Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Pudding Minxy style

My Minx loves nothing better than being busy in the kitchen, preferably baking something sweet and involving as many bowls, spoons, trays etc etc as possible.

I've mentioned before that our kitchen is tiny (but not for long - hoping for news on this soon!) and more than one person in there at a time makes it severely overcrowded and that, coupled with the fact that I invariably get left with a huge mess to clean up, means I'm not always as willing as I really should be to indulge her desire to crack out the contents of the store cupboard.

However, last weekend whilst staying at M-I-L's we picked up a couple of fabulous new bargaintastic baking books - two for a tenner at WHSmith folks!

Minx spent the rest of the weekend pouring over the pages, salivating at the deliciousness within and reading out the name and contents of virtually every recipe. She wanted to go straight home and cook every single one but I suggested she choose one a week to bake, to make it more special (and cheaper for me!), and got to telling her about the wonderful Saturday Pudding blog posts that my dear friend Mrs Stashbasket used to tempt us with - and which are sorely missed, Michaela...hint hint!

So, we hit upon a plan. If she agreed to actually read the recipe properly (!) and clear up properly after herself (!!) I would willingly provide ingredients for a weekly dessert of her choosing and her making.

Armed with her two new recipe books Minx set herself down to choose her first attempt....and promptly decided to cook from a different book entirely that my good friend Maggie gave to me ages ago! I have no idea where my girl gets her fickle nature......

She chose White Chocolate and Raspberry cupcakes and, if I say so myself, she made a fantastic job of them. So, without further ado I give you 'Minx's Saturday Pudding #1':

I've had a tiny tiny nibble for quality control purposes ( still sticking to that diet like glue!) and I have to say they're pretty tasty, although we all find the actual cakes from this book a bit dense for our liking - due no doubt to the higher than normal proportion of flour. Minx's verdict: will do them again with a lighter cake mix.

According to Minx next week's offering will be from the Green & Black's book - unless she changes her mind :o)

I've been plodding on with the Granny Stripe blanket and have now managed to do 32 colour stripes. This really is a perfect mindless project for hooking along to a good film and it keeps my knees lovely and warm. I got three stripes done during The Hunger Games last night....

....about 70 more stripes to go, I reckon!

In other news, do take a look at Ali's new blog for her Compound Word Project. I'm playing along and it's a great reason to crack out the camera for something completely different. Starting on Monday Ali will be posting 10 diptychs over the course of the week and you can guess the answers and win prizes!

love Moogs xx


Ali said...

That baking looks dangerously good. And thanks for the shout out.

Julie said...

Clever Minx, delicious looking cakes!

Josh said...

Ooh, yummy cakes! Well done Minx. My Saturday Puddings have dried up - I was the only one eating them. So due to enormous size of rear end, I decided to stop!

Love the blanket too - clever crochet is beyond me. And yes, it is clever, even though you say it's mindless!

Josh said...

Ooh, that's funny. I appear to be signed in as my son!

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, those cupcakes look wonderful. Congratulations on managing only a nibble -- I'm afraid I would have had to eat two or three -- diet be damned!

French Knots said...

Mmm, can I pop round this Saturday to help you eat the next ones!?? x

Locket Pocket said...

Yummy looking Minx cakes! I think you were very restrained to only have a nibble! xxx