Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A bit of a wordy one

The past few months at work have been more than a little strange. In fact, for three of the past five and a half years that I've been there, things have been a little strange. It seems inevitable that our jobs will go at some point but we go from one temporary contract to another, never quite knowing if we'll have a job next year. As it stands, we're okay until next March.

Because of this, I've been constantly re-evaluating my options each term  and each option has it's good and bad points. I've never been a career driven woman, although thoroughly admire friends who are - how do they do it?

What it boils down to is this: I need to do some sort of work to bring some money in, and at least while the children are at school and, in the not too distant future, studying for exams I want to be here for them. We want  to be able to take holidays together instead of using our leave to cover school holidays. I also want to do something I love.

For now, while my work is still there, I'm sticking with it for the financial security. However, as I only work part-time that does give me time to start working on other ideas. What I really want to do, if I'm totally honest,  is to become self-employed creating and possibly even teaching the crafts I love so much and I don't think there has ever been a better time to do that - it's just a matter of working out where to begin.

I've been pondering this all summer and this has drawn me back to my blog and the community I have come to love so much. Everyone out there is doing such fantastic things and showing it really can be done.The support and inspiration from my fellow bloggers is something that continues to surprise and delight me. When I posted on Sunday, for the first time in seven months, I wasn't sure if anyone would hear me but I was so thrilled to get so many lovely comments from my dear friends - thank you for that :)

Goodness, this is a wordy post, isn't it?

Time for a picture, I think. The view from my kitchen window today is making me very happy!

I haven't had a washing line since March. All that glorious drying weather in the summer and I couldn't use it as the garden was, quite literally, a building site. Yesterday, Mr Moog surprised me by putting my line up again and I surprised me by being really excited about it!!

You may notice there's a big green thing lurking at the end of the garden. It's one of these.

One week into the build Mr Moog became gripped with an overwhelming obsession to get some new hens - our old girls having succumbed to Mr Fox a year or so earlier. This time, he went for the red mite and fox proof accomodation of choice...right in the middle of a garden full of bricks and cement mixers!

Do you want to meet the girls?

Of course you do :) We have four lovely hens - starting with the three below, Miranda, Penny and Peggy (left to right).

And this twit - known as either Echo or That Broody Idiot, depending on whether she's in 'I want a baby' mode or not (and right now she is!).
You can't hear it but she is actually swearing at me in this photo.

Before I head off, on a very exciting mission to see the man at the secondhand sewing machine shop, I'll leave you with some teeny tiny crafting that I hold Mrs Pebble entirely responsible for - even mentioning the words 'a kitchen made of wool' was bound to cause problems, wasn't it?

Naturally, a tiny needlefelted Aga just had to be made.

Moogs xxx


Plum Cox said...

What a fabulous Aga - even I could fit one that size into my kitchen! Glad to hear that you've got more hens - funny that you got them in the middle of the building mayhem.
Good luck with any crafting enterprise. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

French Knots said...

Blimey, never knowing how long the job will go on must be frustrating, having another plan is a great idea.I have been running workshops for almost three years now and I love it! Sharing something you love to do with someone and inspiring them to give it a go too is just the best.
If you want to chat about it let me know, happy to help xx

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny. I didn't realize that chickens came in the form of twits. Love that cute little felted Aga!!!

silverpebble said...

That Aga is one of the best things I have seen in years. Seriously Moogs xxx

Kaz said...

Wow what a cute Aga. I hope your fingers survived the felting intact!!

Lovely to see you new girls, that one does look like trouble though! Has Merlin tried to round them up??

Go for it with the selling what you make and classes, you'll be fab at it

Locket Pocket said...

Your work situation has sounded like a complete nightmare for years - it would be fab if you could take off in a whole new crafty adventure!

I'm so pleased you have chickens again - I really miss ours. Bunnies don't lay eggs you know?!

Me xx

Leanne said...

Noce to meet the girls at the bottom of the garden. Work / life balance is hard I wish you luck in your future adventures.

Michaela said...

As discussed sometime ago, you need to write a book. Oh and just an idea, but for the last 2 weekends, I've been selling jam out side the house - have sold 32 jars to date and have now nearly run out of empty jars!

dottycookie said...

I think I love your Aga even more than real life ones. Complete genius.

And I hear you on the work front. I am *very* part time, not terribly well paid, but here in the evenings and school holidays. I do worry that by the time they don't need me here all the tie I'll be too old & clapped out to do anything else, but hey ho. I tried to be career driven in my previous life. I was rubbish at it.

Gina said...

I do love that little Aga even though I wasn't sure when you first mentioned it! If ever you want to chat through doing the crafting/teaching thing as a job you know where I am!
PS I have hen envy as we still haven't replaced ours. Couldn't stand the thought of another summer of red mite.

Julie said...

I've just had a lovely catch up with your two blog posts. Wow, your kitchen extension is wonderful, what a wonderful family space for you all to enjoy! I love your very special AGa too :-)

Twiggy said...

Lovely to hear from you. I'm in a work dilemma at the moment, I work part time and as Twiglet is getting older really want to work longer hours, but love working at our village school, but needs must, watch this space.
I hope you manage to find something you enjoy that pays the bills too.
I love the idea of a swearing hen, I'm sure our guinea pigs roll their eyes at me, when I talk to them - I'm so patronising :) but they suffer the hugs as it usually ends in a bit of celery for them !
Love the little Aga.
Twiggy x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I have mini woolly Aga envy ... how perfect is that!

I do hope all works out as you hope on the job front :)

mrspao said...

I adore your woolly Aga!!