Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Full circle?

Things on the work front are still unclear but the more we hear, the more likely it is that our contracts won't be renewed at the end of March. We should know a little more before Christmas.

This uncertainty, coupled with all the usual life stuff and then a stinky heavy cold (and a MASSIVE scare when I thought I might be pregnant! - I'm not!!!), has forced me into my shell a little of late.

When I started this little blog, I'd just gone through a very unexpected life-changing year and was spending time at home. I was lucky enough to have a whole year at home discovering and exploring my creativity, inspired and supported by my new-found 'imaginary' friends in blogland, until I found a great little job and returned once more into the big wide world of work.

Now, I feel things may be about to come full circle. With the knowledge that my job may end, I've been exploring the jobs market........and the stalls seem to be pretty bare and uninspiring or at least not conducive to family life as we like it.

Once the initial panic wore off, my naturally positive inner voice took over and I'm slowly but surely formulating a plan. A working for myself type plan. A working for myself doing what I love type plan. A plan which, when explained to Mr Moog met with a most unexpected thumbs up!

So, if the new year does see the end of my job, I'll be ready with my plan.

In the meantime, I'm getting through notebooks at a startling rate!

Now for a little bit of a Moog family update.

- After worrying us all sick, my Dad seemed to rally again and is a little better.

- Mr Moog is going through the motions of organising wrist surgery, hampered by much to-ing and fro-ing with insurers. Grrrr.

- This little-old-lady Moog had a visit to the V.E.T, thanks to problems walking. Arthritis has set in and her back legs were starting to give way. At the grand old age of 15, these things are to be expected and up to now she's been a remarkably healthy little puppers.

She's now on anti-inflammatory drugs and, as of yesterday, has started having swimming lessons....or 'hydrotherapy' as it's otherwise known. She did brilliantly and did five whole laps of the pool, surprising not only herself but also the hydrotherapist! Everyone at the pool fell in love with her and no-one could believe how old she was, so she also got a much needed ego boost and a kiss on the nose :o)

Today, she is mostly snoring.


trash said...

Is it a collie thing do you think? The 'sticking the tongue out while you sleep' thing. It creases me up when OMD does it. Sometimes it even falls out the side of his mouth. I would blame senility but he has done it since he was a wee puppy ;-)

As for the other thing, I was wondering but I hadn't liked to ask ;-) ;-)

Marie said...

Sometimes life has a habit of throwing you in a direction you didn't expect. It's alway easier to go with it rather than try to swim against the current! I say if life give you lemons...throw them at people :)

Hope things work out with the plan. Planning is always the best bit, don't you think?

Hope Moog's feeling better soon too.


Michelle said...

Now that plan of yours sounds like a very fine plan indeed :0)

Ahhh, Moog - bless her - our old girl is hobbling along now (she is the grand old age of 14 so not quite as grand as Moog).

Keep up the perky mood - life likes to throw the odd curve ball and sometimes you've just gotta jump right up to make sure you catch it.
Shell xx

dottycookie said...

Sorry to hear about the day job, but very excited about the possibility of a Plan (with a capital P)!!!

Yay for your dad, yuk on the wrist, and a very gentle hug for the Moog. It sounds like your plate has been very full indeed.

Ali said...

Life plans eh? Uncertainty can end up being oddly liberating. I have to say, I'm loving the 'without a day job' take on life and with one thing and another, it has probably been better for me financially too. So fingers crossed that your scheme leads to wonderful things.

Cannot imagine how I would feel if I thought I might be preggers again!!!!

Gina said...

Whatever the outcome of your job situation I hope it all works out for you. A Plan certainly sounds very exciting! (Pregnant... gosh bet you were panicking!)

French Knots said...

Goodness life has been busy, thank you for letting us know how everyone is getting on. Pregnant hey, that's a biggie.Glad your Dad is having a better time and hope the wrist op does the trick.
I started blogging when I was made redundant too, a perfect way to meet and connect with like minded people. Whatever happens with your job the Plan sounds a great idea. When my youngest is at playgroup next year I have a Plan too!xx

JP said...

hope it all works out for the best

Lina said...

Glad you are listening to your inner voice. I am facing similar uncertainty at work right now and while I'm open to whatever the outcome might be, it's no fun working in an atmosphere of uncertainty.

Poppy Cottage said...

I have been saying the 2011 is going to be the year, for what i am not sure but hopefully good things. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it works out how you want it to.

And as for your old lady, give her a hug from Lily and I.


Thimbleanna said...

Awwww, what a little sweetie your Moog is. I hope she's feeling better. It's so hard to watch them with those leg problems. Your wrist warmers look wonderful. And I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the new year!

Rachel said...

Ahh, bless Moog! Hope she enjoys her swimming lessons! Can't wait to hear more of your plan, if it involves selling those gorgeous lacy fingerless gloves then I'm sure it will be a huge success! Glad to hear your dad is doing well too.
R x

Locket Pocket said...

Plans are fun things to have - keep filling those notebooks. Locket x

Florrie said...

There's a saying, "as one door closes another one opens", and I always believe this to be so.
I've been skipping happily through your archives and enjoying all your beautiful crafty makes.
florrie x

marit said...

Good luck whatever happens:-) I'm sure it will work out fine!

(beautiful wristwarmers, btw!)

Annie said...

Just remember that "the universe is unfolding as it should"

Jodie said...

YIKES, it was the bit in the teeny tiny writing that scared me the most !

quiltygal said...

The "Plan" sounds good I'd like some of those wrist warmers ( if they are part of the Plan??)being the crubbishly knitter that I am!!Glad Moog is able to get some help puts off the "Decision" a while :) Hows the bag coming along?? Oh guess what I found some felting wool here last week !! who knew..well not me as I wasn't looking for it !!.. Kayla arrives back tomorrow couldn't stand the cold (whimp)& its going to be 35 degrees LOL so my peace & quiet is at an end ....

wonderwoman said...

am sooo loving the wristwarmers - gorgeous! Hope we can meet up again sometime soon!


julie said...

Glad to hear a little planning creeping into your days. It sounds like a fine plan too - I hope that you manage to bring everything together and it works out very well for you. Having the backing of Mr Moog will certainly help things along no end. Here's to a happy and healthy end to the year for everyone at chez Moog.

Kitty said...

In some ways, I hope you do get forced into doing your own thing because I think your thing is a very lovely thing. I love all those gloves. Are you selling any ... I'd love some. x

Leanne said...

Life always throws you curve balls. I am sure your plans will unfold brilliantly. Love that photo of Moog the tongue out is priceless. I bet he was a star at the pool.

monda-loves said...

I'm way overdue on the blog reading front so only just spotted your news. My sister is in the same situation re her job. She's in a period on consultation now which basically means she will lose her job :o(
I hope your working for yourself doing what you love plans do come to fruition - out of the bad always comes the good.


Kitty said...

I am just dropping in to say Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope 2011 turns out to be wonderful for you all :) x

fiction-books said...

Things on the job front are a little fraught here as well.

It's good to know that some one has a plan.

I assume it has something to do with your craftwork, looking at some of the fantastic stuff you are churning out?