had a happy hoppy lovely bubbly birthday. Sorry I missed commenting yesterday. I hope your tummy feels very happy indeed with such a cake in it. Your presents are all divine. Thanks for all the laughs Missus xxxxx

Stine said...

Hippo Birdies Two Ewe, Mrs. Moog. Sounds like you had a super day and receive way more than one persons share of goodies. (good on you!)

JP said...

love your choice of bag

marit said...

Happy (belated...)Birthday!!! Sounds like you've had the most perfect day:-)

julie said...

A belated Happy Birthday Mrs Moog - glad it was a goodie despite the headcold! You've got some fab pressies there! Hope you're having a lovely Easter and the cold is out the window x

quiltygal said...

So now I feel bad for not hanging on & having Whitney a day later!! oh actually it would be the doctors fault for inducing me on the 30th not the 31st!! anyway happy birthday & you don't look a day older!!

Julie said...

Just got back from a week in Essex so I missed your special day. Soo, a belated but massive Happy Birthday for last week and I hope your grotty cold is on the way out by now. xx

Lyndyloo said...

A belated Happy Birthday. I hope you had a good one. You know we are all famous too because we read your blog!

LiEr said...

Happy belated famous birthday, Mrs Moog! I didn't read this post till today (am ignoring my blogroll because the furnace man camped out in our house all last week and made a massive mess that we are now slowly picking our way through). But enough about me. That cake is fabulous! I know no one who is born on March 31st, but my youngest was born April 1st (I am bracing myself for the jokes etc when she starts school). So close. Ah well.

Michaela said...

Have just seen this post - only 2 weeks late! I share my birthday with Hitler. Shame about that really.