Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer fun

As always the summer holidays seem to be shooting by but so far nearly every day has been packed with fun and sunshine. Right now, the beasties are away at camp with Cubs and I actually have a little time to visit my poor neglected blog.

Last week we packed the old Moog off to stay with grandparents and Mr Moog, Monster, Minx and I headed eastwards along the south coast to Pevensey. We squeezed a lot into a few days, with early morning swimming in the sea, pain au chocolat on the beach for breakfast, and visits to Scotney and Bodiham Castles.....

......and a quick trip across the channel to French France! We had a very lovely and sunny few hours in Dieppe, admiring the window displays, soaking in the atmosphere and trying out our pitifully poor French on the locals.

With the children safely packed off at camp, Mr Moog and I had a rare day alone together yesterday. So, what could we do? Have a long romantic day out, with a candlelit dinner? Mr Moog wanted to go to 'Blast from the Past' - a whole day of living history displays and re-enactments at Broadlands, the home of the late Lord Mountbatten.

Mr Moog had a great day. Loved every minute. Revelled in the historyness of it all.

Me? Well, after wandering round for a bit, watching a load of red-faced paunchy men in costume pretend to kill each other in the hot sunshine, I took to the shade of a chestnut tree and cast on a sock!

The romantic meal? A roast pork and stuffing roll and a pint of beer.

Now, we get onto the important stuff. Today I'm home alone - for the first time in weeks and I've done something very exciting!
I've finished my 'Feeling Good' cardigan and I'm so excited! It was beautiful to knit and it fits, which is more than I dared hope when I set out on such a big grown-up piece of non-sock knitting.

I'm also one down and one to go on my circle socks and they're so pretty :o)

The yarn is ready for the next projects. Some gorgeous green Araucania sock wool for the Nutkin socks that Mrs Stashbasket and I have chosen for our August Sock Challenge, and a lovely deep turquoise for my next cardigan project - Minarets, from the cover of issue 21 of The Knitter.

I think I'll go and make a cup of tea and start casting on.

Happy knitting!



Daisie said...

Jealous as hell, it's has rained here everyday for the last four/five weeks. And we have a hosepipe ban, the summer is long and dragging here as we can't go out to play without wellies :(

Glad you are having a lovely sunny summer though. Love the socks and the cardi is yummy and a pork buttie would be the height of sophistication round here!


Gina said...

Your cardigan is lovely!

marit said...

Love your sock. love your cardi, and love your yarn! Knitting a cardigan wasn't all that bad, was it? It turned out beautifully!

Great holidayphotos too! We have only this week left, and then the kids are back to school! Have to admit that I'm looking forward to getting into a routine again...they've been sleeping till early afternoon and staying up all night...

Enjoy your days off and alone:-)

Julie said...

Beautiful cardigan Lesley! Well done and I love your round sox!

Selina said...

Gorgeous cardie! That date sounds like one of mine! Love that turquoise yarn!

Posy Linda said...

I'm so envious. Its plain to see that you enjoyed wonderful happy times. The cardi is realllllly a lovely color and it looks good too! Enjoy a beautiful week!

Locket Pocket said...

Oh crikey! When you told me about your re-enactment day I just assumed it was a semi-educational day out for the children! I had no idea it was your hot date with Mr Moogs!!!!

But more importantly, your cardigan is GORGEOUS! And your sock is luvverly!

Locket xxx

Ali said...

Methinks Mr Moog owes you. Mind you - our child free weekend is ear-marked for decorating, so what do I know!!

Loverly knitting happening round your parts.

quinn said...

Your holiday photogs are impressive (tiny, but impressive!) and your sweater looks absolutely GORGEOUS! The color, the pattern, the fit - everything! Congrats! :)

This summer (aka "nearly relentless energy-sucking steambath" finally let up for one lovely weekend, which made me think about picking up the sticks - for the first time since early June!

Frogdancer said...

That cardo is lovely.

(I love the way you people can just pop over to France...)

Thimbleanna said...

Holy cow -- some serious knitting has been going on here! I LOVE LOVE that cardigan -- how beautiful. And those socks aren't too darn shabby either!!!

wonderwoman said...

your cardigan looks amazing and so do the socks!!! Hope you had a lovely day on your own!


monda-loves said...

I love your new Cardi, v pretty.


julie said...

Your feel good cardi is lovely - such a great colour - it's nice when you finish something and actually get to enjoy wearing it. Looks like you're having a fun summer - hope it continues on in the same way. Happy knitting x87*

JP said...

the cardigan is fantastic and fits like a dream