Saturday, December 8, 2012


Well, so far so good. I've managed to finish off two WIPs since my last post.

My first priority was some lovely Ellie mitts for my girlie in rainbow striped yarn (Knitpicks Felici in 'Boardwalk' colourway). They used less than one 50g ball of yarn and are so soft and cuddly, with little flower buttons at the wrist. Perfect :o)

Next it was down to some seriously tedious knitting. Way back in August, with a good three weeks to spare, I cast on some socks to give to Mr Moog as a special surprise on his 40th birthday. He's never seemed keen on me making him handknit socks but I vowed to change his mind. After all, handknit socks....what's not to love?

However, after boring myself to tears knitting on and on and on with these greeeeeey boooooooring socks I totally lost interest and they'd been sitting untouched for months. He'll now get them for Christmas...

.....and I kind of hope he doesn't like them because I don't know if I have it in me to ever make him another pair!

Monster now has the same sized feet as his Dad (only size 9 so not colosal) yet I still enjoy knitting socks for him. Even though they now seem to take forever to knit, Monster's socks are much more fun as he likes them as bright and bonkers as possible and that is just enough to keep my knitting mojo ticking along row after row. Mr Moog likes them dark and plain. Yawn.

I think five pairs for a tenner from Tesco sounds like a plan.

I've done something pretty drastic and have frogged two of the WIPs from my previous post - the fluffy jumper and the black/rainbowy socks. I decided life was too short to be knitting things that don't make me happy.

Right, onwards with the WIP-busting.

Happy knitting!



Julie said...

I once knitted my former husband a beautiful (to me) cable fronted jumper which he turned his nose up at. Never again! Bright and funky sounds much more fun. Tesco's for Mr Moog, definitely.

Julie said...

I should say he didn't become former because of the jumper debacle ;-)

Ali said...

You are right - if it's not exuding joy, I don't knit it either!

Plum Cox said...

Good for you - no point wasting good time on projects that just don't do it for you.
Love the bright mits - gorgeous!

quinn said...

The mitts are adorable! And is the other picture in black and white? ;)

I've only finished knitting two things I didn't enjoy; one because it was a test knit and I couldn't NOT finish it, and the second a hat for a friend who chose the yarn and the pattern, which were an awkward match. I reluctantly made it as requested, and never once saw her wear the hat.

On the other hand, I just had the VERY joyful experience of offering a pair of handknit socks to my wonderful chiropractor, and she was thrilled :)

You are making huge progress, Mrs. Moog! Go, you!

Dawn said...

You have me laughing about the boring grey socks! Hope he loves them but yes I'd get the 4 for £10 in future.

I will only knit something I enjoy too, life's too short.

Love those mitts!

Gina said...

I agree... knitting has to be fun. Luckily Stewart likes bright and funky socks... which reminds me I still have a pair to finish for Christmas.

Carol Q said...

two lovely projects. my dad's asked for a pair and I know they're going to be exactly the same as the grey ones lol. PS - I am actually knitting my Chuncho Socks!!

Thimbleanna said...

You're too funny! My hubby is like yours -- he likes boring colors, so there will be no handmade socks for him LOL. Those grey socks are beautiful though -- I love the pattern in them. The handwarmers are beautiful too!