Monday, May 10, 2010

I may be heading for a fall.....but I don't care.....I'm proud to be proud!

If you listen really hard to the chorus you'll hear the Sausage Monster and all his friends in the school choir. England are bound to win the World Cup now, with that heartfelt support :o)

Not wanting to let my child steal all the glory, I'm really rather proud of not only finishing these but of even attempting to knit them in the first place!

These are the May socks for the Stashbasket and Moogsmum sock challenge. I was so delighted to have finished them so early in the month but soon came down to earth when my dear friend Mrs Stashbasket kindly reminded me that I'd also agreed to knit these this month.

No problem.

After all, I do only have two pairs of socks on the needles at the moment and I wouldn't want to get bored, would I?



Amanda said...

You're socks are absolutely beautiful! I actually could hear Sausagey kind of singing on the clip! I really could! And I think that that is going to change everything for our boys! Well done Sausage Monster...your Mum is very proud. Lots of love, Amanda xxxx

silverpebble said...

Those socks are extremely very fancy Mrs Moog - they are twiddly and stripey and really very beautiful too.

You must be proud of your boy - hurray!

wonderwoman said...

i don't blame you for being proud to be proud - you have every reason to be!!!
Now those socks are just awesome!!!


Chris said...

Those socks are wonderful. I have downloaded the pattern ...just to look at for now!
Chris x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Okay. So I can see why you're proud of the Sausage Monster - and I bet he is really thrilled too. But Lesley, it's FOOTball! Bleurghy 'orrible football!

Although I have to confess a tiny chink in the I-really-can't-stand-football-armour when it comes to the World Cup as my baby boy was born during (or after - can't really remember as I was rather busy) an England match in the 2002 Cup.

At one stage I was in so-called "pre-labour" (so why does it blurry hurt so much) and lolling over one of those attractive birthing ball thingummy's watching the match when Mr Locket very kindly, knowing how much I really do hate football, turned the TV off. He was rather shocked by the hormonal screech of "I WAS WATCHING THAT!!!!!" and promptly turned it back on!

But as for your socks, there's no doubt about them, they're fantastic even without twisty hormones!

Locket xxx

Michaela said...

I love your socks. I really do love them so much I would like to marry them. But I'm already married. Shame about that.

trash said...

Oh Missus Moog I am so impressed with your sockage! I have no doubt you will steam straight through those rib ones.

And yay Sausage Monster!

Gina said...

I really think you are over achieving in the sock department so I refuse to comment and tell you how lovely they are. I could definitely hear Sausage Monster loud and clear... well done him!!!

Julie said...

What absolutely gorgeous fancy sox! and my favourite colours too!

How fantastic for Sausage Monster to be part of 2010 World Cup! Well done and lucky him! And well done proud Mum too :o)

marit said...

Your socks are a lot more stylish than mine! They look absolutely gorgeous!

But I thought the other pair this month was going to be Chuncho...

Thimbleanna said...

Sadly, I'm World Cup retarded. If I knew anything about it though, I'm sure I'd be rooting for your team.

Those socks are just gorgeous. I'm going to have to track down that pattern!

dottycookie said...

Ah, congrats to the Sausage Monster!

Oooh, your socks are fabby; though I have to confess I frogged my Macchias - they were big enough to fit both of my feet onto one and I just didn't think they were quite me. Back to the ribbed ones :-)