Monday, June 21, 2010

Knit news

Normal knitting service has resumed. I think my knit-free holiday did me good.

This little project has been pending for months. Ever since a dear friend asked me to knit her a tea cosy in fact. I got a baaaad case of Knitter's Block with this one.

Luckily, her fast approaching birthday kicked my knitting mojo into gear.

Then there was the Stashbasket and Moogsmum June sock to attend to. At one point I doubted my ability to even cast these on as it all felt like too much effort.

Then I realised, this was meant to be fun!

Believe me, these Rhodie Gus socks are an absolute joy to knit. Deceptively simple but with enough going on to keep a knitter interested. Mine are also rather large thanks to going up a needle size. I'm happy with this though, as I like to allow for a little shrinkage.

I did cables!!

Naturally, I now have an overwhelming urge to cast on a brand new project.

Unnaturally, I've made the somewhat uncharacteristic decision to finish some current WIPs.

So, as far as I'm concerned, the remainder of the month is to be know as Just-finish-it June.

Anyone care to join me?



monda-loves said...

just finish it June? June doesn't have enough days left for me to 'just finish it'. I have way too many half done things at the moment.
Love your new socks Mrs Mogg.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I can't believe you have already finished both Rhodie Gus's! I'm still on the ankle of my first! Still loving it though - just not actually spending enough time KNITTING it! ;o)

Me xxx

P.S. I also went up a needle size and given my sloppy knitting my socks may be FAR too big!

French Knots said...

Love your fancy pants socks, look very impressive! It feels good to get a load of half finished things off the to do pile, but not as good as casting on a new project with some fantastic new yarn!
As I've a dozen or so birthdays to make for in the next few weeks it will be start it and finish it for me for the next few weeks!xx

dottycookie said...

Oh blimey, I'm only half way through thr first one of the simpler May socks - you're making me look bad!

Emma (silverpebble) said...

Dear Mrs M. I would like to order a teacosy immediately (if that's OK). Really. Love Mrs P x

Kitty said...

If I had joined in with Just Start it April (or whichever month it was) I might have joined in with Just Finish It June. As it is, I'm too lazy even to have started anything :(

Love your projects - especially those socks. Gorgeous. x

Gina said...

I am rather fond of that tea cosy! Just finish it June... you having a laugh?

wonderwoman said...

Lovely knitting! I think i need more time than the end of June to finish my mahoosive UFOs!!!


Angela said...

Ooh I love the tea cosy. Just what you need for afternoon tea.

julie said...

your knitting mojo certainly kicked in - that's such a lovely cosy - lucky friend! The rhodie gus socks are wonderful too - such a great colour. I'll join you in Just-finish-it-June, I have way too many wips at the moment and need a bit of self discipline!

Thimbleanna said...

I'd love to join you -- I have so many unfinished projects, it's making me ill! Your knitting looks wonderful -- you're getting a LOT done!!!

Michaela said...

Love your Rhodie Gus's. Just finish it June? Like so many others, I have waaaay too many projects to finish in June. Could I possibly have a Just Finish It 2010? (Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, as if I'd be happy finishing things off for the rest of the year and not casting anything else on! Ha!)