Sunday, August 29, 2010

Change of scene

For the past few summers we've spent a week with the in-laws in a farm cottage in North Cornwall. After disappointing weather last year, father-in-law convinced us all to head east this year, as (and I quote) 'it never rains in Norfolk'.

This year, we've disproved this 'fact'.

We had some blue sky. We even had sun. We also had 50mph winds and driving rain.....lots.

It wasn't all gloom. We still had fun and spent time exploring this beautiful county, soaking up a bit of history along the way.

Felbrigg Hall was well worth the visit - a fascinating 17th Century home that has undergone many alterations, extensions and improvements throughout it's life. It's final owner, on handing the property over to the National Trust, stipulated that the property be left exactly as he left it, so it's more of a home than a museum.

Another cloudy day led us to Blickling Hall, a beautiful Jacobean manor house with the most beautiful gardens and a very cute house-cat called Meg.

Of course, no day out is complete without a game of croquet.

Whilst they got sporty, I wandered round the herbaceous borders, making plans for the grounds at Moogs Hall.

I totally fell in love with the villages in Norfolk, with their flint cottages, tiny lanes leading to the prettiest houses, and lovely gardens.

Mr Moog and the beasties got active on the water at Wells-next-the-Sea.

One fine and sunny day was spent building sandcastles....

.....and catching an eel!

In all, considering the fact that it apparently does rain in Norfolk after all, we had a great week.
As if that wasn't enough, we really rounded our holiday off in the best way possible - with a visit to my lovely blogging friend, sock knitting partner in crime and knitting guru, Mrs Stashbasket.
I met the Golden Wedding blanket and the Mystery Blanket in person and believe me, they are totally stunning. We also met the very gorgeous and bouncy Harvey puppy and the very relaxed Mr Stressy!
Now, as luck would have it, Mrs Stashbasket is my swap partner in Trashy's As You Like It swap, and presented me with quite the most amazing package you ever did see. Mrs Stashbasket took my theme of Birds and Bees and just look what awaited me:

Isn't this the most fantabulous cake? Just look at all those perfect tiny flowers and those gorgeous little bees!

It was almost sacrilege to cut it but we did have a slice earlier with a cuppa and the inside is every bit as lovely as the outside. According to Monster it's the best cake ever - and he's an expert!
That wasn't all though - there was this beautiful soft and squishy Martha Posh sock yarn...

.....and Colinette 'Toucan'.....

.....and all these goodies too!!

Thank you Michaela, for the lovely cup of tea and cake and most especially for my wonderful gifts :o)
I'm now going to empty and refill the washing machine for the gazillionth time and then I plan an evening of knitting as I have a lot of catching up to do.


trash said...

Oh you lucky girl!

Michaela said...

You are more than welcome! When I saw that first photo, I thought that was your holiday cottage!!!!!

Jan said...

We live over the border a bit from Norfolk , in Cambridgeshire, but yes it rains but we wont discuss rain will we ? Ugh ,Thankyou for sharing your lovely holiday with us ,Ienjoyed seeing it all ,the sandcasles the castles and stately homes , Jan xx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful holiday pictures and wow that cake is amazing! So much detail and work - almost a shame to eat it.

Delicious sock yarn too (love the colours in the soft and squishy one)

Shell x

Ali said...

Looks like you had a fun holiday and an amazing swap partner! Michaela's cakes look so wonderful.

quinn said...

What a nice trip you all had, despite the imaginary rain! And Michaela's cake is simply lovely - I especially like the bee-lines :)

One cat just doesn't seem enough for that little Blickling Hall, does it? Meg must really have her paws full!

Julie said...

What a splendiferous cake! 'Soaking' up seems to be the operative word ;o) I love Norfolk too, it's a beautiful county, such wonderful big skies!

wonderwoman said...

o wow what an amazing cake and such lovely gifts - you lucky girl you!!!


Locket Pocket said...

What gorgeous presents! I'm very envious!!! And your holiday sounds fun - and a bit soggy - just like ours!!!

Locket xxx

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, it looks like you've had such a lovely week away. I had to laugh when you said "I totally fell in love with the villages in Norfolk, with their flint cottages, tiny lanes leading to the prettiest houses, and lovely gardens." Isn't that the whole of the UK??? It sure seems like that from here LOL.

dottycookie said...

Oh, you lucky thing - that cake!

Glad you enjoyed Norfolk. When we moved to East Anglia we were also assured that it never rains, to which I can only reply "PAH!"

French Knots said...

I misread the name of the hall as Bickering Hall - you wont need two guesses what my children have been doing all day!
Oh that cake! What a work of art!
We had a great time in Cornwall but it rained there too! No doubt the sun will come out for September once everyone is back at work and school.xx

Kitty said...

I'm a week late, but wow - what a fantabulous cake by Mrs Stash. She's such a clever Trevor (as we say in our household). I've never been to East Anglia - just love those teeny tiny cottages! Glad you all have a lovely time, and look forward to seeing the redesigned herbaceous borders at Moog Towers. :) x

Escort Agency London said...

Good to see those halls with garden.It seems really a beautiful place from its photographs.Photographs show that kids had so much fun.That cake is truly fabulous.

Jo in TAS said...

Oh that cake is gorgeous!!