Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Socks - at last!

I'm not sure what's happened of late. What with all that silly Christmas mitten knitting and a sudden new obsession with tapestry I experienced a major hiatus in my endless sock knitting fest.

Naturally, I could only put off the inevitable for so long and now we're back on track. Normal service has been resumed.

This lovely green goodness is helping me tackle a truly challenging but highly enjoyable pattern - Wednesday socks (Ravelry link). Perfect knitting for those moments when nothing but absolute total concentration to the exclusion of all else is in order!

For the less quiet moments I'm knitting these On-Hold socks, from my 'Knitting Socks from The Toe-up' book. These are my current in-car knit.

A very necessary in-car knit. I've been spending hours in the car of late, as I have a quite silly number of schools booked in for work this term and a little bit of knitting between visits helps the day along nicely.

By far the best bit of knitting though is a very special one-off mitten for Mr Moog - requested by the man himself. He's always avoided my offers to knit for him but even he has admitted that a bespoke broken wrist mitt is just what the doctor ordered!

A mere 23 months after his motorcycle accident, he had the surgery to bolt his fractured wrist back together last Monday. He's going back next week to have stitches removed and a new plaster put on and then - much to his disgust - it's back to work.

Not sure how he's going to get there or what he'll be able to do with only one good hand but at least the TV will get a bit of a rest!

I've got an actual day off tomorrow. First one this year! Apart from the school run, taxi-ing Mr Moog about and taking Moog swimming, my only plans involve a sofa and my knitting needles.

I also have a bit of work news. As they're still awaiting the results of a(nother) review, our contracts have been extended until the end of September and hopefully by then we'll know one way or the other.

I may have to celebrate with a little bit of yarn shopping :o)



Daisie said...

I always knew you were a special woman but you can drive AND knit! Wow!!!! Impressed ;)

Jan said...

I thought the same as Daisy ,,surely not? ! ? lol ,Mr Moog is lucky to have designer mitts ,though I dont suppose he thinks so ,So glad you have a reprieve until September ....love Jan xx

trash said...

Excellent broken wrist sockage Missus.

rachelmp said...

You are really inspiring me to knit socks ... Fantastic news about the job extension, and the day off!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, gorgeous socks! And isn't it wonderful when your skills can be put to such practical use? Sending best healing wishes to the Mr.!

dottycookie said...

Great news about the job! I'm glad Mr Moog is finally having his wrist sorted but that is a very long time to have to wait!

Ali said...

Oh, I'm so pleased about your job. Yes, yarn shopping sounds like an appropriate way to celebrate indeed.

French Knots said...

It must be a relief to know what's happening workwise for a bit.
With all the sock knitting you do I should think a bit of yarn shopping is essential - you must hardly have a ball left in the house!!
With a cosy mittne to help healing I'm sure Mr Moog will be shipshape soon, but what an age to wait to get it fixed.xx

Locket Pocket said...

Fabulous sockage Missus! And that mitten is inspired although I still think you're right and it needs googly eyes and a tongue.

Locket xx

monda-loves said...

good (ish) news about the job. My sis (also working for the local authority with schools) has just had it confirmed that she is being made redundant :o(


Lina said...

Good news about the job! And I LOVE the green yarn - just beautiful.

wonderwoman said...

Bespoke mitts - how lucky can a man be!!!!! The toe up socks look gorgeous! Good news about your work, gives you a bit more breathing space! hope to see you soon.


Twiggy said...

I think you should patent the bespoke mitts!! smashing socks too!!
twiggy x

Kitty said...

That is a fabulous broken wrist mitt - you should write a pattern for it, quick! Pop it on Ravelry ;) Seriously good news that your contracts are 'safe' until September - I think a bit of crafty shopping must surely be in order?! :) x

quiltygal said...

Hey how are you sorry Ive been away a while but my 'puter is being poo & wont always open up my blogs:(
Glad Mr Moog has finally got things sorted ...we thought that Kayla had broken her wrist but after 10 days in plaster & another xray its badly sprained!!
Hope you are all well there hows your felted bag??