Wednesday, July 27, 2011

At last!

This has been a looooong term but finally the children have finished school and I've finished work and we have five and a half weeks (whatever happened to six weeks +??) to kick back, relax and get up in the morning when we're good and ready.

Yesterday was an emotional day for some (me) because my tiny baby boy left primary school for the last time, ready to go out into the big and scary (for me) world of secondary school, come 5th September.

My Monster didn't give into the overwhelming urge to blub and cry (unlike me) as you can see.

Earlier this week I picked this up in Sainsbury's, along with a more boyish version. The idea was that it will keep the children happily occupied during our relaxing break from school.

I sat down with a cuppa and had a browse. Oh my....

Ooh.....I want....

I suggested to Minx that she give me the book but she said a very firm 'No, buy your own!'. Charming!

By that time the shop was shut but the urge was strong - okay, the urge was more than a little overwhelming....

Suddenly no piece of paper is safe....

Most unlike me, I know, but I would appear to have become just a teeny bit obsessed.

So much so that I doodled in my diary all the way through a long work phonecall

and doodled while I waited for my overlengthy work computer log-in to happen

and stopped for a break for lunch and doodled my way through couscous and salad - and coloured in

This morning I was determined to have a bit of a lazy get-up but rather than waste time sleeping I doodled and doodled and doodled some more!

Might still have to buy me the book though - I need to do those doodled teacups!

I'll leave you with a very long-leggedy and suddenly un-puppy looking salty old sea dog - taken last Sunday at Hengistbury Head (yay Trashy - dog's allowed!!!).

Happy doodling :o)

Moogs xxx


Locket Pocket said...

I say it again - you are too clever! Your doodling is far better than the book. As for saying you were obsessive - that would be the pot calling the kettle black!!! ;o)

Love that photo of the Monster - he looks as happy as Daisy was to be leaving school. I have to admit that I wasn't at all upset at her leaving because she is so ready to move on and the new school is fab. I was probably more emotional and nervous when Dot left as it was all new but now I'm an old-hand!!

And your salty old sea dog is adorable - still looks puppyish to me :o)

Locket xx

Angela said...

Love your doodling, I may have to get that book. How clever of Sainsburys to stock such an item much better than all the cookery books.

Kaz said...

Wow that is some impressive doodling!! Loving what you have done there.
The Monster doesn't look bothered at all at leaving school!
Merlin has shot up in height, I can't believe it. I hope to blog some pics of Jessie this week as I'm on holiday with her xxx

dottycookie said...

I too have succumbed to the allure of those doodle books - they are sheer genius.

I also half inched a sequin art set from my elder one - it's been sitting untouched for 6 months, and I wanted the cupboard space back and she wanted the picture done - so it was win-win.

Trash said...

Hmmm ... not sure which one you should give me - the doodling book or the salty old sea dog. 's ok, you can choose for me; just let Merlin Moog know I have beaucoup chicken and rice here waiting for him.

silverpebble said...

Those doodles are amazing! They should be made into fabrics Mrs!

That picture of Merlin is the best yet.

Leanne said...

LOVE the shirt. You are very clever I worked for a Dr who doodled all the time his desk pad was always covered. The salty dog is tooooo cute.

Julie said...

I shall be off to Sainsbury's too, that book is just too delicious! I might even be able to interest my Mum in a little bit of colouring in! Your doodles are super!

monda-loves said...

Lesley, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your doodles! I agree with Emma - you need to make them into a fabric.