Monday, September 19, 2011

Signs of change

There's a definite seasonal shift going on around here. Autumn has its feet firmly under the table with chilly mornings, darker evenings and holes in the lawn where a naughty squirrel has been burying nuts nicked off our twisted hazel tree.

In Moog's House we have our own little signs that herald autumn every year. By far the most important is seeing one of these perched by the dining table. Five wonderful gallons of Mr Moog's homemade Pinot Grigio, burbling away and making my whole house smell like a brewery!

 The chilly mornings have led to the heating clicking on for an hour or two, just perfect for drying my favourite type of laundry. Yup, it's time to dig out the handmade socks again - lovely.

This time of year always makes me want to snuggle down and indulge in a little nesting. After a summer of sewing, doodling and sketching I've rediscovered my knitting mojo and I've thrown myself into all things woolly with great gusto!                                 
 My lovely knitty friend Mrs Stashbasket was in no small way responsible for the return of my urge to knit, having sent me the most gorgeous skein of Rowan Colourscape with which to knit myself a lovely new winter hat. This is a fantastic pattern - Quincy by Jarel Flood - very cleverly knitted flat, given a little twist, joined and then the crown is knitted. It took me just a few quick hours and is quite simply the best fitting hat I've ever made.

Once I started with the knitting needles there was no stopping me but I resisted the urge to cast on a hundred new things and got cracking on some finishing off. First it had to be my lovely loud Hexagon socks - wearing them right now with a new pair of shoes bought specifically to show them off :o)

Then, it was a matter of a few short hours to finish off some new socks for Monster. These were a gamble. I started them back in May and since then that big boy's feet have grown like mad but luckily they turned out to be a perfect fit!

 Another languishing work in progress was my second attempt at an Ishbel shawl. The first attempt nearly ended in tears a couple of years ago but this time I was determined, if a little slow, to finish it. This is knitted in the most gorgeous pink laceweight yarn, very kindly given to me by Maria - it was like knitting fluffy fresh air but oh so gorgeous! This had also sat there nagging me in the WIP pile for several months and naturally took a matter of just a few hours to finish off.

Although no photographic evidence here, that leaves just one knitting project in the neglected pile - another pair of socks that were cast on in May! However, sock #1 has been completed in the past week and sock#2 is now on the needles.

Of course, I now need to replenish the works in progress and have already made a start on achieving that particular goal. This little screwed up heap of knitting will soon be a beautiful Augustine shawl.

And this will soon be a pair of Charade socks - a fabulous pattern that is perfect for just picking up whenever the fancy takes as there are only two rows that make up the pattern so it commits to memory very quickly.

I was pondering this autumnal urge to knit and realised it has a great deal to do with me returning to work and the whole busy school thing starting again for the children. For me, knitting is the perfect manageable creative outlet for times when life is full steam ahead. I can pick it up and just knit whenever I get a  spare few minutes. There's no need to get loads of stuff out or clear loads of stuff up in order to produce something creatively satisfying.

I have no desire to add extra work to my day by getting out piles of sewing stuff or paints and pencils which will only need to be put away again when I'm finished. Sadly, the housework fairies don't help out if I ignore the dust and the ironing and they certainly don't help tidy up my crafty doings.

Knitting, and sometimes crochet, therefore wins every time. For me.

What's your enduring creative outlet that you always turn to when times are busy?



Lina said...

Knitting and the nights drawing in, go hand in hand. Your hexagon socks are incredible.

Locket Pocket said...

It's good to see your knitting mojo is back - it has been too quiet on Ravelry without you - although I am the very happy recipient of some of your summer holiday sewing so I'm not complaining! I haven't been knitting much lately but there are new socks waiting to be cast on so I need to get a bit of finishing done first. Locket xx

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow woman -- you're a knitting maniac! Those are all gorgeous. I especially love the hexie socks and that new pattern you've started -- I'll definitely have to check those out. You're so quick -- I'm the slowest knitter on the planet! Happy Fall!!!

wonderwoman said...

OMG! What amazing knitting! !that ishmel shawl is just gorgeous.I am in awe of your amazing skills! Xxxxxxxxx. ( Said the 'a' word too much! How about awesome instead!)

Julie said...

How wonderful are those hexagon sox?! Good to see you again :-)

French Knots said...

You are amazing,so much wonderful
knitting. The hexagon socks are incredible, the colours are so lovely, like jewels. Autumn evenings bring out the knitting here too.xx

Ali said...

My go-to creative outlet has to be cooking. On the grounds that I have to do it anyway, I may as well photograph it and blog about it too!!

Lovely woolly things Mrs M!

Jodie said...

I once spent a whole winter knitting three balls into a square, then undoing and redoing it. I did it endlessly to cope with a stressful job situation - I can't knit anything except plain but it was so soothing.

Gina said...

Knitting and crochet are my winter evening activity too. Love that hat pattern... but hexagon socks? I can't even begin to see how thay are made!

Angela said...

Love the hat pattern. The socks are fantastic I wish I could make them, do you take comissions?

mrspao said...

Love your hat and all your knits. They look super.

I love to knit socks :)