Thursday, March 18, 2010

Knitter's thumbitis

My thumbs are getting old.

My thumbs aren't as supple as they once were.

Or rather, my left thumb isn't what it once was.

It would seem that my left thumb is no longer up to the rigours of that most demanding of sports.

Yup, knitting can be bad for your thumb(s).

Unfortunately, having galliantly picked up Mrs Stashbasket's sock-knitting-challenge gauntlet, this thumb of mine is just going to have to grin and bear it.

I have a deadline to meet and no achey thumb is going to stop me meeting that deadline!

Then there's the added trauma of having to buy even more delicious sock yarn.

Sounds dreadful, doesn't it?

C'mon. Join in. If you think you're hard enough ;o)

If you need any further encouragement to get knitting just feast your eyes on this.

I have an actual whole real proper day off tomorrow and all my poor befuddled knit-obsessed brain can think of is 'oooh just think of all that knitting time....'.

As if that's not enough, I will be totally childless after 4.30pm tomorrow for nearly 24 hours!

Watch out Mrs Stashbasket - I'm racing to that finish line!

My thumb may end up in physio next week but at least my feet will look pretty.



Julie said...

Impressive knitting and I can sympathise with the painful thumb, my knitting days are over for a similar reason. Have fun with your child free 24 hours.

Dragonfly said...

Strangely, my poor arthritic thumbs actually benefit from knitting as I think the movement keeps them...well, moving, as it were!
Enjoy your 24 hours - I'm off for the weekend, leaving No2 but with the addition of my lovely friend's 2, rather noisy, boys!
Thank goodness for red wine!

Kitty said...

I'm so full of admiration for your knitting prowess, Mrs Moogs. My mum had that whole thumb thing from quilting. She found that rubbing Arnica Cream into the joint three times a day, helped. Is it worth a try?

Have a lovely day tomorrow.


twiggypeasticks said...

Great knitting Mrs Moog, I used to get a sore thumb doing tapestries. Now I just get a sore shoulder doing cross stitch - what an old gimmer I am.
Twiggy x

quinn said...

The doc says I've got "bone spurs" at the base of my thumb.

Would'nt you think spurs would make me knit faster??

Lovely, lovely work you're doing there. I've just finished a pair of socks and have another on the sticks, but must take a break to knit a chemocap...hopefully, one with magical qualities.

Git up, there, Thumb! YeeHaw!

dottycookie said...

Enjoy your 24 hours of freedom, and DON'T do the washing!

Seriously, please be careful with your thumb. You really don't want to end up like me with a physio bill as long as your arm and unable to even lift a cup of tea without pain - more or less fine now but it took the best part of a year!

Ali said...

God bless the day off! Your thumb has clearly been busy. Perhats you could learn to knit with your toes - either to rest the thumb, or just to do double speed.

Michaela said...

Where on earth did you find that You Tube clip?!!!! Hilarious!

Yes, yes, yes, I know you're brilliant and supersonic fast at knitting and that you're going to win hands down, especially since you have no children tonight and tomorrow, but I have 2 children and one husband to cope with. I do not, however, have a sore thumb, so watch out, I may well beat you yet! (Not that we're racing of course!)

Has that Trashy Woman started on the socks yet, or is she still procrastinating?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Who needs usable thumbs when they have pretty feet anyway?

French Knots said...

We knitters and crocheters live such dangerous lives, injury possible at every turn!
Perhaps have knitting breaks by lifting a wine glass to help your thumb!xx

Penny said...

That video was brilliant - especially the line "...drop four".

Hope you enjoyed your child-free day.

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, that's a lot of knitting you've got going on there -- and it's all beautiful!

Poshyarns said...

Oh no, knitting related injury, not good. Very glad to see you are knitting through the pain, beautiful results.