Saturday, February 12, 2011

The first rule of sock club... 'tell everyone about sock club'!

I was reading Yarn Harlot's blog recently and got hooked with her idea of a self-imposed sock club. The idea is to pair up each of those many skeins of sock yarn, lurking in the big box on top of the wardrobe, with a sock pattern. Each sock is then put into a ziplock (or Co-op carrier) bag with its pattern and then the fun begins.

Each month you pull out a bag and get knitting that sock.

That's the theory.

By the time I'd made up fifteen bags and added in the two pairs already on the needles, that gave me 17 pairs of socks!

Luckily I'm already well on my way.

January socks: On-Hold socks knitted from the toe-up.

February socks: finished last night. My beautiful, and challenging, Wednesday socks.

I'm not going to be able to wait until March to start my next pair, so I'll be casting on Pillar socks soon. Who am I kidding? They'll be on the needles before the day is out.

After all, I don't want to get bored or resort to doing the ironing, do I?

Oddly enough, there's more knitting news.

Scrap socks for Minx, finished at last - I cast these on in September, so I'm not quite the paragon of knitting virtue I portray myself as!

Knitted on 4mm needles, two strands of leftover sock yarn held together, cast on 40 stitches, did a very sloppy short-row heel. Every inch or so, I swapped one yarn for another to make the stripiness. A very quick knit......or not!

For those moments when I may be tempted to give in to the lure of feeding my family, or worse - ironing, I've got a couple of other little bits on the go.

Crazy socks for Minx.

Scrap socks for Monster's size 5s!

With Mr Moog being excused from taxi duties for a while, my services are required for swimming lessons, cubs, brownies etc which inevitably leads to waiting time for me. Last Saturday I whiled away the swimming lessons by starting a scarf.

Knitted in beautiful soft Noro Taiyo, using Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf pattern. Knitted until I ran out of yarn and then sewed the ends together to make an endless scarf/cowl that doesn't fall off when the wind blows!

I've just cast one on for Minx, to get me through today's swimming lessons!

I'll leave you with the pretties on my kitchen windowsill, to reward you for making it to the end of all that knitting!
Now I must run. Should have been in the shower forty minutes ago!

p.s. sorry about all those Ravelry links. If you can't access them you might just have to join Ravelry ;o)


rachelmp said...

Nice socks. You are still tempting me!! I've got a cowl on the go for swimming lessons too (and a few funny looks for knitting at the pool in Feb)

Rachel said...

Wow, I am just in awe of your sock knitting talents! The last pair I made took me about 3 months!! Love what you did with the one row scarf pattern, that's a fab idea, must file that one away for future use!
R x

Locket Pocket said...

Great socks Missus! And I love your hyacinth pots - very pretty! I may join you in your self-imposed sock club but I'm not sure which sock I will knit next. I don't know if I'd be good enough to rely on my stash and resist the temptation to buy new wool for each project. But I've been very virtuous and knitted my gorgeous dk sock big enough for Mr Locket - how kind am I?? Lx

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty kitchen windowsill - I love your spotty pots. I also love your cowl, that is really gorgeous yarn. Delightful socks!

Lina said...

I think you might be turning into the UK version of the yarnharlot with all your socky goodness. I still haven't graduated from plain socks unless you count ribbing! Your Wednesday socks are particularly delightful!

silverpebble said...

Come, come aboard, the sock are truly the Jedi master of the hand-knitted sock. This IS the yarn you're looking for.

I want some of those there scrap socks!

dottycookie said...

Oh! I made the very same scarf but it didn't occur to me to turn it into a cowl. Love it.

wonderwoman said...

lovely socks, especially Minx's pair of oddses!!! I love your scarf too!!


Gina said...

I think my fingers would ache with all that knitting. Some great socks though!

Jane said...

My goodness your socks knit up fast, i'm way too slow!
Love the cowl/scarf. Jane x

tea and cake said...

Yet another brilliant idea for 2011! I've recently sorted out all my yarn, fabric etc stashes and, like you, I have a vast amount of sock yarn. I don't usually like to repeat the socks I knit, so it seems a great idea to 'pair' them up with a pattern. Simples, thanks!

Julie said...

Just been catching up and I love the new scarf and the scrappy, crazy socks. Mr Moog's mitt looks very effective for banishing cold fingers and how did you get your hyacinths to flower altogether to the same height? I always have one that lags behind (witness my kitchen windowsill at the moment). Don't they smell gorgeous though? I hope you're all healed up now after your fall.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- I need some of your sock knitting speed! I manage a pair or so a year. You're amazing!

Trash said...

I was goingto 'ooh' & 'aaaah' over all of your gorgeous sockage and then I read Locket's comment and it has left me depressed taht in the time it takes to knot a sock beg enough for my foot you lot have all finished several pair. Bah!

tea and cake said...

I hope you don't mind, but I've linked you into my blog - twice! I felt it only right, as I'm taking up two of your ideas. Thanks, Karen

trash said...

What appalling spelling! Do you think I had been drinking when I wrote that last comment? I can't remember...

French Knots said...

What a selection of socks! I am in awe! I can only do one type of socks, but at least they always come out right.
Love the scarf, am going to put that on my to do list...probably at the top :)xx

Michaela said...

Those socks are incredible - and what's even more incredible is how many blinking pairs you've done! I would like to say that i will join you in the self-Imposed Sock Club, but we both know my staying power isn't what it should be! Afterall, I still haven't finished anything in Finish It Off February!

Terry B said...

I so love your cowl/infinity scarf. Do you still recall what color number it was for the Noro Taiyo yarn? thank you