Saturday, July 30, 2011

Colour sketchbook

Yesterday, after spending five hours grumbling my way through the two biggest baskets of ironing in the world ever - thankfully aided by some good DVDs - I felt I deserved at least a little time to do 'me' things.

As luck would have it Gina had posted the next installment of the Colour Sketchbook project. I totally lost myself for over an hour. Who would have thought potato printing would be the perfect antedote to domestic drudgery?

I did seven pages of potato prints in my sketchbook! All still need to be worked into further but once I'd started I just couldn't stop.

I wasn't thrilled with the first prints as the paint was a bit thick and made the echinacea look a bit heavy - this may change once I work into them a bit more with watercolour washes.

However, after stamping all over some scrap paper to clean the paint off my potato stamps I realised I loved the softer, almost ghostlike images that were made once the stamp was less painty.

So, I found a big sketchbook and did a page with softer looking images.

I've even had to keep the scrap of kitchen paper that I cleaned my stamp on!

Just to finish off, and to get the very most out of my potato stamps, I hauled out some Scrapstore cotton for a bit of fabric printing. Not sure what I'll do with this yet but it's ready and waiting for inspiration to strike.

No post would be complete without a little Merlin Moog snapshot.

photo taken by Mr Moog when he discovered Merlin looking mournfully out of the front door wondering where his Mummy had gone - my boy loves me :o)

Now, I'm off to furtle about in the loft for holdalls - the Moogs are off for a little break and will be back very soon.

Happy stamping xxx


wonderwoman said...

i didn't know that potato printing could look so good! I hope the 'furtling' was successful! have a lovely break.


Carol Q said...

you would never guess that was a potato. it looks way too detailed. your pages look really good.

Angela said...

Your potato printing is beautiful, I haven't done mine yet.It does look much nicer than the stuff I did in the Brownies all those many years ago.
Enjoy your holiday.

trash said...

Off somewhere nice Missus?

Locket Pocket said...

Your potato printing looks amazing! And did you get slightly obsessed by it???? Where are you holidaying? I want to go on holiday NOW! Me xx

Gina said...

Okay... you are not supposed to make images that look better than the teachers!
These are fantastic prints Lesley, great shapes and colours. Brilliant!

Twiggy said...

I LOVE your potato prints. The design is lovely but the colours look just ace. Little Merlin Moog is so cute, hope you have a lovely break.
Twiggy x

Thimbleanna said...

Awwww, doesn't that last picture just tweek your heart? I know our dog used to wait by the door when we were gone and I would feel so guilty. I LOVE your coneflowers -- they're beautiful!

Kaz said...

Wow you made a gorgeous stamp out of a potato!! I love all the effects you created. Too clever!
Had a little giggle over Merlin sat staring at the door. xx

mrspao said...

I love your potato prints and am so in love with Merlin Moog :)

Charlie P said...

Have a lovely break. LOVE your flowery doodles :-)

Indigo Blue said...

These prints are gorgeous! Would make a lovely fabric design. I shall pop over to Gina's as this sounds like a topic I would love to see.

Mermaid's Purse said...

They're beautiful and I love the colours too!