Thursday, September 9, 2010


....or as it's sometimes known, Thursday.

This blog post has been ready in my head since Monday, it's just taken four days to hit the interwebs.

Monday was back to school for the naughty ones and back to work for me. My tiny babies have gone up into Years 5 and 6 and to mark the start of his last year at Junior school, my lovely Monster went straight off for a week away on an outdoor activity residential trip.

My week started in the best way possible, with a beautiful swap gift from my totally talented wonderful bloggy buddy Mrs Silverpebble. Just look at this fabulous necklace from the House of Pebble:

I can't even begin to tell you how very much I love this and so many people have commented on it whilst I've been out and about this week. To make a perfect present even more amazing, Emma included some of this delicious goodness:

Thank you so much Emma! This really has made my week :o)

In between schooly stuff and worky stuff, there's been a spattering of crafty stuff over the past week or two. Let's start with the nasty......the August Stashbasket and Moogsmum Sock Challenge.

I'd loved the pattern - Nutkin - for ages and was really pleased to be knitting it. The first attempt was doomed as it was coming out super skinny and had to be frogged.

The second attempt was better in terms of guage. The pattern is lovely to knit, very easy to remember and very effective.

However, even I couldn't ignore the fact that it was twisting like a b*gger. I tried it on and it still twisted. I tried it on a sock blocker and it still twisted. I had a choice to make.

I consulted my partner in crime, Mrs Stashbasket and found she was having the same problems. Neither of us were feeling the love for this sock any more. The decision was made. Frog 'em. Nutkin is no more. RIP Nutkin.

We've also decided to shelve the Sock Challenge for the time being to allow us a little breathing space, and to get some of those other works in progress done and dusted.

It hasn't all been fail on the knitting front. Last night I finished my second Circle Sock. I now have no socks on the needles and a decision to make about which socks will be next. Should be easy. I only have about 80 patterns and one or two skeins of wool to choose from!

A recent purchase of some lovely soft Noro Taiyo was put to good use, crocheting a Queen Anne's Lace scarf for my best friend....

....and one for me too.

I've even had a session on the sewing machine but as it's a secret for now this is all I can show you.

My daughter has now informed me that she would actually like to have something to eat this evening pleasethankyou, so I'd better be off to whizz up a culinary miracle in the kitchen - enough of this blogging stuff for me for one day!



Locket Pocket said...

Love love LOVE your necklace from Emma! And your nutkin looked lovely even with it's twisty-ness - but I'm really glad I didn't try it now!

Mr Posty tried to deliver me a parcel yesterday..............might it have been from you? ;o)

silverpebble said...

Oh my good grief. Look at that scarf for crying out loud. I feel another swap coming on Mrs.

Glad you liked your trinket xxxx

Ali said...

You clever crafters (you and mrs SP)!

I could blog much more if my family didn't want to EAT so often...

dottycookie said...

Oooh, yarny gorgeousness. Scarfy gorgeousness. It certainly feels like time to cast on another scarf!

Jan said...

That necklace is really lovely ,going back to click on the link after this ,you sound as though your week has been feed the child pleasethankyou hee hee , Jan xx

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Woman -- you've been busy with the yarn! Love that pair of socks -- very pretty colors. And isn't Emma amazing? Your necklace is beautiful. I have one of her little birdies and I wear it a lot and get a TON of compliments on it!

Gina said...

Rather in love with that scarf pattern... and the colours! How inconvenient that your family actually want to eat.

wonderwoman said...

wow, your necklace is just beautiful! am loving your scarf too -can i ask which pattern?


Michaela said...

Oh that blessed Nutkin. Awful blooming pattern! But I really love the Circle socks - might have to cast those on soon. Have just started another pair of mindless Wise Hilda's socks in some noro Silk Garden. oh yes, and I've cast on for a cardigan too. One day I'll get something finished!

Love the scarves and your Silver Pebble necklace. She's a bit clever that Mrs Pebble isn't she?