Monday, October 28, 2013

Playtime at last!

Half term at last! I love the October half term break, because we're really ready for it after a busy start to the school year and it's a perfect time to relax, pottering about at home and spending lazy mornings in our pyjamas all cozy and dry - our favourite thing to do at this time of year while it's blowing a gale outside.

With a blissful week ahead, with very few plans, I decided it was an ideal time to work on some ideas that have been brewing and to play with my new old sewing machine. However, because my little helper is also at home she soon decided she needed to be involved, which meant my help and advice was sought and my own projects took a back seat for a little while.

So, let's see what the Minx made, starting with Saturday when she designed and made herself a new bag.
Made from scraps of patchwork fabric and three cheap tea towels! I helped with cutting out and little technical bits like pinning but she stitched every bit of it herself.

Once that was done, I was allowed a little craft time to finish of some small projects that I thought might be good for workshops at some point.

On Sunday, my lovely daughter once again felt that some mother and daughter sewing time was in order and while I finished off those little flower brooches she got busy with the Bondaweb.

Luckily, once she'd finished this lovely mini quilt she was happy to leave me alone to finally get to play with the lovely old sewing machine I picked up from a local sewing machine shop a few weeks ago, and had not had chance to use until now.

Here she is, my 53 year old Singer 201k - as yet nameless but already much loved.

I've wanted one of these models for some time now, having done a lot of reading up about them. Something I love to make is bags and purses but my little modern machine isn't happy stitching through thick layers of fabric. This old girl eats thick fabric for breakfast, such as four layers of leather:
Or six layers of upholstery weight fabric:

That's not all she can do though. I'd also read that these machines are particularly good for free machine embroidery, again something that my little modern machine struggles with.

So, yesterday afternoon I found out how to drop her feed dogs and we got cracking.

There'll be lots more of that happening around here from now on!

Then we come to today and we were all up surprisingly early, thanks to the clocks going back, so I got cracking on a day of proper sewing, doing what I love to do the most. Bags and purses. These are just three of the six I made today!

Isn't the sheep fabric on the bag brilliant! It's a teatowel by Mary Kilvert that Trashy bought me for my birthday this year and it was far too gorgeous to be used for drying dishes :)

There'll be more playing as the week goes on, in between days out and Hallowe'en sleepovers. not to mention helping my daughter to make a mini tepee for a homework project!

Moogs xxx


trash said...

Oh divine! Perfect use for that teatowel. As you say - far too lovely to dry dishes with.

Twiggy said...

Ahh we're enjoying half term too.we sat in out pyjamas this morning and played lego harry potter while it was raining-fab.
You are a pair of very talented ladies. Hope you all have a top week off.
Twiggy x

Quinn said...

LOVE the sheep bag :)

Gina said...

Seriously impressive free machine embroidery and I love the way you've used that tea towel. Obvious that Minx has inherited her Mum's talents too!

Thimbleanna said...

How fun that you and little Minx are having some sewing time. Looks like you've been busy and having a great time. Loving the new machine -- there's nothing like those old machines when you need a workhorse. We had a dog who chewed on the back of a brand new pair of leather shoes years ago -- I whipped out my machine and some matching fabric and sewed right through that shoe leather with my old machine. There's no way my new machine could even come close to handling that thick leather!

Marie said...

Oh my goodness, that sewing machine takes me back. My Mum had one just like it! Although it does make me a little squeamish as I recall once pulling half my thumb nail off by getting it caught on the wheel *shudder*

Many a happy memory watching her stitch away on it though.


Carol Q said...

blimey you've been busy and having lots of fun. lovely projects. love your sheep fabric and your new (old) Singer lol

Locket Pocket said...

Fabulous makes Missus Moogs from both you and Miss Minx! I love her bag and her mini quilt and your flowers, purses and bag are wonderful - I definitely don't see the point in using gorgeous tea towels for washing up!! :)

Leanne said...

Enjoy that time with the girl. I wish my girl liked to sew she just likes to get me to sew. So many nice things. I am impressed with that purse I have 3 made I am just waiting to put my big girl pants on and glue them into the frame ...... Glue and I are not friends. I whole heartedly agree that is a fine tea towel and would be wasted on dishes.

Dawn said...

Oh wow! love all these, especially that sheep bag baaaa!

Crafty girl takng after her mama! Love the freehand embroidery x