Sunday, August 7, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety jig...

We're back!

The past week has been by turns both lovely and a bloody nightmare (Locket and Trashy have the texts to prove it!). Luckily, the good bits won out and we ended on a happy note.

We've been thoroughly spoiled by the in-laws, who treated us all to a week at the Manor House Hotel near Okehampton (as advertised on TV, people!!). This was a totally different holiday for us and all eleven of us found plenty to do.

There was indoor and outdoor tennis, badminton, bowls, crazy golf, ten-pin bowling, swimming, golf and even aqua-aerobics, salsa and zumba and falconry. Then there was hot-press printing, t-shirt painting, jewellery making, pottery underglazing, bisque painting, woodwork and pottery transfers.

I managed to make all of two things but both make me very happy. First there is the little jug that I painted with underglaze. I went back to collect it the next day, all shiny and ready for use.

I could have done patchwork, embroidery and drawing and painting but I chose to do crafts that I wouldn't normally get chance to do. The craft studios were so well equipped and staffed by a great team of very helpful folk and we all made plenty of lovely mementos.

I was really thrilled with my jug but the bowl I made in the pottery transfers class is my absolute favourite.

(I've just remembered that I did also make a couple of pendants in the enamelling class but they're still packed.)

I even managed to treat myself to some minx nail transfers, an eyebrow waxing and an Indian head, back and arm massage - according to the therapist my back was 'very tight'. After an hour of kneading, pummelling and stroking it was more relaxed than it's been in years.

I was a total beauty therapy virgin before this holiday but I may have seen the light and will become much more high-maintenance in future!

For now, I'll just make do with a decent night's sleep in my own bed, ready for my next Colour Sketchbook session.



trash said...

Oh you clever clever clever Missus Moog. So very impressed.

Kaz said...

Wow those are fabulous! So lovely and bright. I'm glad you had a good break x

dottycookie said...

Sorry you had some rotten stuff, but massage and pottery -ooooh!

Careful with the beauty stuff - it's expensively addicitve, though I have to say the lady I go to every 6 weeks in the village does my back as much good as a physio session. I have very tight and knotty shoulders and shoulder blades (old injuries) and they cause pain in my neck and the back of my head, but her massage relieves it for weeks a a time!

Daisie said...

Glad you got spoiled a little, sure you deserve it!!
And your little bowl and jug are beautiful!

Ali said...

Your pottery is amazing! And hooray for becoming high maintenance. As they say in the ads 'you're worth it'

Locket Pocket said...

So glad you survived the week and ended on a happy note! Your pottery is fabulous and I'm looking forward to seeing your pendants (that's a nudge to remind you to show them to us sometime!!)

Locket xxx

karenshopes said...

Wow thats sounds like a heavenly weekend, I would love to have a go at pottery too your jug is gorgeous.
Karen x

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- that pottery is fabulous! Sorry about the down parts of the week, but it looks like the up parts were wonderful!

Julie said...

I love the jug and the bowl. Ouch! Eye brow waxing sounds painful but I keep thinking I really should give it a go too. I can't see to do mine :-( Old age! lol

Angela said...

Your jug and bowl are lovely, very cute.
Glad you had a great time.

mrspao said...

Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful holiday.

monda-loves said...

I wanted to comment on your most recent post with all your lovely crochet cushions on them (you are a woman obsessed/posessed!), but for some reason I cannot - it's all greyed out and I can't click on anything (?).
Your cushions are looking lovely all together on your charity shop chair - and your little git is lovely too!